Al Hodgson Interview, Rip Lyttle’s Bigfoot Class, Tour of Willow Creek, and More

Posted by: Steven Streufert on July 23rd, 2011

Bigfoot’s bLog has been taking some time off from blogging, and having some fun on YouTube.

Check out the new page at BigfootBooks’s Channel. New videos and audio talks will be forthcoming on a regular basis.

Features include a full two and a quarter hours of an interview with Al Hodgson of Willow Creek. Al was the go-to Bigfoot guy in town when Roger Patterson started coming around. It was his phone call that brought Roger and Bob Gimlin down to Bluff Creek, eventually resulting in the filming of the famed PGF.

Also featured and now in its first installment  is a university-level class on the Pacific Northwest Bigfoot, conducted in the early 1990s by Rip Lyttle. Participating in this class were Larry Lund, Peter Byrne, Ray Crowe, and many others. The first segment now up includes the start of Jim Hewkin’s talk.

Another bit of fun is our two-part Bigfoot Walking Tour of Willow Creek, wherein one may stroll from one end of this Sasquatch-infested town to the other, and view some of the iconography, kitsch and cryptic history of the little hamlet where “Bigfoot” was born as a cultural icon.

Audio recordings from the recent Oregon Sasquatch Symposium are in production, featuring photos from the event. Now up is a talk by Cliff Barackman on his latest adventures as one of the stars of Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot series.

One may also view all of our Bluff Creek Film Site Project videos by clicking “Favorites, See All.” Warning: there are 45 of these, and more are on their way.

Start here:

Al Hodgson Interview

Cliff Barackman at OSS

Bigfoot Walking Tour of Willow Creek

Jim Hewkin at Rip Lyttle’s Bigfoot University, Part One

“He’s a monster, he’ll eat anything, alive, dead, fresh, rotten…. He’s a survivor… mobile, quick, fast, and strong…. Anybody who sees a slow Sasquatch is not in the ball park…. He’s got no limits, climbs any mountain, swims any river. He’s got no barriers…. Not an endangered species, that’s us…. He can pull down big game on the run or by stealth, like a cougar…. He can lay down a light track or spring like a deer…. Has a lot of humor, yet restraint…. Rocks cars and cabins, but lets folks go…. We agonize, he couldn’t care less…. An opportunist at the top of the food chain, in great shape–he’s got it made! Adapted to cutover lands, lives a good rugged existence…. He’s got no need for wages, lives off the fat of the land, and pays no taxes!”-Jim Hewkin, retired fish and game professional from Oregon, quoted in:
Pyle, Robert Michael. Where Bigfoot Walks: Crossing the Dark Divide

As always, read more at:

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