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Tree Climbing Bigfoot Caught on Video?

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on October 11th, 2011

The following video, as all of the other purported Bigfoot videos shown here on Cryptomundo, is shared to allow discussion and for the Cryptomundians to make up their own minds as to what is captured on video.

We catch a lot of flack for sharing these videos. We are not stating that it is a Bigfoot that was captured on video.

We share the possibility that it may have been a Bigfoot that was captured on video. Big difference.

I was trying to film some deer for youtube and I heard something making noises and then i heard the crows and decided to keep filming just in case it was a deer but instead it was an upright walking figure skipp to 1:12 if you dont want to waste you time ps i had the camera on a log and i ducked behind the log so it wouldnt spot meUploaded by Heavyrebel071 on Sep 24, 2011

So with that said, what do the Cryptomundians think?

About Craig Woolheater
Co-founder of Cryptomundo in 2005. I have appeared in or contributed to the following TV programs, documentaries and films: OLN's Mysterious Encounters: "Caddo Critter", Southern Fried Bigfoot, Travel Channel's Weird Travels: "Bigfoot", History Channel's MonsterQuest: "Swamp Stalker", The Wild Man of the Navidad, Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries in America: Texas Terror - Lake Worth Monster, Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot: Return to Boggy Creek and Beast of the Bayou.

56 Responses to “Tree Climbing Bigfoot Caught on Video?”

  1. Geoffrey Gould via Facebook responds:

    Look forward to seeing this at home where I can view it: just hope it’s not just a misidentified porcupine [bg]…

  2. Brothermidnight responds:

    Very hard to tell what I’m seeing from the brief appearance. If I’m putting the clues together correctly I believe this was filmed in Fayetteville Arkansas where there have been other reports of Bigfoot in the past.

  3. vamelungeon responds:

    You’ve got to be kidding. That was a guy walking through the woods. No idea why he grabbed that tree and shook it. I wonder if there’s sound? I mean besides the crappy music? I suspect we might hear some human language without the music playing. I’d like to nominate this for the video most unlikely to show anything other than a human.

  4. Sharon Lee via Facebook responds:

    The hoax has been solved by Sharonlee the Bigfoot Field Reporter. The hoaxer turns on the camera and heads to the tree, it takes him one minute and twenty seconds. He does his little walk, shimmy up the tree then takes off running…it then takes him another minute and twenty seconds to return to the camera which he then grabs and begins running. Nice try fella! BUSTED!

  5. Sharon Lee via Facebook responds:

    I still can’t wait to see what the Facebook Finding Bigfoot guys say

  6. Rictor Riolo via Facebook responds:


  7. Doomguy responds:

    Nice, there’s pretty much one tree you can’t see, and that’s the one it chooses to climb. Also, why the music? “Oh, cool, I filmed a Bigfoot. Now let’s add some music, I want to make this video interesting”. I’m guessing it’s there to cover the “now go to the right, you’re too visible” orders from the dude behind the camera.. notice how the figure enters the frame and quickly hides behind the tree. What’s with these creature that avoid cameras like they know their purpose? Fake, in my opinion.

  8. weaponx88 responds:

    Well…there are a couple issues i have with this. This “thing” seems to be walking out and seems to look down the trail and quickly turn back as if “on que”. The “thing” then “strategically” climbs (or seems to) a rather small tree while behind huge leaves in the foreground blocking most of it. The worst possible place for this “thing” to climb a tree is right behind the leaves of that branch right where the camera is focused on. I don’t know……I have my doubts on this one.

  9. formerbfrocurator responds:

    Sharon Lee nailed this one!

  10. ericthegeek responds:

    @Brothermidnight I live in Fayetteville, AR and have heard nothing of Bigfoot reports? Do you live around here? Could you point me to these reports? I’m very interested.

  11. bigfoots responds:

    LOL, sorry, but just cause Sharonlee says something, it doesn’t meant anything.

