August 2, 2014

Bigfoot Lumberjacks Ride ‘um down in Ohio

This is one of those videos that boggles the mind. At first look, nothing seems out of the ordinary. But when taking a closer look, it’s almost extraordinary! The video is “Bigfoot Sighting in Ohio caught on tape film video” posted by Timothy Cow.

Timothy describes the situation this way “I was felling a large Oak and was recording. When I looked back on the film I saw bigfoot. First I noticed a smell when I was cutting and then I saw him right where I circled it on the video. It is hard to catch on the video, but I know what I saw in real life and it was no human it was bigfoot.”

Timothy placed a video camera where he would get a clear video of the tree falling…he videoed the tree falling alright…and a WHOLE LOT MORE! Something really crazy takes place when the tree finally falls…There’s a group of Little and Bigfoot hiding at the top of the tree with nowhere else to go but DOWN…what happens is truly remarkable…Once the tree comes down, the occupants of the treetop scatter in every direction and literally, within a few seconds, return to concealment mode. Timothy only noticed one…and that AFTER he got home and watched the video. Some folks might say “those aren’t Bigfoot!”, To that I say, “Okay, what are they?” It’s obvious that something’s up there. “Something” jumps, falls or is thrown to the ground when Timothy finally fells the tree. I can think of three possibilities, as to what it could be…It’s either a group of humans, a group of primates or a group of Bigfoot. When I say group I mean consisting of scores of individuals. Well, I don’t think humans would be collected at the top of an oak tree with babies, adolescents, young adults and adults so that rules out the humans. I’m not sure but did anybody here of a very large group of primates consisting of monkeys, chimps and gorillas escaping from somewhere in Ohio…that’s right…its in Ohio. I guess that rules out the primates leaving only one other thing…Bigfoot! It’s a long one but there’s a lot to see. You’ll know if your interested in about the first 2-3 minutes…if you keep watching it you can’t blame me for wasting your time…You’ll keep watching and I don’t think your time will be wasted. I hope you can see what I”m seeing and enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed putting it together. I guess now it’s time to take a look…

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