May 9, 2014

Dr. John Bindernagel: Sasquatch Illustrated Lecture

This is a good talk by John Bindernagel on Bigfoot. It is in three sections. The first is on the eyewitness drawings of Bigfoot, the second part is on the footprints and the third covers skepticism and scientific aversion.

Bigfoot Biologist

Part 1 of a 3 part series. Dr. John Bindernagel, a professional wildlife biologist, uses a series of eyewitness drawings based on sasquatch observations to illustrate consistently-observed anatomical features of the sasquatch. These illustrate the differing appearance of adult males, adult females, and young adults or subadults.

Dr. John Bindernagel, a professional wildlife biologist, uses a series of photographs and casts of sasquatch tracks to illustrate a number of unique features of the sasquatch foot. He also uses photographs of lines of sasquatch tracks in snow to illustrate several unique aspects of the sasquatch gait. Crudely-fabricated “sasquatch feet,” widely-accepted as an explanation for actual sasquatch tracks, are illustrated. The inhibiting effect of such hoaxes on serious sasquatch research is acknowledged.

Credits for slides used in Part 2 of Sasquatch illustrated lecture. (Names in parentheses provided or assisted with providing images)

Anonymous deer hunter
Associated press (AP Images)
Penny Dewar (and Joe Ziner)
Joe Dunn (and John Green)
Bob France (and Eric Altman)
Alex Hearn
Denis Herryford (and Rick Noll)
Don Keating
Jeff Meldrum
Dave Rubert (and Rick Noll)
Bob Titmus (and John Green)

Dr. John Bindernagel, a professional wildlife biologist, uses a series of colorful graphs to explain why evidence for the sasquatch as an extant North American mammal has been largely ignored or dismissed by his scientific colleagues, and why the subject has been treated as scientifically taboo. He explains why his recent interest regarding the “mystery” of the sasquatch is not whether or not it exists (he is convinced it does, based on the available evidence) but why relevant scientists are unwilling to scrutinize this evidence. His colorful graphs and concise quotes illustrate some of the obstacles confronting a scientist attempting to attract the attention of his or her scientific colleagues and peers to what is largely perceived as a far-fetched discovery claim. He explains why the prolonged discovery process regarding the discovery of the North American sasquatch provides a fascinating look into the philosophy of science, a discipline which may sound boring but which can be very exciting as a long-resisted scientific discovery, such as the sasquatch, continues to unfold.

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