June 8, 2016

Bigfoot Captured on Drone Video in Idaho?

A still shot of the figure in the video. This photo was provided by the videographer. (Submitted Photo)

Was Bigfoot captured on video south of Pocatello?

By Idaho State Journal Staff

An online video of an alleged Bigfoot sighting in Southeast Idaho has been creating quite a stir over the past few days.

The 2-minute, 24-second video, entitled “Possible bigfoot in Idaho!! Flying the drone around and ran across this,” was posted on YouTube on June 2.

The duration of the video consists of drone footage over a field near the Hawkins Reservoir west of Downey in Southeast Idaho. The reservoir is located approximately 35 miles south of Pocatello.

A mysterious hairy figure, seemingly running on two legs, becomes visible at approximately the 25-second mark. It then runs across a field and into a wooded area as the drone flies over the area.

The videographer, who wishes to remain anonymous due to fears of public ridicule, said he initially thought the figure he captured was just an animal. However, he noticed the figure seemed to be running upright, which grabbed his attention.

“I said, ‘wait a minute, that’s not right,’” he said.

A still shot from the footage, which was provided by the videographer, indicates the figure is hairy and light brown in color.

However, since the YouTube footage was shared to Idaho State Journal’s Facebook page late Sunday evening, numerous commentators on the page noted how difficult it is to actually see the running figure in the video. Even the YouTube video description recommends viewing the video on a large computer monitor.

The drone is quite high in the sky, and by the time the camera starts to zoom in on the figure, it has disappeared in the wooded area. Because of the difficulty of getting a clear shot of the running figure, Idaho State University professor and noted Bigfoot expert Dr. Jeff Meldrum said the identity of the figure is inconclusive.

“I had to expand the size of the video to clearly see it on my 22-inch computer monitor, and those screens for drone cameras are usually no bigger than a cell phone screen,” he said. “How could he have picked up that little speck, and then zoom in and fly directly to the point when it entered the forest?”

Meldrum also said that from his studies of Sasquatch, he said its unusual for them to be found in the immediate habitat surrounding Hawkins Reservoir.

“I can imagine them crossing areas that aren’t their prime habitat to get to one place to another or find another member of their species,” he said. “But I can’t imagine they would do that in broad daylight.”

The videographer, who said he has lived in Southeast Idaho for over 30 years, said he isn’t sure what the figure in the video is exactly. However, he said his footage has piqued his interest so much that he has invested around $400 in specialized Adobe video software so he can get the clearest, zoomed-in footage of the mysterious figure possible.

The footage was taken approximately a week and a half ago, according to the videographer, who says he commonly uses his drone to take wilderness and wildlife shots from the air.

“I fly my drone everywhere, and I get video of elk, deer, rivers, all kind of things,” he said. “Usually pretty views nobody else can see.”


This is a possible bigfoot running towards the trees then vanishing in them. 25 seconds into the video you can see it running on 2 legs. I wish I were closer to get a better video. You need to watch this on a computer monitor, if you use your phone it is too small to see.

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