Animal Planet Officially Announces Finding Bigfoot Series

Posted by: Guy Edwards on April 15th, 2011

(Team of Researchers Left to Right: James “Bobo” Fay, Matt Moneymaker, The Skeptic, and Cliff Barackman)

The official title of Animal Planet’s newest Sasquatch series has been announced: Finding Bigfoot.

Here are some of the descriptions around the net.

Finding Bigfoot, a new entry that follows the efforts of a small but eccentric team of researchers on the hunt for the elusive creature.C21 Media

Finding Bigfoot looks at four eccentric but passionate members of the Bigfoot Field Research Organization as they hunt for the Sasquatch.RealScreen

“Finding Bigfoot”: This show follows a group of intrepid Sasquatch trackers in the Pacific Northwest who have made it their mission to find this elusive creature. Hey, this sounds like kind of a stretch for Animal Planet because no one knows if (a) Bigfoot is human, (b) Bigfoot is an animal or (c) if it even exists (which is doubtful). Next thing you know, Animal Planet will make a show about mermaids.”xfinity tv

You may remember our full coverage the Animal Planet series as it began filming in North Carolina.

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2 Responses to “Animal Planet Officially Announces Finding Bigfoot Series”

  1. springheeledjack responds:

    If they made a show about hunting mermaids, I’d watch.

    As for this show, I’ll check it out. If it gets toooo eccentric, well, it will be adios, but I’ll give it a fair shot and see if they at least use common sense and practicality. That and some serious scientific approach. As always, we’ll see…

  2. hoodoorocket responds:

    OK, first image to introduce the show- a guy with a bullhorn. Says all I need to know about what’s ahead.

    Why to these doofy TV “hunters” always assume the way to see an elusive wild creature is to blast sound through the wilderness?

    If Elmer Fudd, admittedly one of the greatest trackers of elusive animals of all time, has taught us anything, it is to be “very, very qwiet!”.

    Your odds of success would also be greatly improved by staying more than a half hour in the woods at a time and venturing more than a quarter mile from the highway you came in on.

    Why don’t they ever drop a survivalist team in a remote northwest spot with cameras and a crate of k rations, and no electronics guaranteed to scare off anything within a half mile, and come back for them in three months? Even if they saw nothing there would be great interesting footage for a season done cheap.

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