Bigfoot Sighting While Turkey Hunting

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on December 1st, 2014

Did this turkey hunter capture three Bigfoots on cell phone video?

Could three Bigfoots at once be a record …? Have a watch as we meet the Hunter and see what she filmed. It’s pretty astonishing.

See the original footage:

While turkey hunting this past season I believe I stumbled upon a big foot eating what I believe to be a deer they obviously killed. I have no idea how I out alive.

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Co-founder of Cryptomundo in 2005. I have appeared in or contributed to the following TV programs, documentaries and films: OLN's Mysterious Encounters: "Caddo Critter", Southern Fried Bigfoot, Travel Channel's Weird Travels: "Bigfoot", History Channel's MonsterQuest: "Swamp Stalker", The Wild Man of the Navidad, Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries in America: Texas Terror - Lake Worth Monster, Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot: Return to Boggy Creek and Beast of the Bayou.

23 Responses to “Bigfoot Sighting While Turkey Hunting”

  1. SirWilhelm responds:

    One of the skeptic’s arguements against the existence of Bigfoot, and other cryptids, is that there couldn’t be enough of them to support a breeding population, and remain undetected. Well, we’re seeing more and more videos,thanks to the proliferation of cell phones, trail cams, and other cameras, of Bigfoot, in general, and more and more of them contain juveniles, even infants. Skeptics also claim they need physical evidence, but, aren’t pictures, and videos, a form of physical evidence? They can be forensically analyzed, as Thinker Thunker demonstrates, and they back up eyewitness accounts, when they are taken during encounters. Skeptics usually aren’t accountable to anyone but themselves, but, eyewitnesses are held accountable by them in the court of public opinion. Eyewitness testimony is often critical in a court of law, where their testimony can be held accountable by perjury laws. Why can’t skeptics give equal weight to eyewitnesses, in the court of public opinion? The weight of evidence, circumstantial, eyewitness, and video, is constantly growing. When will it be enough to tip the scales?

  2. mandors responds:

    Very interesting video.

    Here are my issues.

    1) The figures seem to have “human” stride patterns. The leg bend does not look bigfoot extreme enough to me.

    2) The “script” seems too contrived.

    Cue: Blair Witch like lady acting startled. She says she thinks she sees bigfoot.

    Change camera angle, and BAM!

    Cue: Bigfoot figures entering the frame.

    Lady repeats “I’m so startled. I’m so startled.”

    Who says that? “Holy crap! Holy crap”! or “Oh, my God! Oh, my God!” would be more believable. Also, why do the figures appear AFTER she says she’s seen them. Wouldn’t they just be there already. And who stops to film themselves, when they think they are seeing a bigfoot? Don’t think a selfie would be in order at a time like that.

    Then again, the Occam’s razor argument raised by Thinkerthunker is out there. But there’s one problem with it: hoaxers are complete PSYCHOS. Cue: Mr. Standing

  3. dconstrukt responds:

    LOL… what gives her or anyone the idea its a bigfoot?

    its a big stretch to go from “I’m not sure whats in front of me”… to “This could be a bigfoot”.

    thats a HUGE leap even for a jabronie.

    these things are supposed to be what? 7-10 ft tall?

    weigh what? 300-600 lbs?

    yet you hear nothing.

    something that big walking makes a lot of noise.

    Then the strides seem normal, not anything unusual.

    and it looks like 2 people walking.

    that chick who made the video needs to stop eating shrooms in the woods…

  4. Interested responds:

    Really, why does the video end in the middle of recording?

    Looks to me to be a guy and his kid walking into do their own hunting, carrying gear?

  5. IFC responds:

    The lead bigfoot is wearing a hat.

