October 30, 2005

Bigfoot and Other Mystery Beasts in Michigan

The Petoskey News-Review of Petoskey, MI had an interesting article concerning Bigfoot, a lake monster and the "Dogman".

From the article:

"Tales of bigfoot go back to Indian times, when legends told of a man of the woods. Bigfoot – or sasquatch – is over 8 feet tall, covered in dark black, gray or reddish fur, walks on two feet and is similar in appearance to the great apes. They are known to let out horrible screams in the night or loud, deep human-like growls."

The TBRC has an interesting sighting report  from 1965 that took place in Caseville Michigan. 

Michigan Bigfoot

Eyewitness sketch of the creature seen in 1965.

Talk of the "Dogman"

"As for the existence of a real dogman or werewolf in the forests of Northern Michigan, Cook said, “That is kind of up to you to decide. It’s (the song) gone beyond us and become part of local folklore. A lot of people swear up and down saying they saw one."

In Wisconsin, there are reports of a creature called the The Bray Road Beast. The creature is described as a werewolf. Author Linda Godfrey wrote a book about the creature, and also investigates reported sightings.

Bray Road Beast

And now for the lake monster:

"The monster, called the underwater sea panther, had been spotted in Lake Michigan, off of Cross Village, off of Harbor Springs and off of Northport and in Torch Lake."

"The animal was called the sea panther by local Indians because its head looks like a cat’s, with the body of a large lizard and spikes down its back."

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