Igor Bourtsev on the Russian Bigfoot Expedition

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on October 13th, 2010

I asked Igor Bourtsev to contribute to Cryptomundo some input regarding his recent expedition.

News of the expedition has been covered here on Cryptomundo at:

New Russian Scientific Bigfoot Expedition


Update: New Russian Scientific Bigfoot Expedition

Cryptomundian RandyS commented thusly:

The problem with reports like these is that whatever was actually said has been filtered through a reporter, presumably an editor, and a translator, each with their own opinions, goals, and subjective takes on what is being reported.

No proof is offered on any of the “facts” being reported — the war with bears, local inhabitants being in telepathic contact with the “yetis,” etc. There’s no way to assess the validity of anything in this report.

Igor Bourtsev responds:

RandyS, you are right!

I never told about war between bears and homins!

A dishonest journalist has made “my words” up! He even did not speak to me, though he was in the same group where I was.

But all other things written in this report is true – the report is combined fron the info of two journalist. A part about bears made by a liar from Kemerovo city, but another part – bigger one – made by an honest female journalist from Novosibirsk city, she spoke to me for a long time and her report was correct.

Igor also added:

On the contrary, in that region in this Summer there were too many bears and almost no homins (I call them adjacent men), and bears bothered local habitants coming close to their houses, especially those of them who live in small villages or even in forest cabins. Probably bears came from Altai Mnts, there were really many broad fires, even some villsges were burned.

As to homins I could not find fresh made markers in that local place (the Karatag Mnt), where I found a lot of fresh markers in previous summer. May be because the water springs there were dryed.

Though some signs of their presence there I found, like beds in grass, but no footprints of bears or elks around.

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