  6. sasquatch responds:

    Mr. Jabronie, with your pause button on your key board; pause at 24 seconds and freeze frame forward to 29 seconds….THAT is the classic bigfoot stride….also note that these creatures are carrying what appear to be deer…. one hundred or more pounds at least so a human would not be carrying that with one arm and the stride of both humans and bigfooots would be altered by that kinda weight…but this one closest to the camera seems very nonchalant about it all. Also the shoulders seem huge with a small by comparison head and short neck. large buttocks-which an animal that walks and runs constantly would have.

  7. hoodoorocket responds:

    One thing about myself that I dislike more than being a skeptic is being a cynic, but come on guys. For crying out loud, read the comments you’ve posted!

    I originally thought this video was so self evident that it didn’t deserve comment. The filmer is having a laugh, making an impromptu “bigfoot” film from two guys walking up to their hunting spots. I’m pretty sure the correct response is to share the giggle.

    I’m always amazed to see so many people swallow whole anything that is presented.

    Bigfoot carrying a deer, with a youngster tagging along…? Seriously? If you are just playing along with this lark, I need a winky emoticon from some of you, because it sounds like you believe what you are saying.

    @SirWilhelm, a great quantity of shitty videos doesn’t equate to a body of evidence, just a load of crap. I’m not saying Bigfoot isn’t real, I’m saying stop building castles in the air and insisting that it is genuine real estate. It is laughable when the creationists do it, when it happens in the Bigfoot community it discredits those small rare bits of evidence that do exist.

  8. dconstrukt responds:

    @ sasquatch -….. jabronie? whoa…. hold on …

    thats a bigfoot?


    Oh please… tell us…

    5 comments saying its garbage, but you… there’s always a jabronie who thinks otherwise….

    we’re all sitting here… I’ve got popcorn.

    please… why don’t you educate us on the finer details…. i’m looking forward to a great laugh 🙂

  9. PhotoExpert responds:

    ThinkerThunker, LOL again!

    Your ratio thing was already disproven as an effective tool or any kind of a tool for debunking videos.

    The one thing that ThinkerThunker does point out very effectively, and that is how he gets paid. I have stated before on numerous posts here that ThinkerThunker is just trying to get view count up on YouTube. So he makes outlandish statements. I pointed out the reason for wanting increased views here before. The main reason is that ThinkerThunker has a website where he sells T shirts and such. And finally, my prediction and prophecy comes true in his own words. He asks us to watch his videos and comment as he puts it, “That is how I get paid”.

    So now we all know, by his own admission, that ThinkerThunker sees Bigfoot in every video because he wants to make money. Plain and simple. He theories are bogus! His theories have been disproven here at Cryptomundo. And his video analysis is amateurish at best.

    This is an intentional part on the part of ThinkerThunker to mislead people with his videos and analysis in an effort to, “get paid”. Those are his words, not mine!

    Now let’s really look at the video for analysis based on the facts.

    We have a blurry, substandard, video that is not of media quality.

    We have a female turkey hunter in the woods during hunting season. The logical conclusion, it’s hunting season and other hunters are in the woods!

    The hunter exclaims, “I’m so startled right now”. LOL Does that seem like a reaction from someone who is scared that they just saw Bigfoots?

    Then what we see is two human like figures of normal size, walking as any normal human would while walking through the woods. And as IFC stated, I too think I see one of the figures wearing a cap. Does Bigfoot don baseball caps?

    What we do not see the proclaimed baby Bigfoot. What we do not see is the fur that ThinkerThunker talks about. We see a blur. And even if his ratios were correct, we already covered this in previous threads here why his ratio aspect has no bearing on film or still photographs.

    I am in agreement with dconstrukt, mandors, IFC, and Interested.

    I am also in agreement with ThinkerThunker, in that, this is how he gets paid!

    What a joke!

