August 8, 2014

Bipedal Bear = Bigfoot?

An interesting video is making the rounds of a bear walking bipedally.

Some skeptics (cough, cough, Sharon Hill) want to believe that this is a more plausible explanation for Bigfoot sightings than an “unknown human-like primate.” (Yeah, right).

Amazing. You can see it struggle on all fours and then adopt a two-footed gait. Therefore, a vertical walking bear is more plausible explanation than an unknown human-like primate to explain possible sightings of “Bigfoot”.Doubtful News

Dr. Jeff Meldrum addresses the differences between the two:

That bipedal bear video, …is a great opportunity to put this figure from my Sasquatch Field Guide to use. Can you distinguish the field marks that should be the basis of your identification?


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