Dyer Admits Hoax?

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on March 28th, 2014

From Facebook:

This is just a clay model left and the finished product right.

I added blue and white! The crazy part a real medical DR verified it .

it’s clay 100%

Official Statement

From this moment own I will speak the truth! No more lies, tall tales or wild goose chases to mess with the haters! No more longing into my hater acct to heat the pot. All the so called info the haters received came from either me or a team members that I directed . True or not we just wanted people to talk eg.Prop maker, Addresses, People involved. It was crazy just for the attention!

The people on my tour knew everything from day one, They just didn’t expect me to ever come clean, They thought they could say anything they wanted and I couldn’t respond without giving my self up!..

I’ve learned from past mistakes and I knew not to put to much trust in people. I found out quick I couldn’t trust my house guest. I had a baby monitor in there room the whole time. It was funny to me that they kept telling on each other to me, leaving out what they said of corse. It was a big game to me watching the greed and seeing what people would do and how far people would go for money!

We added it up last night here is what people made including Cash, meals and entertainment.

A. $11,668 + $260 bank he didn’t return , $600 Samsung S4, and $1435 for a 2 year contract Over $5000 in cash

L $6235 + $600 i phone and $1435 for a two year contract, Almost $4000 in cash

D $200 ticket and meals

C $250 ticket and meals

M.$800 cash and a plain ticket to and from Vegas

Coming clean about everything is necessary for a new start!

*Musky never saw the body, We stayed at hotel all night playing slots. He only wanted to mess with the Bigfoot community and I took advantage of that.

* The Body in the trailer is similar to the hight and size only of the real thing.

* Andrew acct was not hacked , he used one of my laptops and when I turned it on a conversation with Dale was on the screen. I read it and found out what was going on. Took about 300 screen shots and logged out. There is nothing to give back because I never had it.

* We all was expecting over 200k in Daytona ,when that didn’t happen ,People started trying cover there ass Andrew left when I was gone picking up the wife and kids from the airport and took the money from that day and turned his phone off. The only reason Andrew is making the false claims is to look good for and befriend the haters so they wont attack his side businesses.

* When we was in Spokane, WA , Andrew was the camera man and we filmed many different scenarios.

*Lynk knew before he came but to be fair he did say that, he would only agree if we would really go hunting for Bigfoot in hopes of trying to get one himself.

* Miniola TX was false, I saw nothing and played off a women’s obsession. I just wanted to make a movie!! and that I did. Lynk ,Andrew and Craig believed that something was out there….But it was just me shaking the bus and throwing stuff on the top of the bus…Can’t say what happened once I left but I gave them a Bigfoot experience minis the Bigfoot!

* Craig got off bus because ,he don’t finish anything, Lynk got off to kill a Bigfoot that wasn’t there. I tried to get them to stay but couldn’t.

* The tour was successful only because it opened peoples mind to Bigfoot and when it comes down to money Andrew made 20% $11,668 Plus Plus and Lynk made over 10 % $6235 Plus Plus.,,,,,,,,The kids and all my fans smiles would have been payment enough for me….

* My Fans I truly love you and I did shot and kill one Bigfoot on 09/06/2012 with Morgan Mathews.

* The Tent Video is 100% real and filmed with Morgan. FBFB has the Video complete with sound to prove that Morgan was with me!

*Not trying to be a smart ass , But when I said the haters made this happen and made me money that was the truth!

Controversy sales in a very big way.. It wasn’t Andrew that made the media come a monkey can make a phone call… it was the haters and I really thank them for that…

Everyone that went on my tour had less than $100 in the bank with nothing going for them, some didn’t even own a car.I made their life better, I never treated anyone bad, Im a joker , I play around thats just me….

Team Tracker will be reformed and Tim Fricke will still be president. We will continue with the second leg of the tour that is already booked. The side show will continue to inform people about Bigfoot..

I have made lots of people mad but 1000X more smile!

I can’t and won’t give you a date of anything to do with the real body because I don’t know.

*After the shot will be sent out on April 15th 2014.

*I’m working with a attorney that has donated his services for free.

The Future is bright for Team Tracker and thanks for the support! We are making history!

No one came to me with any problems at all when they was here in my face! It;s all done from behind a keyboard.

I will say I have so much junk and drama that I can show and tell you, screen shots emails ,and more! But i’m just not that way anymore…

That is the 100% truth guys!

Thanks and God Bless
Rick Dyer

About Craig Woolheater
Co-founder of Cryptomundo in 2005. I have appeared in or contributed to the following TV programs, documentaries and films: OLN's Mysterious Encounters: "Caddo Critter", Southern Fried Bigfoot, Travel Channel's Weird Travels: "Bigfoot", History Channel's MonsterQuest: "Swamp Stalker", The Wild Man of the Navidad, Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries in America: Texas Terror - Lake Worth Monster, Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot: Return to Boggy Creek and Beast of the Bayou.

