May 4, 2015

Do Sasquatch Speak?

From Jim Sherman of the BFRO:

I have hesitated to put this one out there. For years I thought that what I had been recording was people. More recently I have taken reports by individuals who describe similar sounds that have happened during possible Sasquatch activity. This made me go back and give some of these sounds a re-listen. I was most interested in hearing if there were any indicators of human activity before or after the vocals were recorded. For instance, I listened for a car engine, people laughing, or anything that would point to a person first. I got rid of those. Then I limited the search to areas of the woods where people were less likely to be (trespassing in gun territory). While this audio was not connected with an eye witness sighting it is still interesting. The most likely culprit is still a strange person with little regard for their own personal safety. But if others have heard something similar and can help eliminate misidentifying a known vocal or a hoax, maybe it is of value. Enjoy.

Is it possible to have recorded a Sasquatch trying to communicate? I always thought I had recorded people in the woods speaking weirdly but now I am not so certain. Recorded in central Michigan using a remote recorder.

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