    Use your own mind. That’s what its there for.

    An interesting video, but I want to hear the original sound.

  12. recurve responds:

    Sharon Lee beat me to it! The figure steps out oh theres my camera and then turns and shimmies up the tree!

  13. Graham Farr via Facebook responds:


  14. Sharon Lee responds:

    @ bigfoots

    Whatever Hater! lol

  15. RedLandsBigfoot responds:

    WTG Sharon Lee!!

  16. Adrian Laine via Facebook responds:

    Yea…looks like a guy in a shirt walking around, then jumpin in and out of the tree. Hoax for sure.

  17. flame821 responds:

    Is it just me or is this a time lapsed film? Look at the sunlight and how it fades into darkness (in 3 minutes?) Look at that thing fly by around 1:42, I’m assuming it is an insect of some sort. This looks like it was filmed over the course of an afternoon and someone walked into the scene without realizing it, I am assuming he pulled down that one large sapling/small tree to recover a frisbee or something of that nature as no other trees in the footage appeared to be bearing any fruits or nuts.

  18. Brothermidnight responds:

    ericthegeek, I was just googling them together and saw a few things here and there mostly in the general area but not so much directly in Fayetteville.

  19. Cryptoraptor responds:

    If you watch the video full screen you can see that the tree climber/shaker is wearing a light colored short sleeved shirt over a darker long sleeved shirt. There is no need to scrutinize any further than that.

    If someone posted a picture of a cartoon stick figure bigfoot there would be those that want to scrutinize it further in an attempt to ‘open mindedly’ consider it’s validity.

    The original Youtube video uploader was likely just having fun. One of his videos is called “Spongebobs Killer” which should be listened to with and without the sound, with music added, standing on your head, etc… to determine if there really is a ‘Spongebob Killer’.

    As long as there are people with a genuine psychological need for there to be an eight foot tall hairy man ape living in the most developed country in the world that consistently eludes camera shutters…there will be hoaxers. This isn’t even one of them. He’s making silly videos. The guy uploaded a video called “Ninja Kitten”. Are there online discussions as to whether the kitten is or is not a ninja?

  20. Sophie Wilder via Facebook responds:

    puts on ape suit…sets up camera…wanders into shot and CHECKS TO SEE IF HE’S ON CAMERA…messes about with shortest tree in shot… exits…goes back to camera, takes off glove and turns camera off. Replacing the ambient sound with music is suspicious too.

  21. gavinf responds:

    I haven’t posted in quite a while. But something Mr Woolheater said highlights a potential problem for Cryptomundo. (Full Disclosure: I am a huge fan of this site).
    I have noticed for the past year or so a definite change in the attitude of the postings. Mr Woolheater is right. He and Loren Coleman have taken a lot of flack over certain items posted. Why? It makes no sense. This is a cryptozoological website. Cryptozoology is dedicated to looking at whatever is out there and drawing an informed conclusion on any given evidence. If Cryptomundo decides not to post an item simply because it isn’t worth the complaints, that is our loss. Let me see the evidence. I am not in a position to do investigating on my own. So I come here, I read the books, or watch the programs related to cryptozoology.
    If we who post become so cynical and so dismissive of anything that crosses our path, we are no longer interested in cryptozoology, and that will be the death knell for a site like this one. Bring on the cryptids!

  22. tampasteve responds:

    Yeah, I love the part where he makes sure the camera is in his view before trying to climb that small tree. BTW, why would a Sasquatch climb a very small tree just to shake it about and then run away? That is a lot of energy to waste for nothing. Most large primates would simply pull the sapling down.

  23. bigyeti responds:

    Another Fayetteville, AR resident here. I also have not heard any reports of bigfoot sightings or videos lately. I watch the news nightly and they haven’t said anything. First Biscardi says he’ll be investigating sightings here, now this video is supposedly from Fayetteville too? Sure there are a few remote areas not far outside the city limits, but I haven’t known this city to be a hotbed of Bigfoot sightings, not lately at least. Plenty of Hog-sightings though!

