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Bigfoot Attack Video?

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on August 24th, 2007

This video showed up on youtube on August 22, 2007.

This is the text from youtube regarding the video.

Somewhere near Pemberton BC, this dated footage was found in an abandoned 8MM Camera. Subject captured on film was never heard from again, nor was camera man. Is it a bear or something more sinister? You be the judge, true believer!sobalovesviolence

The story certainly sounds like the premise for the Blair With Project.

What do the readers of Cryptomundo think?

About Craig Woolheater
Co-founder of Cryptomundo in 2005. I have appeared in or contributed to the following TV programs, documentaries and films: OLN's Mysterious Encounters: "Caddo Critter", Southern Fried Bigfoot, Travel Channel's Weird Travels: "Bigfoot", History Channel's MonsterQuest: "Swamp Stalker", The Wild Man of the Navidad Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries in America: Texas Terror - Lake Worth Monster.

54 Responses to “Bigfoot Attack Video?”

  1. SEBigfoot2007 responds:

    The Music makes it seem like a bad low budget film that was never completed.

    Looks like a human in a costume….Again.

  2. bill green responds:

    hey craig & everyone very interesting possible sasquatch filmfootage which is very questionable thats my opinion. bill green :)

  3. Call In Sick responds:

    How they would think anyone would believe that is what’s really funny.

    If it’s for entertainment purposes, then yeah, it has an ominous presence about it.

    If it’s to prove a bigfoot attack, then it’s pretty comical.

  4. Haley Fisher responds:

    I used to live in Pemberton and did a lot of hiking and backpacking, so I know the area quite well. If the footage was filmed near Pemberton, the only area that it could possibly be is by Lilooet Lake, about 45 min. drive North of Pemberton. It’s a very remote area and Bigfoot have been reported there in the past. The natives from the reservation there are quite familiar with it and I had the pleasure of speaking with several witnesses.

    As for the footage itself — I think it’s a fake, probably an attempt at a humourous home movie.

  5. rayrich responds:

    I don’t understand why you guys would stoop to putting these ridiculous videos on what I thought used to be a respectable sight. Until people stop giving these clowns recognition these videos will never stop. Yuk!

  6. Remobec responds:

    Wow. That’s terrifying.

    If they didn’t try to convince you that they managed five or six separate shots it would be a bit more believable… oh yeah, and if the costumed man didn’t attack in the end.

  7. MïK responds:

    Don’t be so negative about the posting of this video. It’s up to us to determine whether it has merit or not. This one is fake, it seems to me. But the next one might be the return of Patterson. We have to look at each one, cryptic or phony, and decide.

  8. twblack responds:

    Yes a fake but I thought it was pretty cool. And if they do not post some of these things what will happen if they do not post one with the REAL big guy in it. Keep em coming I say.

  9. captiannemo responds:

    Fake or not I thought it was entertaining.
    And the editing was not too bad eather.

  10. elkie responds:

    I’m with rayrich on this one (see above). There has been an increase in obviously fake vids posted on the site, from flying witches to bigfoot attacks.
    Don’t misunderstand me, I think that Loren and the gang do a great job on Cryptomundo, but I think they need to be a bit more discerning as regards what they put up here, before the site turns into an online version of the Weekly World News.

  11. Richard888 responds:

    Even without the sound the video would seem fake. I support the posting of bigfoot video on

  12. movieman100 responds:

    I know we should look at every peice of film and judge on merit, but come on. This is a joke.

    Loren, why even post this for consideration? It’s either a prank or a trailer for an indie movie.

  13. movieman100 responds:

    Sorry Loren, wasn’t you that posted this I’ve just seen. Apologies.

    Sentiment remains the same though. This shouldn’t be posted on this site….

  14. SOCALcrypto responds:

    Come on rayrich and elkie, you should enjoy humor every once in a while. If this video upset you then go back in the archives to march 2007 and watch the first post. I must have laughed for twenty minutes. Most things talked about on this site are very interesting. Most of us here leave intelligent coments in comparison to other sites. Everyone has their opinion and I don’t like it when people leave negitave comments to those who take their time to post these things on their site. Anyway just my opinion. Keep up the good work Craig, Loren, John and Rick.

