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Christopher Noël: Confident There is a Body

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on May 4th, 2013

Christopher Noël posted the following reasons he is still confident Rick Dyer is telling the truth to Facebook this morning:

The Telltale Pinky: Just Three of Many Reasons I am Still Confident that Rick Dyer is Telling the Truth

1) Back in September, Rick told FB/FB the whole story, but swore them to secrecy. To their credit, they kept the information in the vault. Three months later, Robert Lindsay leaked the story of the killing, and only then did Rick speak of it publicly. This is not at all the profile of someone pushing a hoax. Rick had made an agreement with Minnow Films not to reveal what happened that night in San Antonio, and he was sticking to it, but once the information was out, he confirmed it.

2) Morgan Matthews and Minnow Films have now had five months to come forward and deny Rick’s version of events, which they have consistently failed to do, even now, in the wake of the documentary premiere. If Rick’s story were a hoax, Matthews and Minnow would be making themselves complicit with their recent and current behavior, a choice that would have a devastating impact upon their professional credibility and their standing in the film industry going forward. I do not side with those who believe that participating in some grand hoax, merely in order to shame and ridicule the Bigfoot research community, would be a profitable approach. As they well know, the truth will inevitably emerge (and probably quite soon), and if Matthews and Minnow were to turn out to have been complicit in such a hoax, their product would instantly become irrelevant and widely dismissed, because it would have failed to use this trick in any meaningful way within the film itself and would be rightly seen as just manipulating and belittling its audience in addition to mocking its documentary subjects.

3) At the end of Shooting Bigfoot, the director sits on a plane, headed back home to England, face still black and blue from his recent violent encounter in the woods. We hear his voice explaining that “a viewer could reasonably conclude that I was attacked by someone in a suit.” This is all that he is willing to say, leaving us to mull it over and anticipate the sequel. (If there were to be no sequel, why end the current release with such a coy and blatant dot dot dot?)

Between the end of filming in San Antonio and the Toronto premiere, Matthews had nearly eight months to carefully craft his project in the editing room; as an experienced filmmaker, he can be assumed to have made highly conscious choices, based on proven storytelling techniques.

Why choose the precise language he did–“a viewer could reasonably conclude…”–unless he plans to execute a worthy twist along the lines of: “But that viewer would be wrong!”? Even the most die-hard Dyer detractors cannot honestly propose that the sequel (or an expanded director’s cut) will pick up the dramatic thread like this: “And that viewer would be…CORRECT…ha ha! No surprise here at all, folks!”

Of course, this reason is not convincing all by itself. It is only one part of a larger mosaic of reasons I have found compelling during this lengthy saga. They come together, for me, to form a solid edifice.

About Craig Woolheater
Co-founder of Cryptomundo in 2005. I have appeared in or contributed to the following TV programs, documentaries and films: OLN's Mysterious Encounters: "Caddo Critter", Southern Fried Bigfoot, Travel Channel's Weird Travels: "Bigfoot", History Channel's MonsterQuest: "Swamp Stalker", The Wild Man of the Navidad Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries in America: Texas Terror - Lake Worth Monster.

19 Responses to “Christopher Noël: Confident There is a Body”

  1. James Soderquist via Facebook responds:

    It’s time to Put up or shut up.

  2. gridbug responds:

    If Dyer truly had a body, he could have gotten far more money and fame going through reputable channels than he EVER could by appearing in a dodgy low budget movie about it. That -and that alone- is all we need to know about the veracity of his claims.

    The only “squatch” Dyer has is between his ears. And THAT you can believe.

  3. Cryptidcrazy responds:

    I need to talk to Mr. Noel about some ocean front property I have in Arizona. He might be interested.

  4. Ian Lyon via Facebook responds:

    If it turns out to be true then it would be a truly sad occasion. How can any one justify killing what could possibly be an endangered species (if its true). If it is real, he should be sent to jail.

  5. Van Lightning via Facebook responds:

    My question is why are some in the BF community willing to put their credibility on the line for, Rick Dyer, a Hoaxer. Thats the thing that baffles me. CN’s reasons on why he’s confident that Dyer has a body arent reasons enough that i would put my rep on the line. Some people are fantastic liars. example: I remember there was this guy in high school who always told tall tales. No one believed him. everyone would call him out on his BS. One time he claimed he caught a 4 foot tall bullfrog and he had it in his back yard. People said he was full of it. He would not back down. he even invited people to his house to see it. guess what. NO 4FT Tall Bull Frog. He said it escaped right before people got there. Liars will go to the end lying. even when they get caught they will not back down. My advice to everyone in the BF community is to back away from Dyer until he shows absolute proof that he has a body. until then he should be treated as a Hoaxer.