  24. mandors responds:

    On the YouTube page the guy says he was hiding behind a log when he shot this. So why wouldn’t you point your camera right at the figure? I like Sharon Lee’s theory. Adding onto it, if you were shooting the footage why would you look at the camera AFTER YOU PICKED IT UP. If you were really shooting the video, the camera would already be in your hands. The figure’s peek at the camera is the final damning evidence: self conscious incrimination. Looks like the guy was trying to hoax a trail cam, then changed his story.

  25. Ragnar responds:

    Loses major credibility for the crap music. Also, very convenient how the camera placement places the subject right behind an obstacle the whole time.


  26. Artist responds:

    Well, having reviewed this landmark, iconic video some 742 times, I feel I can state conclusively that this is the

  27. choppedlow responds:

    Wow, I like this Sharon Lee person! If the same guys in the FBFBF group were looking for leprechauns, they would try and convince everyone that the Lucky Charms guy was the real thing!

  28. BUKWASBOO responds:


  29. mungofoot responds:

    I too am thinking hoax I mean did this guy EVER post any deer videos before or after this? I am thinkking that either Sharon Lee is right or he had a friend he was directing{hence the cheesy music to cpover and verbal commands}.MAYBE if we could see the vid with the original sound MAYBE it might have a hair of credibilty but I am not holding my breath

  30. mungofoot responds:

    I too am thinking hoax I mean did this guy EVER post any deer videos before or after this? I am thinking that either Sharon Lee is right or he had a friend he was directing{hence the cheesy music to cover any verbal commands}.MAYBE if we could see the vid with the original sound MAYBE it might have a hair of credibility but I am not holding my breath.

  31. LobsterBoy responds:

    Wow. Okay. I guess we are getting to the point where just about anything as potential evidence. Just one more reason mainstream science ignores the subject. I hate to sound like a gloomy Gus and all, but we really are way overdue for for some meaningful discoveries. What ever happened to the Erickson project? Why all the secrecy? I for one am starting to feel a bit disillusioned by the whole Sasquatch phenomenon. Sometimes it seems like nothing but hoax after hoax. Just sayin’.

  32. allenfuchs responds:

    If you watch closely as the thing climbs the tree, it grabs the tree and pulls itself up and wraps legs around the small trunk. I do believe most “apes” don’t have to do this. Not to mention, if the gorillas in Africa can pull down full sized trees and Bigfoot and way bigger than them, that tree shouldn’t be able to hold him up. Not to mention if you look closely at 1:12 bottom right corner when he comes into view, we have two choices here: 1) a man wearing a t-shirt or 2) this Bigfoot has multicolored coat of fur that matches that of a t-shirt.

  33. shmargin responds:

    Probably one of the worst attempts at a bigfoot video I have seen recently. When the guy first walks into the frame you can see his shirt and pants. What an idiot, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the thing I hate more than not having proof, is people that fake stuff and try to pass it off as real. Hurts the cause, and doesnt help anyone.

  34. watn6789 responds:

    @ Craig Woolheater; Nice job keeping on these videos. Fun and entertaining!

  35. kittalia responds:

    Has anyone else noticed it is more beige than most Bigfoot? Aren’t they usually dark brown or black? Also, can anyone think of a good idea for it ‘wandering’ like that?

  36. DTK responds:

    Just another opportunity to roll my eyes and say, “gimme a break.”

  37. bigfoots responds:

    @ Sharon Lee

    its the truth isn’t it?

    I choose to think for myself and I highly recommend the same for everyone else.

    do you have any real facts to back your bold statements? or is this just you’re best guess?

    honestly… your post just looks like an attempt to get traffic to your site..

    talk about “busted”

  38. Budman030 responds:

    To me this screams fake, first the music, why ? there is no need for it second once again after the “Bigfoot” is gone they run away as fast as they can… I don’t know about you but I would go to where it just was.. look for footprints maybe even try to see if it was still in sight..