  15. Kalashnikovnik responds:

    i didn’t know people actually took the time to scream a long drawn out “NOOOOOOOOOO!” while being killed…

    fake. bad costume, bad sound, bad “acting”. cool location though

  16. YourPTR! responds:

    Looks like Bigfoot has been on a diet! That there is one skinny looking Sasquatch and an obvious and lamest hoax. It does however have entertainment value. It made me smile. :)

  17. darkshines responds:

    Well done, kids. Until the cheesy scream at the end, I thought what a well made media studies project, but that was too much. D- See me.

  18. mike_noodles responds:

    Looks like Blair Witch 3 “The Hunt for Sasquatch”

  19. crypto-hunter465 responds:

    better quality than blobsquatch videos. but, sadly, this makes it all the more easy to identify it as a costume. moving on….

  20. searoom responds:

    Very weak effort.Obviously kids just funnin’ with us. It became so very obvious in the attack scene that this was a costumed kid. Just look at the running style. Not a species familiar with the environment or comfortable in it’s wrapper.

  21. Mr.PassiveAggressive responds:

    I kept waiting for the Jack Link’s Beef Jerky Jingle to start up near the end.

    I think, too, we all have to remember as we navigate the churning waters of cryptozoology that we have to take time and look around. Yes, occasionally they do post videos and pictures that scream ‘college kids with too much time on their hands’, but its interesting to think about what in the psyche of the times is creating this proliferation of Sasquatch fakery?

  22. planettom responds:

    LMAO That was a great way to start out my Friday morning. Thanks for the laugh Craig. My favorite part is when it appears that the bigfoot ends up with the camera him/herself and chasing the videographer, so we get to see from bigfoots view, the chase. Nooooooo!

    Best to all. Have a fun weekend.

  23. mystery_man responds:

    Even if this video was somehow real, someone would definitely have to explain to me why the alleged Bigfoot would pounce like that only to snatch the camera out of the camera man’s hands and then film the guy running away as it pursued him. There is simply no rational reason why in a real attack, the camera would end up this way, trailing behind the escaping videographer to film his escape. Interesting to note that Bigfoot follows the horror movie monster rule of staying just steps behind its prey as it tries to escape, and I’d guess that even if this alleged cameraman tripped, the monster would magically remain just steps behind. There are so many things in this video that are absurd to me and I would be very, very surprised if it were real. I agree with others here that this is an amusing little clip, if a little lacking in originality.

  24. Darkwing2006 responds:

    They used an aged film filter in a video program to get the effect they did on the film, making it appear to be on 8mm film, See here for a comparison

    And Craig did us a favor by posting this here folks, IMHO, as this helps down the road to detect obvious hoaxes down the line. My researchers review lots of this stuff, so they can see the details they need to look for on better quality videos to see if they are hoaxes or not.

  25. NightFlight responds:

    Never knew that 8mm film or Super 8 for that matter had a soundtrack! BTW, were there two people filming or did BF grab the camera and chase the original camera man as it seems? Golly, I knew those guys are smart! LOLOLOL

  26. The Night Stalker responds:

    Sure it’s fake, that is obvious. But why get so upset? One of the reasons that people keep circulating these silly videos is that some in the crypto community get so excited. They rant and rail, but at the same time they word their responses to sound as if they give some credibility to these vids. Watch them, laugh at them, joke about them. Don’t give the fakers a reason to keep making these videos.

    Some of you wondered why we should even show these videos. One very good reason is to educate people as to what a fake is. There are people who believe everything they see. By posting these fakes on Cryptomundo, and those of us in the know explaining why they are fakes, people will not get misled. I did the same thing on my MySpace page. I made a blog containing a long list of videos so that people could see what a fake is. You can check it out at If you do,be sure to watch the bigfoot attack for a very big laugh. So, what am I trying to say in my rambling way? Lighten up, people. Have a good one.

  27. sasquatch responds:

    Many later model Super 8′s were available with sound. you could buy silent or “Sound Striped” rolls of film. Many of the cameras came with an external mic that would mount on the top of the camera. I own 2 super 8′s, a regular 8 and two 16 mm cameras. One of which I’m currently filming animation with now. All of these cameras had advantages over the Sony 8mm video camera I have. Old school rules. Oh yeah; the “film’ is a fake, probably shot on video and messed with to give a film appearance, but the light fluctuations are very exagerated.