  6. Luke Clinton Gallagher via Facebook responds:

    *rolls eyes* If he killed a Bigfoot and has his body, he should not be put in a jail or any such institution. We know that there are only two ways to know for sure if Bigfoot is real: find him alive or find him dead. If alive, he would need to be captured or stunned. If dead, he would have to be killed. And as far as I know, the last attempt to catch a live Sasquatch was a metal box in the woods with meat inside. The only time we could put Dyer in jail is if he hoaxed people about the whole thing and if we have concrete evidence to prove our claims about a hoax. And it may be that that is the truth: but I, in the end, cannot start throwing stones at Rick Dyer. If he’s honest about the death threats and such things, I’m much more scared of the community at large than one man who as of recently has decided to leave it.

  7. DWA responds:

    Come on Chris. There’s critical thinking, and then there’s keeping the publicity pot boiling. You have a body, you show the body.

    No, I’m right.

  8. Ian Lyon via Facebook responds:

    I disagree he should be jailed, you can roll your eyes as much as you like but you can’t change my opinion. Why kill it why trap it? If it’s real just leave the damn thing alone. If it’s territorial get someone who can actually use a camera and not some amateur wobble fest.

  9. Ian Lyon via Facebook responds:

    Many recent discoveries of animals have not had to have deaths to prove they exist.

  10. James Soderquist via Facebook responds:

    If said Bigfoot was shot in Texas, their no law to not hunt them. It’s open season on bigfoot.

  11. sasquatch responds:

    I’m sitting here wondering what I’d do if I had actually shot a bigfoot in the back of the head and had it’s body. I Know I wouldn’t wait 8 months to reveal it to the world…Unless…I was scared of what might happen to me via law enforcement-fish and wildlife dept. etc…But then again the story that presumably had eyewitnesses was that it attacked the camera man and the shooting was an act heroism protecting a fellow from a charging dangerous “animal”. So then the fear dissipates…so …why not reveal it while the critter is still fresh? BECAUSE; now we are faced with the prospect of another “Body” on ice…Yikes…I guess if you were a “Platinum member” you’d at least have the peace of mind that you wouldn’t be kicked out of Ricks group.
    I think Rick should be a promoter or manager for professional wrestling…I think he’s that funny-like the world is riveted to his self important proclamations about being attacked and maligned
    Well, when you align yourself with the Horsemen, the Undertaker, Rick Flair etc.. .What do you expect? Ooh, ooh, ooh,
    I just thought of it; THE BIGFOOT DIDN”T REALLY DIE! and now he’s taking on all comers in the WWE!-With Rick in his corner….
    Sorry, couldn’t help it.

  12. Goodfoot responds:

    Violent? No. Disagree? AND HOW.

  13. Ploughboy responds:

    Stop it….no really…… you’re KILLING ME…… I can’t stand it, I’m tellin’ ya, no more, NO MORE!!! . Seriously now. Stop. It.

  14. melissacabic responds:

    I would like to state my reasons why I think Rick Dyer DOESN’T have a dead Sasquatch. But first, I have to say that I have the utmost respect for Chris Noel. I have read all of his books and I think he is one of the most educated and meticulous researchers in this field. But, on this “dead bigfoot”, I must disagree.

    1. The people that live in the woods where Rick supposedly shot this bigfoot have stated on camera that it took 5 takes to do the shooting “scene”.

    2. These same homeless people stated that Morgan Matthews left the wooded area the morning after the shooting and that he “walked out” of there completely normal, not beat up or looking at all injured. And as a matter of fact, “he was loading 80 to 100 pound equipment boxes, just fine”.

    3. Rick is charging big bucks for people to become “Platinum Members” of his site. And ONLY paying members can get information.

    4. I do not believe that the greatest scientific discovery in the history of mankind, would be revealed to the world at a film festival.

    5. The people that live in the wooded area where this supposedly took place said, on camera, that Rick Dyer was shooting “blanks” the whole time he was there. They even found some of his shells (there were rifle and shotgun) and the shotgun shells they found, that had NOT been shot yet, were full of paper wadding, but NO BB’s.

    6. These same homeless people also stated, on camera, that the creature they have been interacting with was “way too smart to fall for ribs nailed to a tree”. And if Sasquatch are the intelligent creatures or “people” that a lot of researchers seem to think they are, I would have to agree.

    7. Rick Dyer already hoaxed the world in 2008. If he actually had a body, he would be DYING to show it to everybody, to clear his “good name”.

    8. As most researchers in this field have theorized, these creatures are almost never alone. If Rick Dyer had shot one, two more would have come out of the woods to pull his arms off.

    9. To the best of my knowledge, unlike Justin Smeja, Rick Dyer doesn’t have the balls to take a polygraph test. (Justin took THREE and passed all three with 100% NO DECEPTION)

    10. And although, I have many more, I will stop here….the BIGGEST reason I don’t believe Rick Dyer has a bigfoot body? I honestly believe that if Rick Dyer ever even SAW one of these creatures for real, he would piss his pants.

  15. cryptokellie responds:

    The person or persons who finally supply an actual Bigfoot will become global household names in a little more than 48 hrs…count on it. Anything else is…baloney.

