July 6, 2011

Crushing Cryptid Dreams

What would you do if your child(ren) believed in cryptids?

Several of my friends are trying to foster childhood beliefs in cryptids.

Mike Esordi & Diana Smith of the Believe It Tour:

Why as children are we so open to believe what as adults we are taught to reject?

Focus Areas: Paranormal, Cryptozoology, Extraterrestrial, Monsters, and Folklore.

Our Vision: To strengthen our childhood beliefs—to think beyond the reality of what we see.

Our Mission: To create a forum for believers in the five focus areas, to share their experiences and interact with one another, to encourage and revive childhood beliefs, and to build a community for all to participate from amateur to expert.

Jesse Den Herder’s Mysterious Creatures™ is a new design project comprised of an eclectic collection of multi-cultural, iconic, colorful and legendary graphical characters…

And then there’s folks like this blogger:

Things I forgot to teach my child

By Brittany Wallman

When you have two kids and a full-time job, it’s easy to forget to tell your child that Bigfoot doesn’t really exist.

Our daughter is 9. We spend a lot of time parenting her brother, the teenager, because he presents one parenting quandry after another.

We sort of assume that she will learn in school a lot of the basics, like the fact that the earth is not flat and the moon is not made of cheese. And we’re teaching her the big moral issues, the character issues.

Who was supposed to teach her about Sasquatch?

A Bigfoot-watching show was on TV last night, and that’s when we found out that Lily is a believer. My husband called me in to the living room to tell me. And Lily said, “No, I don’t think. I know!”

I’m going to have to sit down with her and chat. It might be too late to tell her that UFOs aren’t real, emails from Nigeria should be ignored and there never was a babysitter who got a call from a man who said “I’m calling from inside the house.”

What else have I forgotten to tell her, I wonder!

Hey Brittany, you better make sure she doesn’t believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy too!

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