  10. sasquatch responds:

    dkonstruct, Did you do what I said? Freeze frame at certain points? This was in response to your claim that the stride was human…Really?, I see some very unusual details that humans can and do make sometimes but are not the norm. I did not say this WAS a Bigfoot (or two) but I did REALLY look at the footage, freeze framed all the way through and made mental notes. This is what researchers do. I’m sick of you guys that dismiss stuff out of hand and won’t even consider the observations of folks who are ACTUALLY studying the footage, tracks etc. You guys just like to make snide comments about jabronies and call names names etc. I am an animator and film maker and study motion all the time. Thinker Thunker has been off in the past, but I do respect him for attempting to decipher what is on these videos and films/photos. Why don’t you do something CONSTRUCTIVE like that?

  11. dconstrukt responds:

    @PhotoExpert -…. lol… no no no… you have it all wrong…lol… sasquash posted above… he’s CONVINCED it’s really showing a bigfoot.

  12. dconstrukt responds:

    @ sasquatch – the jabronie thing is tongue and cheek… in all seriousness… if you’re an animator and film maker work with human bodies… then my friend, you either are horrible at it or you’re in DIRE need of an eye exam.

    I’m not an animator… i’m a trained graphic designer.

    go pull up a film of the PG film.

    since thats the “holy grail”… we must use that as what a bigfoot SHOULD look like, and walk like.

    There’s no way on this planet you can for one second tell me with a straight face that pg patty and the people walking in this video both look and walk the same…

    not possible.

  13. sasquatch responds:

    Dkonstrukt, So, I guess you don’t REALLY read the posts do you?
    Neither you or “Photo “Expert” have taken the gait of the closest figure into consideration apparently (And this is not even mentioned by Thinker Thunker either…?Why not?)and THIS is the #1 reason I am not sure these are people. The gait is very Patty. I don’t see a hat….tell me the frame or second mark. #. I do see a smallish head, with a point at the back/top and what could be a protruding brow….Sure these COULD be hunters of the human variety but I’m not such a coward to dare to see something else when it is there…if you’ll look. Of course pixelation and poor quality can force you to make assumptions about what is actually there but, Why always assume in the negative? You guys are a treasure. I LOL at your posts as well. Now I’m gonna watch some footage of hunters in camo and see if I’ve missed something…

  14. hoodoorocket responds:

    @ photoexpert: Thank you! I have struggled for a long time trying to figure out thinkerthunker. I just didn’t get him. Sometimes he seems to try hard, and some times he seems tongue and cheek, but always he sees bigfoot. Duh! Click counts! (smacks forehead)

    @ Dconstrukt: “You’re not wrong, Walter, you’re just an asshole”, lol. I used to find your use of the word “jabronie” annoying (mostly because you probably think of it as a WWF term and not a 1920s immigrant term), but it’s become an endearing trait of yours that I look forward to. I like to imagine it’s because you are an ardent fan of both WWF and My Little Pony, lol.

    I am a firm believer of calling a spade a spade. It doesn’t win me a lot of friends. I also believe that sometimes being right is not always as important as getting along. Sometimes I wish there was the online equivalent of bong hits or bourbon shots or group hugs or something. If that were the case we could see our common interests even when we have completely opposite points of view.

    In that spirit I have had several (many) shots of very cheap scotch, toasting to the good health of all who have posted here. And I would just like to add that, if, after much study and careful observation you feel that the subjects depicted are not human, then YOU’RE CRAZY!!! I mean just look at it! It’s two guys about to park their keisters in the cold mud for 4 hours.

    Seriously, to Sir Wilhelm and sasquatch and anybody else, stick to your guns and express your opinions. We may disagree today, but tomorrow we’ll be on the same page about something else. What seems like an attack is just differing opinions that had no bringing up. Be prepared to roughhouse, but don’t go away mad. We do actually respect the posters here, but those of us raised in a bunkhouse like the rassle as a form of hello.

  15. sasquatch responds:

    O.K. I just went and watched several deer hunting videos…almost all deer and very little in the way of people walking to or from hunting….One thing that WAS prevalent was orange. Hats, vests etc. Now once someone is in their blind or tree stand etc…they cover up, but when walking in woods during hunting season…orange is the choice for the well dressed hunter. Where is the orange on these two Jabonies? Jabronies. For that matter; where are their back packs and weapons?