  16. William responds:

    I know Dyer wasn’t legally guilty of fraud for his deceitful public act of lying that he had the body of a bigfoot on ice in 2008, when it was actually a costume. However, if he is now charging money for this second phony scam involving bigfoot, I think he may find himself in serious trouble with the law, not to mention lawsuits from victims of this promotion. As such, he better be saving up to rent a plane for a one way trip out of the country.

  17. dconstrukt responds:

    lol… like i said with the ‘wookie’ and DNA fiasco…

    when you have the real deal, when you have real evidence, you don’t resort to circus charades and dog/pony shows…

    you let the evidence speak for itself.

    and if you’ve got the good’s, the evidence WILL speak for itself.

    When you have this perspective, then filter any stories with it, you immediately see how these guys are all a bunch of clowns and deceitful.

  18. William responds:

    Also, if this “body” was missing a pinky, how do we not know it is just another lie randomly thrown in as an attempt to make his story sound more credible? I mean, in the freezer hoax, he had an elaborate story how they found the body out in some leaves, and then Biscardi actually was photographed showing its mouth and tongue, all the while knowing full well this was simply a hoax. What makes him now fully credible? A leopard doesn’t’ change his spots. Sorry.

  19. NMRNG responds:

    Remember back in high school how the debate club/team usually had relatively evenly matched positions for the competitors to argue, but sometimes would have a debate with a strong position and a weak position? Christopher Noel’s arguments here remind me of the sort of arguments that an average high school debate competitor would scrounge up to argue the weaker side of the debate – barely articulable arguments.

    What does Rick Dyer want more than anything else in the world?

    a) Attention and fame; and

    b) Money.

    Given his participation in the 2008 Georgia bigfoot-in-a-freezer hoax and everything else we know about him, Dyer is not a bright man.

    When’s the last time you’ve heard of a dull-witted, greedy, attention-monger being patient to become rich and famous, waiting first 8 months, then nearly a year before his big payout comes? How about never.

    There is absolutely no reason on earth that if Dyer had killed a sasquatch and had its body, that he would have waited even 8 days, let alone 8 months, to cash in on the instant fame he would have acquired and he could have started a bidding war well into the millions of dollars for the body.

    There is no reason on earth for Minnow Films to keep secret and not to reveal footage of Dyer actually shooting a sasquatch and quality close up video of the body afterwards if such a thing had occurred. If they had such footage, they’d cash in on it now, not wait for a sequel (since when do documentary filmmakers do sequels, anyway?). Even filmmakers who are doing it for the art and science of it want their films viewed – they want to put butts in cinema seats and sell DVDs. A documentary about a bigfoot hunter that is the first absolute, definitive, undisputed proof of the existence of sasquatch would sell, literally, 1,000 times as many tickets and DVDs as a mocking documentary about some obsessed bigfoot nuts. Plus, the definitive proof of sasquatch would, short of a major war breaking out or a terrorist attack on the scale of 9/11, become the major news story for at least a week, probably two weeks. Every single media source would need to pay a licensing fee to Minnow to show the footage of the sasquatch – that would be millions of dollars of revenue to a tiny film studio.

    There is nothing inconsistent with Minnow failing to correct Dyer’s claims if he indeed is pulling another hoax. Why would they care? Shooting Bigfoot is about people obsessed with bigfoot. Whether or not the subjects are real sasquatch researchers or are merely hoaxers, they are still bigfoot nuts and part of the tale. Matthews is playing coy to try to get more people to see the film and buy the DVD, plain and simple.

    There is absolutely no credible reason for either Dyer or Minnow to string things along if there was a real dead bigfoot. If Dyer had a real sasquatch body, we’d have seen photos and videos of it back in September.

    Let’s not forget that Chris Noel believes that one of his bigfoot habituator friends “No-Bite,” a little old catlady hermit in Texas, has a bigfoot pal with whom she speaks telepathically. According to “No-Bite,” her squatch friend has said she is 30 years old and describes the ages of some juvenile sasquatches as being about 8 years of age (if I recall correctly the exact number he gave in Sasquatch Rising 2013). Within the past century there have been tribes of human beings on our planet living in remote locations under literally a Stone Age subsistence level of sophistication who could not count to 30. Yet this sasquatch can?

    Christopher Noel is so desperate to have others share his views about sasquatch that he’ll believe literally any nonsense that any wacko throws out there on the topic. As a former college faculty member, he really seems too intelligent to be taken in by all of the ridiculous stories people concoct on this subject, yet he has fallen hook, line and sinker for Rick Dyer’s latest hoax. There seems to be no story concerning bigfoot too implausible for Noel to believe. That is a sad thing. I’m not sure if it is possible, once someone has fallen off the proverbial “deep end,” to re-acquire common sense, but I hope that Chris is able to ground himself a little better than he currently has about this present Dyer hoax.

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