Bureau of Land Management and Bigfoot

The BLM does not necessarily believe in the existence of Bigfoot. However, if you’re looking for proof you might try one of the outstanding BLM recreation sites spread throughout Oregon and Washington.BLM Oregon

And what does Matt Moneymaker think of this video?

BLM Moneymaker

BLM Moneymaker

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  1. Well, it’s something of a sea change to even see something like this at all.

    I mean, it certainly appears to be sanctioned by the BLM. And as an agency managing a lot of, well, resources, they might have a considerable management headache on their hands were something like this confirmed.

    This isn’t unprecedented. The Army Corps of Engineers included the sasquatch rather prominently in its Environmental Atlas for Washington state. And wouldn’t THEY have a headach were something like this confirmed.

    A good treatment of this issue – focusing on the Forest Service, talking about headaches – is in Robert Michael Pyle’s book “Where Bigfoot Walks: Crossing the Dark Divide.” It’s 1990s, but the headache quotient has probably only increased since then.

    I’m starting to lean toward those who are hoping confirmation never happens. Not sure why.

  2. The bigfoot in the video is fairly obviously a guy in a suit. You can see how it hangs on him and in one shot you can see the line between the suit and the head.

  3. @Ragnar – OF COURSE it looks like a guy in a suit . This should be required viewing for anyone who says The Patterson footage is obviously a guy in a suit, so they can see what a guy in a suit actually looks like.

  4. I don’t think the BLM intended the very-obviously-guy-in-suit to fool anybody. There’s a weetad of open-minded tongue in cheek about the whole thing.