January 17, 2006

Another Texas Chupacabra ?

KLTV Tyler Longview reports that another strange animal was shot this past weekend.

There have been quite a few of these animals spotted here in Texas recently. They seem to generate a lot of publicity in South Texas.

WOAI’s coverage of this latest "Chupacabra." 

WOAI’s coverage of the "Texas Chupacabras" from Lufkin of 2004. 

Elmendorf Beast anyone? Looks to me like another mangy dog or coyote. For some reason, these keep getting called a Chupacabra.

What do the Cryptomundo readers think that these animals are? Chupacabras, mangy dog or coyote or something else? 

Now fellow Cryptomundo blogger loren Coleman will get on to me for using incorrect terminology



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