  28. gridbug responds:

    What almost works: The yikes-worthy “comin’ atcha” attack scene. Marginally.

    What pretty much doesn’t: everything else.

    “Hey Travis Crabtree, wait a minute for meeee…” :)

  29. windigo responds:

    Up until the overly dramatic end, it had some interesting elements to it.

  30. Bob K. responds:

    Haley Fisher, thanks for the geographical and sightings history info. I’m guessing that whoever took this video was aware of said history of sightings in that area. Its obviously fake, but well done nonetheless.

  31. lastensugle responds:

    I haven’t posted on this site for quite some time, but I have to say this. I agree with those who are of the opinion, that you shouldn’t spend time on this sort of bs! It’s gettin too often that Cryptomundo present us with these “you be the judge” films/pictures, which anyone, especially you guys on Cryptomundo, can tell is fake. You’re cheapening your reputation in the name of entertainment, please be a bit more serious. sowwy to sound harsh…

  32. Giovarist responds:

    Well I, for one, completely believe this video is real! What convinced me was the part where the Bigfoot picks up the camera at the end and chases the guy with it, making sure to capture the guy on film running away in terror. That is TOTALLY how it would happen in real life!

  33. cabochris responds:

    Oh yes, this is a real teenage Bigfoot. Perhaps we should call it a Little Bigfoot, or Littlefoot? Did you see those fangs, slobber and red eyes? I also looked for a zipper and saw none. Well, we finally have our proof! Case closed at last! Now Science will have to see things our way!

  34. JoelleS responds:

    Wow…You know, if they hadn’t put the attack scene at the end, it might have been more convincing proof, especially for those of us who are seekers of the distant fuzzier relation of Bigfoot known as the BlobSquatch. I think that without that attack scene at the end, this film could have been the definitive proof of a blurry biped roaming North America. After all, BlobSquatch are far more photogenic than their cousin Bigfoot who is rather reclusive in comparison taking to the camera rather like most stars; avoid the paparazzi at all cost. I think its time we acknowledge that there is more than one Biped in North America and stop grouping the BlobSquatch as just a blurry BigFoot, but recognize it as its own unique blurry species!


    (This ramble is mainly caffine induced and I am responsible for all the madnes that this comment may result in. But come on, BlobSquatch is much more than just a category of Bigfoot, he’s an entity all on his own! Hmm…need to make a BlobSquatch t-shirt… Oh, and I must add that BlobSquatch could also probably find a pretty good job with psychiatrists. They’d just have him walk past their patient and ask them what they see. Oh look, its a butterfly! No, wait! I take that back, its Mothman! (Crypto mind set)

    Sorry again! Just had to have some fun with this one! Keep the hoaxes coming! They’re a fun ray of sunshine in my rather strange existance!

  35. dialthree responds:

    Very real and pretty cool.

  36. red_pill_junkie responds:

    This is obviously a crass hoax made with a skinny guy in a gorilla suit. But the thing is, even with much more compelling video evidence, it won’t amount to anything. UFO enthusiasts like me have come to realize than in the XXIst century, a photograph or a video can no longer be considered reliable with the advent of cheaper CGI technology and computer processing power increasing every year according to Moore’s law.

    CGI Hoaxers started with UFOs because they are relatively easier to fake: they are 3D objects with a low polygon count (you need hundreds of thousands of polygons if you make “organic” forms with curves), with right angles, and simple inorganic textures (metallic). But the ability to render an animated digital creature with an applied “fur” consisting of millions of hairs already exists; it just that it would take an insanely lot of time for a simple home-pc to calculate all those hairs in every frame. But you can expect that to change sooner than you think.

    If I may, I predict that in less than 2 years,someone is going to attempt to make a completely synthetic CGI Sasquatch hoax video, where nothing will be real: not the creature, nor the location, nor the trees, EVERYHTING will be completely CGI. And it will fool many people, because that way the artist will be able to generate something that would not resemble a human in an ape costume.

    Be prepared.

