June 30, 2006

Gotta Give Biscardi a Hand…Of Unknown Origin

The X-Ray on the left allegedly was taken of the alleged Bigfoot hand and the X-Ray on the right is alleged to be that of a human hand. Tom Biscardi is promoting the X-Ray as part of the package for joining his "group".

The hand has been discussed here on Cryptomundo on several different occasions.

Biscardi Alert: Back To Illinois

Hand of Bigfoot

Backstory on Bigfoot Hand

Biscardi X-Ray

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Biscardi Bigfoot Hand

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Press Release from Biscardi’s website dated June 9, 2006



World renown ‘Bigfoot’ researcher, Tom Biscardi , founder of Searching for Bigfoot Inc., a Bigfoot research and expedition organization headquartered in Menlo Park, California, went out to find evidence of the creature known as Bigfoot and came back with a big hand! Literally, this is a “hand of unknown origin,” as it was referred to by Dr. Todd L. Reese, D.C., a chiropractor who studied the anatomy of the hand. In a sworn affidavit, Dr. Reese stated that this severed hand is of unknown origin. “It is not human, not of any known species of primate, and not a bear!”

The fact that the hand is of unknown origin, also refers to the fact that no one seems to know where the hand actually came from. “Someone knows where the hand came from, and someone knows where the rest of the body is!” says Tom Biscardi, “but not the people who have handled the hand in its recent history… The DNA test results make this hand even more mysterious!”

Tom sent the hand out to DNA Diagnostics Center, in Fairfield, Ohio, for testing in May, 2006. The following is a summary of the results of these initial DNA tests… The DNA tests confirm that the hand is…

1) Not Human
2) Not any known primate
3) Not in even “in the system”

The DNA Laboratory was so intrigued by their findings, that they chose to do some additional testing on the hand. The results of which were received just this week. While waiting for the results of these additional test, Biscardi poses the following questions:

1) Is this the hand of an unknown species?
2) Is this the hand of an extinct species?
3) Who cut the hand from the rest of the body?
4) Where is the rest of the body?

…and according to Biscardi, “someone knows… and Searchingforbigfoot.com is trying to find out the rest of the story.”

All that is known, at this time, of the origin of the hand comes from Don Monroe of Spencer, Montana. According to Don, the hand was delivered, anonymously, to a police station in Butte, Montana, sometime in the year of 2002. The police were concerned that a crime had been committed and took the hand to the coroner. The coroner took x-rays and physically examined the hand. The coroner’s finding was that the hand was not human. According to Mr. Monroe, the Butte police continued to investigate the origin of the hand for a long time, but came up “dry.” Finally, out of desperation, they contacted Mr. Monroe, a well known local outdoorsman and Bigfoot Researcher, to see if he had any ideas. Monroe then took the hand to several scientists and labs for examination, but “…none were able to offer any conclusive evidence as to what it was… only what it was not!”

Then, in 2006, Monroe contacted Tom Biscardi. Monroe had heard Tom on one of Tom’s frequent radio appearances during the course of one of Searching for Bigfoot’s research expeditions across the United States. Biscardi met with Monroe and the two men agreed to allow Biscardi to take possession of the hand and continue the investigations, including DNA testing.

The initial DNA test came in: “not human, not any known primate…. Not in the system…" So is this, ‘the hand of unknown origin’, the hand of Bigfoot?” said Biscardi. “What do you think it is?” asks Tom Biscardi, “…and if you have any information about what this hand is, and where it is from, I (Biscardi) want to know!” “Someone cut this hand from the body, and they also cut off the finger tips of this hand, and, it was someone skilled with a knife, perhaps a surgeon, perhaps a hunter, perhaps a skinner, perhaps a Jekyll and Hyde?” Biscardi repeated, “Someone out there knows!”

As an additional note, the second set of tests performed by the Diagnostics Center came back today. They were able to perform a more detailed test involving a way to evaluate the physical condition of the DNA itself. They found that the sample DNA did show some degradation from being stored for so long in alcohol. This additional information only adds more mystery to this amazing find.

Biscardi invites people to share the mystery, and share their thoughts on the nature of this hand, at the Searching for Bigfoot Incorporated’s website. People will be able to see a picture of the actual hand. Also, for anyone interested in helping to support this expensive research, they will be given the opportunity to sign up to see additional photos, and copies of the actual DNA testing results, along with other information about this amazing find.

Tom Biscardi and the Searching for Bigfoot team are currently out on expedition. They are traveling across the United States, heading to Buffalo, New York. The team is investigating a recent sighting and photos of a creature reported by Hans Mobius of Clarence, New York.

For additional information about acquiring the rights to these forthcoming, or previous findings and materials acquired by the Searching for Bigfoot Inc., team, for use in commercial projects such as publishing, television, film, merchandising, lectures, and/or exhibits, please submit your inquiries to; Robert Barrows, President of R.M. Barrows, Inc. Advertising and Public Relations.

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