Bigfoot Caught on Video by Campers in Nassau NY

An interesting video that I saw posted on Facebook yesterday.

What do the Cryptomundians think?

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  1. The video is jumpy and blurry. I can’t tell whether those guys are human or not.

    One of them, however, is carrying a dog leash. This would seem to indicate inferior intelligence. Why – THE HECK – bind something to you that bites?

    On further analysis, I can’t tell whether that’s Busch or Bud Light.

  2. DWA:

    “One of them, however, is carrying a dog leash. This would seem to indicate inferior intelligence. Why – THE HECK – bind something to you that bites?”

    This seems off topic. Is there some kind of new animal rights anti-leash crusade that you advocate and want to bring awareness to?

  3. This video was posted over a year ago on FB/FB. Don’t know if you can still access their version. If I recall they contacted the filmers.

  4. Aside from whatever the blur is in this video, here’s a thought: Is it possible bigfoots are attracted to the smell of alcohol and cigarettes? It might explain why so many sightings are by people like the yahoos in this video.

  5. I don’o’ about the rest of ‘em Craig but their camera guy was suff’rin’ severe crystal meth withdrawal symptoms the camera’s everywhere.

    I have to admit though this video’s a revelation ’cause never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I’d see a Sasquatch moving like an arthritic Sammy Davis Junior performing Candy Man.

    The only thing missing’s the straw boater cane an’ wonky eye.

    Mazal tov!

  6. Whilst Na Yak is making fun of “rednecks” I couldn’t help but wonder why no chicks.

  7. I agree. The lack of females in this “camping” group might provide all the answers needed…or should I say Nerded…

  8. I’ve been camping and without female company–my wife is just fine letting me do that with the “guys,” so I’ve got no beef on that front.

    However, I think I’ll need more beer (and not Busch or Bud Light) in order to accept this as proof.

  9. Agreed Goodfoot…I do get pretty cynical when it comes to videos–it’s so easy to set up and throw in a “Bigfoot” at enough range to make it look “real” on the surface that I doubt first and go from there.

  10. The video alone is not enough to warrant any evidence beyond another blobsquatch sighting. Nothing screams hoax to me. They seem genuinely surprised. It’s possible they could have been hoaxed by some buddies.

    I think more investigation is needed to confirm or discount it. Where did it happen? When did it happen? What did everyone see in their own words?What happened afterwards?Any attempt to collect any physical evidence? Were authorities called? Is there a report?

    I believe we need a certain minimum to consider any media as possible evidence in order to analyse it critically.


  11. at 0:01 gentleman in an Al Borland shirt turns to look to make sure “Bigfoot” is ready. You can actually see movement in the background. Rest of the time guys are shooting the $h!t about getting wasted last night….blah blah at 1:10 Al Borland shirt guy stands up and shouts…”Whoa Whoa” see because he’s the look out initially for the Bigfoot put in place. Very 1970’s VHS looking by the way just for nostalgia’s sake I reckon ;p

  12. Is there a flipping post anywhere here where “DWA” doesnt write something inane.
    Are their some form of cryptomundo points for blather.??
    Mate..please..get a life and stop succumbing to some bizarre affliction that you think other people must be subjected to your clueless posts.
    If you knew so much..then get out there and start field work..produce a book..anything for god sake..
    Just stop telling us “What I think”..we dont care.

  13. There seems to be some confusion as to “Nassau.” Nassau County, NY is indeed on Long Island. The town of Nassau, however, is in middle of nowhere New York about twenty or so miles from the western Mass. border. Don’t know which one it is, but the latter can be some rather rugged country.

    (This is the one thing I miss about FB/FB. They were the only place on the web that really catalogued these videos, “real” or hoax.)

    If I recall, FB said they contacted the guys behind this video who in turn claimed that they were just out in the woods drinking beer and messing around, when they thought they saw a person spying on them. The thing then stood up, wasn’t a person, and freaked them all out. Pretty sure this was first posted was a couple of years ago.

    Again, don’t know which “Nassau” we’re talking about.

  14. Coyotes are barely existent in Nassau Co. There is absolutely no room for a Bigfoot. The video is irrelevant.

  15. If you believe that there is a Bigfoot in Nassau county, NY, then you might as well go squatching in Central Park.

  16. Goodfoot, I’ve seen some unusual things in Central Park, including some large, hairy hominids, not nothing I could categorize definitively as Bigfoot. :)

    Nassau county borders queens and is heavily populated. Yes there is some green space, but if the big guy was there he REALLY would have to be hiding in plain sight.