  16. dconstrukt responds:

    @ sasquash… lol… sorry dude… i can’t even believe we’re having this conversation…. it doesn’t look REMOTELY similar… not on this planet…

    or any other planet.

    And if a video can’t stand on it’s OWN… and needs/requires a guy (who has BIAS) pointing out what HE wants to see…

    that video is also junk.

    in court… do videos require a narrator?

    is the narrator biased?

    the evidence stands on it’s own.

    this doesn’t.

    its junk.

    it follows the same stupid hoax format 99.999% of these garbage videos follow.

    they’re all doing the same thing.

    sorry you’re too naive to see it… or want to believe so badly, you cast aside any form of reason and common sense.

  17. hoodoorocket responds:

    @ sasquatch: There are two common scenarios where hunters do not wear orange. Many landowners do not wear orange while hunting on their posted private land (this may not be legal in all states, but is still a common, albeit unwise, practice). The second instance is that many states grant an exception to the orange laws specifically for turkey season.

    If the older guy is a bigfoot carrying a deer, then it must be just the pelt, because it does not look or move like a carcass which has very limited ranges of movement. Carrying a carcass would be like carrying a 150 pound hot dog, not like carrying a blanket. Why would a bigfoot carry a pelt and leave behind the edible part of the deer? To keep his butt dry whilst turkey hunting maybe…

    The only evidence of a deer was that we are told it is a deer. There is no visual evidence to support this, indicating we are being mislead.

    The video quality isn’t that great, but if you watch the larger figure you can see video artifacts that suggest something poking up behind his left shoulder as he walks, most likely his bow. In fact, when he reaches the tree, just before the film stops, it appears he unslings it from his shoulder.

    Other things we can infer from the crappy video is that the lead guy has a dark hat and a lighter jacket, he is carrying something floppy like a tarp, which would make sense because it looks wet there, and the way the tarp is carried it is most likely draped over his quiver (I would guess that the tarp also covers the obligatory soft cooler filled with 4 or 5 sammiches, a coffee thermos, a pint of bourbon, pack of ciggies, and an ancient gameboy relegated solely for hunting).

    I’ve laid out what I see in the video. I am not asking you to believe these are humans, I am just laying out why I think they are.

    In return, I am asking you to support your view with arguments or logic that will show the steps that led you to your conclusion. If it holds water, then others should be able to arrive at the same conclusion if they were to follow your steps. This would be a better way to proceed than to engage in name-calling with people who enjoy it way more than your do.


  18. hoodoorocket responds:

    … and I watched some of the TinkerThunker analysis at work (without sound) this morning. Yikes, it’s like the guy just isn’t trying anymore. Slap some lines and arrows on a blob, throw in existing stuff he he has in a folder for padding. I’m pretty sure he put filters on the original footage to make it look worse instead of better. It’s a real low point for this guy. I think even if he now has a day job it still wouldn’t excuse this stinker of an exercise.

  19. hoodoorocket responds:

    Apparently I’m bored at work this morning. I watched the footage again this time looking at the younger guy. What he is carrying looks very much like a rigid bow case .

    That being the case dad is probably carrying a similar case with his tarp and his quiver is bobbing up and down at his left shoulder. We’ll never know for sure until they come back to the car.

