November 9, 2005

Government Conspiracies and Bigfoot or Do You Smell Something Burning?

In Thom Powell’s book, "The Locals", he tells of a report that he investigated for the BFRO, a group that he was involved with as an investigator for several years.

The Locals

The report concerned a Bigfoot that was found during a firefighting mission on Battle Mountain, NV on August 6, 1999. A letter dated the next day was received by the BFRO from an anonymous federal agency worker who was at the scene with approximately 20 firefighters.

The letter stated that the author had observed a quadrapedal animal that was captured by firefighters. A local vet and MD were called to the scene. The animal was tranquilized and moved to an undisclosed location.

The description was of an animal that was approximately 7 and a half feet tall with human-like limbs and a face that was neither ape or man, but described as something in-between. It had five digits with an opposable thumb. It was mostly hair-covered, and was suffering from 2nd and 3rd degree burns on approximately 45% of its body.

After its injuries were attended to by the vet and MD, it was moved to an undisclosed location, against orders of Bureau of Land Management, Department of the Interior and Depatment of Fish & Wildlife.

For approximately 10 days after the report was filed, the reporting witness did not answer any emails sent to him. After the 10 days or so had lapsed, the witness contacted Thom by phone. During the phone conversation, Thom was able to learn additional details of the incident.

It took place in the early hours of the afternoon. The injured animal was on location for approximately 3 hours before being taken away in the back of a utility truck. All witnesses on the scene were debriefed and told not to discuss the incident.

You can read about the incident in its entirety on the GUST website here.

This incident would point to a government conspiracy to cover-up the existence of Bigfoot, like many other reports. While I am not a conspiracy theorist, I do maintain that it is a possibility.

I was told a story lending to the conspiracy angle by a former associate. He told me that his former brother-in-law worked for the state of Texas in the Parks & Wildlife division. He was not a park ranger, but he was in charge of the park rangers.

My former associate asked his brother-in-law what the official stance was on Bigfoot. The brother-in-law came back with, "On or off the record?" My associate said on the record. He was told, "No comment." He then asked what about off the record. He was told, "They’re out there. Their all over the place. We know it and can’t do anything about it."

The jist was that if it became public knowledge, the public would want protection from the animals. Or that they would want them to be contained or controlled by the proper authorities.

Along those same lines is the story that I told in a previous post.

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