Falcon Project Update

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on September 9th, 2014


News from Dr. Jeff Meldrum:

Did I mention, we have a benefactor now who has pledged ~$250K in material, including not one, but three airship envelopes. They are not the Aurora, but with some retrofitting will fulfill our purposes, but we have already started discussions with engineers who tell us that is very doable. As these and further prospects are realized, we hope to be in the air sometime next year.

~ Dr. Jeff Meldrum

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About Craig Woolheater
Co-founder of Cryptomundo in 2005. I have appeared in or contributed to the following TV programs, documentaries and films: OLN's Mysterious Encounters: "Caddo Critter", Southern Fried Bigfoot, Travel Channel's Weird Travels: "Bigfoot", History Channel's MonsterQuest: "Swamp Stalker", The Wild Man of the Navidad, Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries in America: Texas Terror - Lake Worth Monster, Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot: Return to Boggy Creek and Beast of the Bayou.

3 Responses to “Falcon Project Update”

  1. springheeledjack responds:

    Cool. It’s got a shot at coming up with something…I’m curious to see how it works out.

  2. DWA responds:

    Meldrum, moving ahead on all fronts. From field guide to Falcon to a class at his university.

    And the walls come a tumblin’ down…

  3. BrungerB responds:

    It is encouraging to see that this project is moving forward.

    As a navigable device , I can understand the benefit of covering large swaths of territory, but if it is intended as a long-term “look-down” platform, why not opt for tethered weather balloon-style platforms instead, which would be cheaper, can be positioned as a stationary longer-term look-down instead of something “free-floating” which will require 24/7 piloting to maintain over a given area long-term?

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