January 22, 2006

East Texas Mystery Animal Identified

KLTV Tyler Longview reports that the strange animal shot in Angelina County last week was a coyote or feral dpg with sarcoptic mange. Link to the original story reported here earlier in the week. I predicted then that it was a mangy coyote. I imagine that we will see lots of these stories claiming the animals are Chupacabras, it makes for a more sensational TV news story.

"This occurrence crops up from year to year , its not common but it does, its either a coyote or a feral dog or occasionally it could be a feral dog-coyote hybrid with sarcoptic mange, a disease" he says.

Researchers have even caught glimpses of hairless coyotes on motion sensor cameras used documenting wildlife. But others are not convinced, thinking it to be the mythical "Chupacabra" a bloodthirsty predator of Mexican lore. Hundreds have called and e-mailed with their own explanations of what the animals is, calling it a "New Jersey devil", a kangaroo dog, even an ancient sphinx.

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