  20. sasquatch responds:

    Hoodrocket, appreciate your observations…I’m not a hunter so, don’t know all the rules and variations…but, I did point out (to dkonstrukt) the frames or actually- second marks that made me think this looked like “Patty”- they are from 24-29…these show the huge deep knee bend-and angle that is in the Patty video. I’m looking mostly at the legs-this is what gives me pause…The bulkyness in the upper body CAN be made by jackets etc…but, The arms do look longish to me. The uniform coloaration?…..and the lighter area around the midsecton (which can give the appearance of a coat bottom-especiallly with squared off pixelation of a cell phones bad resolution) is very much like Patty and gorillas. As far as the drooping deer or blanket?…well from what I see the object is mostly blocked by the figure, and what COULD be the head and neck drooping at times…the figure pivots and sort of 1/2 moons us when it puts THIS object down, THEN appears to lay something smaller down in front of “it”(?) before picking up or having the possible small one climb up on it….the video ends abruptly so I can’t tell if it’s a baby or the guy(?) is putting on another layer of clothing. It’s a very interesting video and a great test case for us all to try to decipher what we’re seeing and how we interpret…Anyway, hopefully in the future these low rez. “camera’s will be a thing of the past and even a tiny camera will at least have Go-Pro resolution; debate will cease for the most point if and when this occurs.

  21. hoodoorocket responds:

    @ sasquatch, well-spoken. Thanks for the reply. It’s blurry enough to be debatable, notice you cannot even discern any tree limbs at that resolution, so obviously no fine details are shown.

    For me it looks like hunters, for you there is uncertainty. If one of us wins this round of the contest we’ll split the million dollars down the middle.

  22. dconstrukt responds:

    @ hoodoorocket + sasquash… no no no… no splitting anything… lol… you jabronies are taking the money… and buying us all beers 🙂

  23. PhotoExpert responds:

    @dconstrukt–Don’t drag me into this quarrel. LOL No, you can! Feel free! I do not mind because I agree with you. I find it almost incredulous that “sasquatch” thinks there is any validity of the subjects in this video being Bigfoots. I am with you on that. And I do not think sasquatch is use to your humor yet. I know hoodoorocket gets it and I get it. But newbies here sometimes think you are calling them out when you are not. Your tongue in cheek humor is misconstrued by some. But many others do get you.

    @sasquatch–Whoa sasquatch! Don’t get your panties in a bunch. Actually, I did take a look at the gait. I also took a look at ThinkerThunker’s ratio theory when he has posted here previously. I have addressed those theories and posts and have explained why his photo and video evidence can not be upheld as tangible evidence. And I explained that scientifically in laymen’s terms. You must have missed those classes, I mean “posts” by me. But since you were late to class, I already addressed these things previously. That is why I ignored them here in this thread and only mentioned how ThinkerThunker was already proven incorrect. So please, before making statements about me, ignoring the gait, get your facts straight. I’ll let you slide this time since you might be a newbie or missed my previous explanations. Plus, your intentions seem benign. You seem like a good egg. Not fully informed and perhaps a little naive, but a good egg nonetheless! Also, there are many more blatant and obvious things that can be realized by watching this video before even going to the point of analyzing gait issues. Those red flags stop me from even going to the “gait” analysis. Say I was given a photograph with winged “fairies” in the photograph. When I am analyzing a photograph for signs of digital manipulation, I do not need to see the eye color of the fairies to know they are fake. I stop right there if I can see they are a cut and paste. No need to look further. Same with this video. No need to analyze the gait because of the other blaring red flags. Got it?

    @hoodoorocket–Great to see you posting! Seriously, I wondered where you were. And you are welcome! No need to say “duh” or tap your head. You were on point. I just beat you to the verbalization of your thoughts with my posts. I suspected the “click counts” thing after researching ThinkerThunker several weeks ago. I saw his website, the selling of merchandise, and his calling to check out his videos. So we both saw the same thing and thought it was a bit odd. I felt the same way as you. He even had one video analyzed properly and I agreed with him, saying, “Even a broken clock is right twice a day”. And that hell must have frozen over because I agreed with ThinkerThunker. But I still had that uneasy feeling and began researching him a bit. I called him out a couple of posts ago and lo and behold! He comes here with this video analysis and confirms my suspicions with clicks for money as he boldly states, “That’s how I get paid”! Hmm, I hate being right almost every single time. It makes me feel so prophetic. LOL Good seeing you around Cryptomundo and I am appreciating your posts!!!

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