Bigfoot Seen and Photographed in Oklahoma

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on July 28th, 2006

There have been some recent reports coming out of Atoka, Oklahoma of sightings of Bigfoot there.

I have received more than a few emails from people in the area, relaying the stories published in the Atoka County Times, a weekly newspaper from the area.

Thursday night, KXII Channel 12 news ran a report concerning these recent sightings. The station’s website has the video clip of the broadcast.

A local legend is getting new life. In the last two weeks, there were three separate Bigfoot sighting in rural Atoka County. The final sighting included photos that some say is the mysterious creature itself.

Talk to people around Clear Boggy Creek in Atoka County and you will here thousands of stories. But last week, the legend himself, Bigfoot, was supposedly spotted in those very woods.

They have grown up on these woods and know them well. But last week, 13-year-old Morgan Whatley and her 12-year-old brother Garrett came across something strange right across the creek was a creature she’d never seen before.

But the claims of the Whatley kids were passed off as a child’s imagination. That changed just days later when a woman in her fifties had to be taken to a hospital. She reported seeing a big hairy creature in her yard and had an anxiety attack.

It’s all over the newspaper and on everyone’s mind; what was seen at boggy bottom? Some people say it is Bigfoot. Others aren’t believers yet.

A local store owner set up game cameras hoping to catch a glimpse. The pictures are below. We’ll let you be the judge.

Atoka County Bigfoot

Atoka County Bigfoot

Atoka County Bigfoot

Atoka County Bigfoot

Click on image for larger version

Are these photos of a Bigfoot? It looks like a person wearing an animal pelt draped over their back to me. An enlargement of the right hand shows what looks like to me a light-skinned person’s bare fingers.

Atoka County Bigfoot

What do the readers of Cryptomundo think?

At least it’s not this guy again…

Oklahoma Game Camera Photo

Click on image for full-size version

Oklahoma Game Camera Photo

Enlargement of subject in above photo

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Co-founder of Cryptomundo in 2005. I have appeared in or contributed to the following TV programs, documentaries and films: OLN's Mysterious Encounters: "Caddo Critter", Southern Fried Bigfoot, Travel Channel's Weird Travels: "Bigfoot", History Channel's MonsterQuest: "Swamp Stalker", The Wild Man of the Navidad, Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries in America: Texas Terror - Lake Worth Monster, Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot: Return to Boggy Creek and Beast of the Bayou.

78 Responses to “Bigfoot Seen and Photographed in Oklahoma”

  1. charlie23 responds:

    Thanks Craig, that’s the funniest thing I’ve seen this week. I needed it. 😉

  2. MK2_Bigfoot responds:

    We all have to be careful that we do not dismiss stuff outright. Maybe one day a real picture will be dismissed because it does not “look” real etc.

    That being said, second bigfoot looks like he is getting ready to urinate in the woods…the pictures, at first glance, seem silly.

  3. Nachzehrer responds:

    I would not be surprised to learn someday that the Patterson/Gimlin film is a hoax. It’s detractors, however, are always talking about how crude the costume was and how easy it was to fake. If so, why hasn’t anyone else come up with anything half so convincing?

  4. crypto_randz responds:

    About the patterson film, nachzehrer I’ve seen several documentaries and researchers have enhanced the video, when you look at the closeup you can seen the muscles of the bigfoot the shoulder muscles too. Especially the leg muscles. We shouldn’t discard it just yet.

  5. Walter responds:

    Most primates I’ve seen have little or no hair on their butt. All the alleged photos I’ve seen show BF to be completely covered with hair. Now if a photo or video comes out that shows a Sas with a bare ***, I might give that a little more credibility. Now that I’ve said that, how long before Biscardi releases a nice tushy shot?

  6. Stirling responds:

    C’mon, people. This is obviously a werewolf!


  7. hammerhead responds:

    The hand is the giveaway, you’ll notice an oval shape in the fur of the closeup of the hand, it’s a hole done while skinning whatever animal this hide was taken from. It was “case skinned” which means that a slice is made across the back of the hind quarters and the skin is removed like taking off a glove, leaving the front legs intact. Have you ever tried to put on a coat that was much too small, try it and you’ll see that you’ll take up the posturing thats shown in this picture, shoulders hunched forward with arms out, obviously someone stuffed their arms inside the front legs of the hide of some large case skinned animal. Like I said, the hand is a dead giveaway, and the grain of the fur spiraling in chaotic directions is what first caught my attention that this was an obvious fake.

  8. Sky King responds:

    bill green Says:
    July 28th, 2006 at 3:01 am

    “hi craig & loren i think these resent oklahoma sasquatch encounters are very interesting. the areas of the encounters look like great habitat for sasquatch or any wildlife. i hope the eyewittnessess are reinterviewed by the tbrc. the creature in the photo looks authentic becouse of all the heat it looks sweaty mangey etc. thats becouse it looks like its wearing something when actually its hair is just wet & shaggy. the creature looks gorilla like in appearance. so dont all say hoax until all the eyewittnesses are reinterviewed and the tbrc can put night vision cams or regular cams in those areas. its ok be skeptical of these encounters. only time will tell. good morning bill green. im sure in time more sightings will be mentioned in oklahoma newspapers and im sure the researchers at tbrc & cryptomundo will keep us all here informed.”