  39. zigoapex responds:

    soon as you hear music instead of sound, most likely a hoax.
    he wrapped his leg around the the tree like any human would do to shimmy a tree
    the legs are too straight, like pants.

  40. orion24 responds:

    I don’t know, It looks like a 3-D animated figure to me, Mainly because it doesn’t move naturally and it moves too fast. Sorry, I think it’s a Hoax.

  41. springheeledjack responds:

    The reason ALL of these videos should be posted is because that’s what cryptozoology is all about!

    Probably 95+% of the stuff cryptos encounter ARE either misidentifications, hoaxers or mistakes. It’s VERY worthwhile to post all of it, because as cryptozoologists, it helps us hone our own observational skills to pick out the bunk from the good stuff. Sure most of them are not what they proclaim to be. All the better—the hoaxers are helping us train our skeptical eyes to rule out the mundane and the trickery. It keeps us savvy and it keeps us from being the fools for the Biscardis and the Georgia boys, etc.!

    Then when we do come across that elusive 2-4% that defies all of our attempts to rationalize and explain it, we’ll be just that more sure of our data and perspective that we’ve got the real BF on our hands (or USO as the case may be:).

    So, keep them coming! It’s in allllll of our best interests for Craig and Loren to keep us on our toes. THANKS GUYS.

    By the way, yeah on this one. Again, we’ve got the long shot to keep any details at the minimum, music to overshadow any stray sounds and just enough tantalizing details to prey upon the unwary. If you’re really there shooting what you think is a Bigfoot, are you really gonna hide and miss it? And set your camera up at an angle that’s sure to miss full details? No, I don’t think so either.

    Keep us on our toes and keep honing our skills!

  42. shownuff responds:

    The speed it went up the tree was incredible. No human can climb that fast. People are entitled to there opinion. No need to argue. plus I really feel that these Giant Hairy Apes are not as dumb as people think. They are fast learners. I read an article on how having the ability to walk upright can give the being capabilities to figure things out. Bigger brains. I am only speaking of primates.

  43. norman-uk responds:


    You are right, the figure looks exactly like a fit young human male messing about and if you want to see the lad in question look at the horrible youtube video you mentioned involving a less healthy activity than the make believe bigfoot tease.

    But part of your comment doesn’t make so much sense, I quote- As long as there are people with a genuine psychological need for there to be an eight foot tall hairy man ape living in the most developed country in the world that consistently eludes camera shutters…there will be hoaxers.

    The interest in 8 ft tall hairy man (ape?) is based on an accumulation of evidence as far back as there are written records (gilmagesh) and ties in with what is found in nature today and in paleontology. Possible there are people who have a need for a hairy 8ft tall man and when we know if bigfoot is near enough to be human we can talk about it to Mrs bigfoot.

  44. Sharon Lee responds:

    @Bigfoots..not sure where your hostility towards me is coming from. If you knew me you would have known I was just having fun with my post and Mr. Woolheater is the one who linked my website, so NOT busted!

    May I ask why you choose to attack me in this manner? Would you like me to send you a free calendar?

    Sharonlee, The Bigfoot Field Reporter

  45. DWA responds:

    SHJ…on the mark. Put the stuff up. What the heck; and besides, some folks need to know what to look for.

    What to look for here: somebody with human proportions; moving like a human.

    Shoot ’till you win, all I can say.

  46. ludvig responds:

    Funny how the whole area is clear of foliage except by where the purported creature shows up.

    Why is it they are always
    1) in the distance
    2) blurred
    3) obscured by foliage and on edge of shot.

    Sorry to put a downer on it guys, but too many folk with cams making stuff up nowadays.