24 Responses to “Dyer Admits Hoax?”

  1. Darren Bigelow via Facebook responds:

    too bad

  2. Amy Kimball via Facebook responds:


  3. Markell Gnadt via Facebook responds:

    Was there ever any doubt that this puke was lying? What a loser!!!

  4. Markell Gnadt via Facebook responds:

    Quit listening to his lies, he needs to be ignored!

  5. Chris Wiz via Facebook responds:

    NO WAY!!

  6. Jodi Patterson via Facebook responds:

    I dont see why anyone gives this guy the time of day. zero credibility.

  7. Tom Berges via Facebook responds:

    How can you think for a second this dude was legit? What the hell is Wong with you???

  8. William Craigens via Facebook responds:

    Whatever loser!!

  9. Cryptomundo via Facebook responds:

    Are you speaking to anyone in particular tom Tom Berges?

  10. gollumses responds:

    Dyer, you and your ilk push the boundaries of spirituality! HAHAHA

    May I recommend moving to the JFK Assassination Forums. I don’t think you could sell a sandwich to a staving bigfooter. The only thing that amazes me is that people want to find the big guy so bad that they were willing to give this douche a second chance.

    Like George Bush said: “Fool me once, shame on shame on you, fool me, you can’t get fooled again!” 😉

  11. Goodfoot responds:

    Don’t believe a word he says. Not even this.

  12. John Adams via Facebook responds:

    This guy just never stops and it’s amazing how so many continue to give him any attention at all. He’s Lucy, Bigfoot is the football and everyone else who keeps falling for sham after sham is Charlie Brown!

  13. Redrose999 responds:

    The man is no PT Barnum. Barnum had style, and class and he pulled off a gaff with brilliance. He also had a level of respect for the people he worked with in his field.

    Anyway, I’m with Goodfoot on this.

  14. plowboy1065 responds:

    Rick, you may want to try out a new computer program called spellcheck.

  15. silverity responds:

    How real is any taxidermied animal?

  16. etheral responds:

    If anyone believed this crap in the first place, this shouldn’t really make a difference…

  17. Lesley Cox responds:

    What a mess this is. Is Mr Dyer lying? Has he been lying all along? At this stage who knows – probably. As an outsider (as it were), all I can see are a lot of people getting very wound up about this no matter what side of the situation they choose to be on. I can understand people not believing Mr Dyer after the the last fiasco he was involved in but, from my point of view, whilst being initially curious, the best course of action was always going to be to ignore the situation until something more concrete was put forward. If Mr Dyer’s goal was to garner attention from the Bigfoot community, then he succeeded hugely; whether he has a dead Bigfoot or not.

  18. shmargin responds:

    I heard he’s doing this because most of his team is leaving again, and are coming out saying it’s all a hoax. So now he’s trying to clean up. He didn’t shoot a Bigfoot, he doesn’t have a body, this hoax is almost over, he’s just trying to milk it for everything he can.

  19. Goodfoot responds:

    plowboy1065: He’d have to be able to spell Spell Check first. And he thinks the public are the ‘yokels’.

  20. dconstrukt responds:

    guess i’m not the only one who thinks this whole thing is comical at best.

    giving these types of mentally ill people attention only furthers their cause.

    they see news, they continue the scamming and nonsense.

    giving people like this publicity on blogs, while you’d say “i’m just reporting the news”… the blame partially falls on your shoulders for helping this mentally ill man perpetuate is scams.

    if you don’t post about it, no one in the public will know about it.

    then this mentally ill man will have no one to fool.

    eventually he’ll disappear back into his cave and never be heard from again.

    but ya… if you even remotely think this guys stuff is real, you should contact your local mental health professional immediately and go in for testing. 🙂

  21. plowboy1065 responds:

    Wow, here I am calling out Dyer for his terrible spelling and I misspell in my post. I shall bow out gracefully

  22. cryptokellie responds:

    Here is the plain truth of this saga. If Mr. Dyer, or anyone else for that matter, had actually shot and killed a Bigfoot and had in their possession a real Bigfoot carcass, they would not be traveling the back waters of the southern states with a ridiculous pelt encased in a glass container, charging chump change for the uninformed and gullible. They would have presented the carcass to a scientific institution with great media fanfare and become a world-wide sensation in less than 24 hours, once said carcass was verified as being 100% legitimate. End of story. Sadly, this will not be the end of the Dyer saga.

  23. G. de La Hoya responds:

    Nice example that you are setting for your children, Mr. Dyer. Go back to a remedial English class and learn how to write properly.

  24. NMRNG responds:




    Are you out there buddy? Can you share with us how that crow tasted?

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