September 25, 2012

Camper Films Sasquatch With iPhone

From Facebook Find Bigfoot:

** New Bigfoot Video In 1080p** (#9 of 79) “Camper films Sasquatch with iPhone” Uploaded 9/13/12, FB/FB saw it with just 6 views. Anonymous camper hears activity and pulls out his Iphone and films something behind a tree from within his tent.

Confirms on Huge Nocturnal eyes, tree hiding/peeking, Heavy Brow Ridge, Coned Head, sloping forehead, Gorilla-like shoulders with human-shaped face and nose, Long upper lip. Many features of archaic humans. This is a preliminary analysis. Will evnetually be released in color.Facebook Find Bigfoot

Still of video, depicting the alleged creature (on right) looking at the tent. Click on image for larger version,
Still courtesy of Steve Kulls.

A new video for the Cryptomundians to peruse, cuss and discuss…


HD version of video

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