  37. jamesrav responds:

    I think those that criticize ‘why’ entries like this are posted are taking the site too seriously. This is for entertainment and discussion, it’s not a peer-reviewed scientific journal. Crypto events don’t occur every day, and I’m quite surprised how much ‘real’ info is posted here to be honest. So an occasional ‘for fun’ is necessary to fill the void. I commend this bigfoot creature for filming better than many of the recent youtube videos, he kept the human in focus and centered :)

  38. CryptoGoji responds:

    A hoax yes, but a more what if hoax, I would think. If this were a true attack, it would almost seem warranted, don’t you think. 1, they got too close to the thing (a man in a monky suit), so it responded just like any other animal. I really don’t think that the creature would not attack if some one got that close. So even though it was a hoax, this very scene could fold out somewhere in the vastness of the woods. We know for a fact, that according to survivors, that BF do abduct visitors in the woods, (the story of Albert Ostman comes to mind.) so why not attack?

  39. JoelleS responds:

    jamesrav: Thumbs up for you man! You’ve hit the idea right on the head! After all, even scientists have a sense of humor!

  40. Danno responds:

    I love these videos. The bigfoot does seem a little small though. But can an amatuer film-maker really afford an attempt to create an eight-foot bigfoot?

    Somehow I have the feeling if you were attacked by a Bigfoot you wouldn’t be able to run as far as the guy in the video before you got your “arms ripped outta yer sockets”.

  41. Cryptonut responds:

    So now we have a new term for a bogus movie….it’s a “Soba” (from the nick Sobalovesviolenc)…or you can say, we’ve been “Soba’d”, or it’s a Sobasquatch, or if the video looks good, you could say it’s Sobariffic…or if it is an authentic looking video footage it would a “Non-Soba” piece of film…..there’s really no end to using the word Soba…

  42. Mike Smith responds:

    So did Bigfoot take the camera from him and film the guy running away?

  43. Rappy responds:

    This is hilarious…the Matrix moment had me giggling wildly. Thanks for the laugh, Craig. ^^

  44. cmgrace responds:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! That was the best BF joke I have seen in a long time. BF has better camera skills than the guy.

  45. StaindHand responds:

    aaaand ACTION!

    and scene…that’s a wrap.

  46. richcap responds:


    I think I wee-wee’d a ‘lil. Good times.

  47. arbigfoothunter responds:

    I didn’t read all of the comments, but basically everyone said the same thing on this video: fake, but cool, or fake, but interesting. I agree with Rayrich, MiK, and twblack and a few others though, we need to take the bad (very many) with the good (very, very few). Afterall, if Craig doesn’t run these fake videos on the website, we wouldn’t have anything to look at! I like reading comments as much as the next guy (or girl), but we have to have some sort of eye-catching entertainment once in a while. But, this is just me.

  48. brainsandgravy responds:

    Did bigfoot grab the camera at the end and turn it on his victim? That was cool. Payback is a beeotch. I believe this is real.

  49. superd responds:

    This isn’t a hoax, it’s entertainment, complete with soundtrack ,different camera angles, and the chase at the end.
    Thanks for the laugh!

  50. theSnark responds:

    Good lordy! That made me jump!
    While definately not real (how did the tape survive untouched? And for a ‘dated’ film, the color is strikingly vivid betweed the ‘static’) the music is well added and timed. Very well put together. My compliments to the film crew.

  51. peterbernard responds:

    Oh yeah, the bigfoot grabbed the camera and chases the guy with it! Haha so funny. It sort of looks like it was shot on video then had old film effects applied. BTW to respond to one of the posts here, I’ve already done three comedy bigfoot cgi animations that got alot of views on youtube– they weren’t convincing at all but a surprising number of people convinced themselves they were real just because I said they were and stayed in character till the third one, haha. And I made up a fun backstory based on backstories I’ve been reading here and in Tim Beckley books for years. If I recall, my bigfoot movies were also “shot on super 8mm” and were found “in my grandpa’s attic after he died.” Pranks are fun as long as they’re not mean.

  52. kenneyvg responds:

    This is a terrible home video meant as a hoax. Please people, do not say “I think this is a fake”. We all know IT IS!

  53. zpf responds:

    Great music and soundtrack.

  54. Dreamcatcher responds:

    Gotta good laugh out of that one. They should go into movie making might make something better than whats coming out these days.

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