Bigfoot or Bust: A Research Roadtrip

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on March 19th, 2011

Bigfoot or Bust: A Research Team is Planning a Road Trip in May

Ah, Spring Fever is in the air! The daylight hours are getting longer and we’re all getting the itch to go on a summer road trip, right? The team from Facebook/FindBigfoot is making plans of their own to travel to the Bigfoot “hot zones” across the USA throughout the month of May.

And the team isn’t going alone, they’ve secured a deal with an Australian film crew who plans to shoot a documentary about the research. It’s not clear why the film crew is from Australia, the land of the kangaroos, but maybe their lack of Bigfoots is what got them excited about the project.

Crowd Sourcing to Find Bigfoot

The tentative plans for the mobile research have been posted on their site and Fans of the page have already been contributing ideas and possible locations for the team to visit. This is truly using the power of social media and crowd sourcing to further Bigfoot research. By gathering the collective ideas, theories and even recent sightings from Fans the team from Facebook/FindBigfoot will be moving to hot zones of Bigfoot activity as they happen.

The team is making plans to purchase an RV (if you have a used one, they might purchase it) with satellite and internet access. They will have two drivers so the team and film crew can be mobile around the clock while they communicate with Facebook Fans from the field. They are also looking for interns (got a college student with nothing to do?) and all of this is sounding a bit like the movie, “Life Aquatic” and Team zissou.

Trip in May Includes a Visit to Locations Featured in the Top 50 Bigfoot Videos

Some of the locations the team will visit are from their list of the Top 50 Bigfoot Videos that they have compiled and curated over the past year. They intend to visit some of those locations to give Fans new insights and perspective on the original videos.

Of course, they plan to capture Bigfoot on video by testing new methods of field research. “You can’t sneak up on Bigfoot,” says Jack Barnes, a researcher from Facebook/Findbigfoot. “Our plan is to set-up camp and allow Bigfoots to find us. The cameras won’t be inside the camp shooting outward, they will be outside the camp, shooting inward.”

That’s an interest technique from the team at Facebook/FindBigfoot. If all goes as planned it might actually be “Bigfoot Finds Facebook.”J. Anderson
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