  47. bigfoots responds:

    @ Sharon Lee

    its not hostility at all..
    its just that you came on proclaiming a definitive answer when maybe you should of worded it more like “it looks like to me” or something along those lines..

    from that video you can not tell how far away the subject is, how tall the subject is, how much the subject weighs, how tall the tree is, the circumference of the tree etc etc.. all the things that would be needed to make such a proclamation…

    that has always been my point.

  48. Sharon Lee responds:

    @bigfoots Fair Enough! Peace Brother! (oh i know you are not my brother, it’s just a saying)

  49. bigfoots responds:

    btw… i would agree that more than likely it is a human climbing the tree..

  50. bigfoots responds:

    @ Sharon Lee

    it just gets old seeing people proclaiming things with no real scientific thought process or backing..especially when it comes to bigfoot

    its arrogant imho

    really? I’m not your brother?

    wow.. thank goodness you pointed that out..and here i was going to get you a birthday present..


  51. blazersquatch responds:

    Yet again a figure that is thin, quick and obscured. PGF and Freeman are the only two I’ve ever seen that seem authentic. Always fun to watch the endless stream of Bigfoot videos though.

  52. Cryptoz responds:

    Yeah, I guess FB/FB is feeling a little shy in vouching for this video. I wonder why?

  53. Opalman responds:

    I like to believe that I’m someone with a sincere interest in cryptozoology. After all I don’t even take credit for this too much. As stated in my short bio, I was lucky enough to have been befriended and mentored by none other than good family friend; Ivan T. Sanderson (as a teen). Ever since I those early days growing up in Sussex, N.J. I have been enthralled by the possible existence of the sasquatch. I believe that it is incumbent upon all those similarly interested by the subject to critically examine everything available in the way of videos, accounts trace evidence. Having said that, I also acknowledge that until I see one, or a physical specimen is captured, there remains the slight possibility that the sasquatch phenomena is but a societal aberration, some kind of mass neurosis. I would be amazed though if this is the case.

    I must comment that I see a lot of “shooting from the hip”, regarding videos and other secondary evidence presented on this site. We should develop opinions only after trying to objectively evaluate the evidence being presented. I guess what I’m trying to say is that we should all strive to look at the evidence apart from our personal emotional convictions. Mr. Sanderson was a stickler regarding this BTW, hence his reputation as a fine scientist.

    Regarding the above video; I looked at it several times and each time it became obvious that I was seeing a human. Yes; it is aggravating to waste time on these hoaxes. Scientifically speaking the video subject’s stature and carry was not in conformance with any description I ever read. I doubt that the sapling being shimmied would support even a medium sized sasquatch. As others have said; I can discern sharply contrasting coloration, (clothing),

    As far as this video goes: the coup-de-grâce is Sharon Lee’s brilliant time lining of the apparent hoax. Great work Sharon. I would never have thought to time line the video.

    Sharon Lee: Pay no attention to the small minded posters who for reasons they probably don’t even understand seem to have some problem with you. Maybe some folks find very intelligent AND attractive blonds intimidating? I for one have bookmarked your well put together site.

  54. Sharon Lee responds:

    @opalman would you believe me if i said i was blushing?
    Thank you so much for your support! You’ve just made this miserable, rainy Saturday sunny in Cleveland! xoxo

  55. Zabo responds:

    who the hell goes into the woods to look for deer to put on you tube? now if he said to put on his wall or something then maybe i could see why you set up shop in the woods to go hunting and like most places in the u.s.a. that’s not until november. and as usual with most hoxes they give you the excuse why they just happened to be in that exact spot putting their camra on some log in the middle of nowhere. also i noticed with hoxes that the so-called bigfoot always goes from right to left. oh yea, this is an animal that snaps elk’s necks and it’s gonna climb some tree that it could sneeze over. not even a nice try. next!

  56. jewpunxxx responds:

    Yep its definitely a bigfoot, i knew it was because i saw him buying that t-shirt he is wearing at hollister a few weeks before thr footage popped up, its a shame he sold out and went preppy all for that chick, she changed him man, he used to be cool

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