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Dog-Sized Monster Rabbit

Posted by: Loren Coleman on April 16th, 2006

Last week, in time for Easter thoughts of cuddly bunnies, images of armed hunters like this gentleman below, were broadcast around the world. The hunt for the giant rabbit said to be destroying the gardens of Felton, UK, was on. Under headlines like “Giant Rabbit Terrorizes Village” and “World Goes Crazy For Wor Rabbit,” the […]

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Yeti Yes, Corwin Hardly Bearable

Posted by: Loren Coleman on April 16th, 2006

Loren Coleman Reviews "Corwin’s Quest: Realm of the Yeti" On April 15, 2006, the Animal Planet’s Jeff Corwin treated us to a frustrating two hour advertisement for Disney World’s Expedition Everest. As it turns out, after watching "Corwin’s Quest," I have a lot more respect for Joe Rohde and his design team at Disney than […]

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Disney and the Patterson/Gimlin Film

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on April 15th, 2006

Just one of the many interesting conversations with Peter Byrne last weekend was regarding the Patterson/Gimlin film. Peter said that in 1973, he took the film to Disney and showed them the film. After viewing the film, the studio folks refused to believe that it was genuine. The reason? It was too good to have […]

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Staying Alive

Posted by: Loren Coleman on April 15th, 2006

Want to pick up a $4 or $5 copy of John Napier’s Bigfoot: The Yeti And Sasquatch in Myth and Reality ? Looking for that rare first edition of Curious Encounters (1985) for fifteen bucks? Trying to rundown one of Heuvelmans’ scarce books? I’d like to recommend someone that’s trying to keep those old cryptozoology […]

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Molunkus Monster

Posted by: Loren Coleman on April 15th, 2006

Bangor Daily Whig and Courier Bangor, Maine January 19, 1887 WHAT WAS IT? A Strange Animal Seen Near Molunkus Mr. A. J. Darling, the well known keeper of the Exchange Hotel at Enfield, writes the Whig as follows: A lumberman by the name of Fowler started from South Molunkus, December 19th.[,] to go into his […]

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Hairy Monster Kills Whales 1923

Posted by: Loren Coleman on April 15th, 2006

Republican Press Salamang, New York April 10, 1923 Whales are Slain by Hairy Monster Strange Battle Witnessed on the Coast of Africa. Durban, South Africa. — H. C. Ballance of the Margate estate here was walking along the seacoast when he saw two whales battling for life against a strange sea monster whose head reared […]

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The Dodu: Man Beast of Cameroon – Africa’s Own Sasquatch Part II

Posted by: John Kirk on April 15th, 2006

In Part I of this article, you might recall that in November, 2000 Bill Gibbons and Dave Woetzel had stumbled upon a possible new hominid while interviewing pygmies and Bantus about Mokele-mbembe in southern Cameroon. The pygmies had described a dark haired manlike creature which only had three digits on its hands and feet. This […]

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Abominable Mouth

Posted by: Loren Coleman on April 14th, 2006

With reference to the just-released movie Abominable, does this one image tell us all we want to know? For the full Fangoria review, click here. See also “Abominable Attacks Idol Hottie.

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Corwin’s Yeti

Posted by: Loren Coleman on April 14th, 2006

Corwin’s quest for Yeti is revealed, and the results are what we expected from a skeptic. For months we’ve known that Jeff Corwin went to the Himalayas on October 20, 2005, to be filmed for the Discovery production (Animal Planet) documentary on the Yeti. See Cryptomundo postings here: 1; 2; and 3. The program airs […]

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Who is Jan Klement?

Posted by: Loren Coleman on April 14th, 2006

Who is Jan Klement? Is Bigfoot gay? How can asking questions get me in trouble and even have people leaving me "death threats" on my phone machine? Well, it seems rather easily, it turns out. Was Klement an earth sciences professor? A biology professor? A high school science teacher? Is he still alive? Did he […]

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Thunderbird Spotting

Posted by: Loren Coleman on April 13th, 2006

In response to my recent Cryptomundo posting about unusual birds showing up in North Dakota, cryptozoologist Matt Bille, author of Rumors of Existence …and his forthcoming Spring 2006 sequel, Shadows of Existence, comments (remarks reproduced with permission) thusly: When the topic of birds comes up, I always puzzle over the contrast between the amazing ability […]

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Precursor to a Weird Summer?

Posted by: Loren Coleman on April 13th, 2006

What’s up with the birds in North Dakota? In the last two weeks, birders have seen, and in some cases, photographed, eight different species of birds not seen in the states for years or decades or, as it turns out, ever. These include sightings of a mountain plover (not seen in North Dakota since the […]

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The Dodu: Man Beast of Cameroon – Africa’s Own Sasquatch Part I

Posted by: John Kirk on April 13th, 2006

Some readers may no doubt know of Ivan Sanderson’s delightful book Abominable Snowmen – Legend Come to Life. In this very readable tome, written in Sanderson’s classic Scottish old-school intellectual style, the wily naturalist makes reference to the unknown bipedal hominids of Africa, some of whom were small in stature. Most notable is the Agogwe […]

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Leap The CryptoHaiku Carnivorous

Posted by: Loren Coleman on April 12th, 2006

As Cryptomundo readers might recall, I named Carnivorous Nights: On the Trail of the Tasmanian Tiger, one of the "Top Cryptozoology Books" of last year, specifically bestowing it as "The Best Cryptozoological Expedition Book of 2005." The book is by Margaret Mittelbach and Michael Crewdson (with illustrations by Alexis Rockman). The well-written record of three […]

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Needed: Useful Info From Johor

Posted by: Loren Coleman on April 11th, 2006

The New Straits Times had a very short article about the Malaysian Bigfoot on April 11, 2006. It was given with various headlines in different editions, one being “Information on Bigfoot comes at a price.” This news item quoted the opinion of, as they termed him, “Bigfoot enthusiast” and biodiversity researcher Vincent Chow. He “claimed […]

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