    C’mon Bill! Get real! Two totally different “beings” are represented: one, someone with a wolf pelt on his back (I would have been happy to sell him a bunch of bison hair, for a price), short arms with no elbows or thumbs and two, a darker, huge-bottomed thang that’s been sitting in an office chair too long.

    The hoaxers tried to go too far, and exposed themselves in the process.

    The hoaxers are here to stay, I guess, and we’re going to have to learn to live with them. Best tactic is humor, by far, with the added value that it’s good for the soul!

  9. CATEPILLAR responds:

    I believe the pictures are a fake. The local store owner’s brother is a taxidermist. The full bearskin is ready to be stuffed. It looks like the bear’s head is laid upon the person’s head and the hand is slipped through the palm of the bearskin. Perhaps whatever type of pelt that is laid over the back is used to cover up an opening in the back. Besides that, it does not look like anything like what the people who saw it described. I believe the stories are true, but the pictures are fake.

  10. Razimus responds:

    What are the odds you’d photograph two different yet equally obese bigfoot creatures? Looks like the same fat man in a different colored suit of hair to me.

  11. stillserchin responds:

    Trick or Treat!!!

  12. bubba responds:

    Hoax Hoax Hoax – And an amateurish one at that. 2nd photo was all I needed.

    Just underneath the “face” at the top of this skinned pelt, you can see the face of a guy with a full beard and mustache peeking out from under the pelt draped over his pointy little haid.

    The guy’s eyes and forehead are partly obscured by an out of focus green branch, but it shownuff looks like someone peering out from under Paul Bunyan’s coon skin cap.

  13. Toirtis responds:

    I have to go with the ‘bear skin dance’ myself…..I would bet money on most of that being a bearskin.

    I dunno about those last two photos…they are just too damned hokey looking…if I were faking sasquatch photos, those two would have been left on the cutting-room floor.

  14. fredtrammel responds:

    see now thats obviously a hoax.

  15. Sky King responds:

    Dark-Obsessor Says:

    Oh, and someone mentioned it appearing as a ‘Beast of Bray Road.’ I’ve contacted Linda S. Godfrey and she claims the ‘Beast’ is slender and undoubtedly lupin.

    “Lupin”?? Did you mean “lupine”, “a plant of the pea family”?

    Do we now have to deal with Peasquatch, too?

  16. MojoHotep responds:

    Obviously a hoax, duh!? Now it is time to test the skills and determine what type of skin or “hide” was used to create one of the worse hoaxes yet. I enlarged the photo before I figured it out. This is actually an elk skin, looks like from a bull elk, but maybe a cow elk. It is not a very good “tanning” job as there are alot of stiff wrinkles in the skin on the back. Elk have different color hair on their bodies, as do alot of other animals. The legs are darker and the back is lighter. You can see that stumpy little rump tail of an elk. Look at the right hand trying to hold the leg skin in place, he is struggling, his fingers are clenched holding on to it. It is probably a pretty stiff hide looking at the wrinkles. A well tanned hide would be subtle and soft and the hair would lay naturally. In the second pic from the top, you can see the leaves of a “mimosa” tree or “silk tree”. This is not an indigenous tree. They are introduced and not as much of a nuisance as the japanese privet though. The mimose doesnt USUALLY show up out in rural wild areas. They usually show up around old homeplaces and along roads, but not out in native forest. As a rule of thumb, of course there are exceptions. My conclusion is that the plant life indicates this is in somebodys back yard, whether rural or urban. And somebody still smells like a partially cured elk hide. By the way, bull elk urinate on the hair of their stomachs, inside legs and neck. It is their “cologne”. A bull elk up close and personal smells of “creosote” and “urine” and the hair turns a sticky dark brown color where this “cologne” is applied by the big boy and his equipment. You may ask “what does this have to do with bigfoot”, well, bigfoot might have some of the same habits if he actually exist. When one is actually found someday, we may be quite suprised by the lack of grooming and personal hygiene.

  17. Brian responds:

    Are you kidding me? I believe that there could be something out there, but these pictures dont show a lot. Why are there no pictures of the face? If a camera is set up, then how come so many angles? This is a set up and thats some guy in a suit.

  18. Lee Pierce responds:

    Now, I know what happened to the Lake Worth ‘Goat Man’.

  19. CATEPILLAR responds:


  20. charlie23 responds:

    ” Now that I’ve said that, how long before Biscardi releases a nice tushy shot? ”
    Dear god, don’t encourage the man. 😀

  21. Jeremy_Wells responds:

    The arms are proportioned like human arms, as far as length, and, as others have noted, you can see the pelt hanging off of “its” back (reminds me of an old deer hide that I had scraped, salted and then promptly put up and forgot about until the dogs dragged it out of the shed almost a year later…)

  22. Jeremy_Wells responds:

    I’m interested in your story of the hobo that was shot as a ‘squatch.
    We’ve all said it’s “bound to happen someday”, but it seems as though it already has.
    When did this happen? Are there newspaper reports? What happened to the person who pulled the trigger?

