Death by Beaver

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on April 20th, 2013

Man tries to take photo of beaver; it kills him

A fisherman in Belarus was bitten to death by a beaver, and all he was doing was trying to take its picture, Sky News reports. The man spotted the beaver while fishing with friends at Lake Shestakov, but as he approached to take a photograph, the beaver bit him on the thigh. The animal managed to sever an artery, and his friends couldn’t stop the blood flow.

Sky News helpfully reminds us that beavers can, of course, bite through trees. Beaver attacks are rare, though, and when they do occur, rabid beavers are generally to blame (as in the 2012 attack in upstate New York). But just this week, a video was posted on YouTube showing a beaver going after a Russian man, reports the Telegraph, and two girls were seriously injured after being mauled by a beaver in Virginia last year.

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2 Responses to “Death by Beaver”

  1. Cryptidcrazy responds:

    Beavers are not creatures to be messed with. I know hand fishermen say that beavers are the absolute last animal, they want to accidentally grab onto. They have been known to sever fingers clean off, with their powerful teeth. I could see a rabid one attacking someone to the point of serious injury or death under the right circumstances. Certain types of beavers can reach over 100 lbs.

  2. cryptokellie responds:

    To anyone feeling incredulous about this item…Google “Beaver Skull” and all will be made clear.

    Did the “victim” forget that beavers gnaw down trees with their teeth?

    Luckily it was only a beaver and not a bear which might have eaten him as well. My condolences to his family.

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