April 23, 2014

Do Lake Monsters Really Exist?

The controversy over the alleged Loch Ness Monster satellite photo, has prompted me to write my own thoughts on the nature of these creatures.

For me, that picture does at first seem interesting. Could it be a shark, or even the legendary monster itself? However, upon closer inspection, in my opinion, clearly proves it to be nothing more than a boat, and the wake that surrounds it. For example, the excellent analysis done by Sebastian Wang shows the integrity of the core boast shape within it.

Does this mean that I, as a consequence, dismiss the existence of these creatures?

In 1999, I was part of a team that investigated “Selma” the Seljord Serpent, which is Norway’s Nessie.

I saw the creature. Dark in appearance, it undulated through the water as it moved. Later, it reminded me of the woodcuts I had seen of it, which showed clear barbs on its back. It was a remarkable experience.

Most significantly though, one of the team members used a hydrophone to monitor the sound emissions made in the lake. For me, this is a superior form of analysis. A picture can be misinterpreted, and sonar will often only show you that a large object is moving through the water, it will not help you accurately determine what that object is.

On analysis of the recordings made, the Marine Research Institute in Bergen said “I am astonished to conclude they came from an unknown species”.

Had this conclusion been drawn about Selma’s more famous cousin Nessie, I am in little doubt it would have made international news.

I have been to Loch Ness. It is a fascinating place, and I would also like to go to Loch Morar and study the creature said to inhabit its depths.

For me, no Pleisosaurs inhabit their depths. I cannot see how their eco systems could sustain the breeding requirements of such large animals.

Lake “Monsters” do exist though, I am certain of it.

About Adam Davies
I am an explorer, adventurer, and a cryptozoologist. I've traveled to some of the most remote and dangerous parts of the world in search yet-to-be-discovered animal species. From the dense jungles of the Congo and Sumatra, to the deserts of Mongolia, and the mountains of Nepal, I have traveled the world in search of scientific evidence of the existence of these creatures.

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