  23. moknows responds:

    Yeah, it’s a man in a suit. Lets say it was real, I wouldn’t think bear or bigfoot which the media had obviously labeled it as but rather a giant ground sloth. I say this because of the strangely shaped arms and hand which the sloths of today and yesterday kind of had but the hands of these creatures have long and sometimes irregular claws for grasping, cutting vegetation, climbing and digging. I think the photos presented by the press were cropped and enlarged which gave it a granny by photo look. Yeah and if the camera was set up in the area like a deer cam or stealth cam, you wouldn’t get those different angles. Again if the press manipulated the photos it would be hard to know either way. Still not enough to make a conclusion and I think anyone would have been shocked nearly to death if they saw this in their backyard.

  24. spooken2 responds:

    No neck, animal pelt, (some nut) thats wants to get shot!

  25. ABDULLAH ALHAWSAWI responds:

    I like it .

  26. johndoe responds:

    Hello all, I had an account that I wanted to share with people for over three years now that only my wife and a select few know about.. It was November of 2004 a few of my buddies and I were taking a break from college and decided to take some beer and camp out near Jones, Oklahoma. (We’re in Oklahoma City). I happened to be the DP for the night (designated partier – in case of an emergency) and had a strange encounter that I will never forget! My four buddies and I had been out at our camp for well over five hours and I had decided it was time to go get the sleeping bags from the pickup just up the way from our spot on the river. I went alone knowing there wasn’t a straight enough person in our camp that could walk the rugged path up through the timber. (Also one more side note, I grew up in Montana, Wyoming, and less than 6 years ago moved from North Idaho, to Oklahoma). As I was walking up through the timber I got just before the steep hill before our cars (probably 50 feet or so) when I heard a crack of a stick just off to my west. I glanced quickly to my right with the flash light I had and saw nothing out of the ordinary. Of coarse any hunter from Oklahoma knows that in some woods in the night even with a flash light you can’t see but ten feet in front of yourself.. but I just sat and listened for what seemed to be a few minutes when as I swept my light slightly back towards the camp that I caught the slight movement of a giant animal, and like nothing I had ever seen before! At first it almost seemed like a horse because I could see my light reflecting off of it’s coarse hair, when it turned and bound into the woods.. Not only was this a large animal it moved with incredible speed and with only three or four steps it vanished into the night.. Hold on though! this is where it gets really weird.. After only taking the few steps there was nothing.. not a sound! dead silence! I’m talking about mid November where the leaves are hardened and the sticks are lining the ground so every step sounds like a march of elephants.. Simply not a sound. First I couldn’t focus on a single thing other than trying to get a grip on reality.. This Creature that I had just seen was well over seven feet tall and black. As it launched away from me it was on TWO legs! I didn’t see the face but the simple fact is knowing this!!! I HAVE NEVER SEEN ANY CREATURE LIKE THAT! It didn’t seem possible. Not but thirty minutes away from Oklahoma City I had seen a creature that I could not possibly begin to categorize as something I had grown up around and hunted, and this close to a major city! All of this seemed to pass in an instant and realized that the creature had for sure STOPPED.. I didn’t know what to do. Yell for my drunk companions, who more than likely wouldn’t make it to me either way, or run.. So I did the only thing that my body was going to allow me. Sit in udder silence until it made a move or someone came for me. I don’t believe I had been sitting there for more than two minutes just dazed at what had just transpired and eyes scanning the trees as if at any moment someone would jump out and say “Gotcha” when suddenly I heard a twig snap again. That was it.. I Jumped into the air like I was suddenly stung on the rear quarters and Bolted to the pickup. It took me nearly a minute to get the dammed key into the door to unlock it I was shaking so badly, and sat for nearly thirty minutes before deciding that I should get back to see if the guys were ok.. With that being said I can’t honestly say that what I saw that night was a big foot, but I can say this, IT WAS NOT anything I had ever seen before!!! I probably wont come back to this sight just nearly needed to tell my story, let Oklahoman’s know that I did see something, and it was near Oklahoma City, that just because you’ve never seen it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Other wise our society would crush due to the never ending fact that we don’t see GOD only give him credit for good things in our lives.. (I’m a christian just to verify). Last note is that I am NOW A BELIEVER BIG FOOT!!!! – johndoe, Oklahoma City.

  27. doubter responds:

    I think some of these idiots need to get a life! Guess they never heard the story of the “Boy who cried wolf”!!

  28. miranda moser responds:

    the second and third pictures look like a grizzly bear, which are common in some parts of oklahoma (i live in oklahoma). The other pictures just look like someone played dress up out in the woods. They pics may not be fake, but they look fake to me

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