Finding Bigfoot: Videos From Georgia and Florida

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on June 12th, 2011

Animal Planet has posted some videos from the last two episodes of Finding Bigfoot.

First up is the Georgia police dashcam footage and recreation attempt.

Finding Bigfoot: Bigfoot Crosses the Road?

The bigfoot team decides to recreate dashboard cam footage of what they believe is a sasquatch. Comparing the original with the recreation, they come to some interesting conclusions.

Next up is the infamous horse in the field thermal footage, edited to make the viewers (still) think it could have been a skunk ape.

Finding Bigfoot: Encountering a Swamp Ape?

Matt and Bobo encounter a single large figure in the middle of a meadow and believe it’s a swamp ape. Matt goes to investigate. Is this wise?

And finally, the aerial drone footage.

Finding Bigfoot: Aerial Search for Bigfoot

The bigfoot research team enlists the help of a local aerial drone company to take aerial footage of places where they think swamp apes may be hiding.

About Craig Woolheater
Co-founder of Cryptomundo in 2005. I have appeared in or contributed to the following TV programs, documentaries and films: OLN's Mysterious Encounters: "Caddo Critter", Southern Fried Bigfoot, Travel Channel's Weird Travels: "Bigfoot", History Channel's MonsterQuest: "Swamp Stalker", The Wild Man of the Navidad, Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries in America: Texas Terror - Lake Worth Monster, Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot: Return to Boggy Creek and Beast of the Bayou.

22 Responses to “Finding Bigfoot: Videos From Georgia and Florida”

  1. flame821 responds:

    As annoying as this is, lets face it. Animal Planet isn’t in the research business, they are in the entertainment business. As long as they have viewers and can sell advertising slots and merchandise they are happy.

    That’s why what is going on with MM is so annoying. If we boycott the show, AP will think there is no audience for these sorts of shows. If we watch we are basically encouraging and enforcing MM’s wretched behavior towards others. It is a no win situation for the viewing public. Best possible outcome for us is to have AP do to MM what he did to Autumn, have someone scripted to come in halfway through the season to up end the show and do a recasting of several key characters. But I hope they keep Cliff and Bobo, those two are fabu.

  2. Kahil Nettleton responds:

    I’m just very disappointed with it all.

    I think I can safely speak for most of us here and say that we were all excited for the show. Finally there will be a whole series dedicated to it. Then reality hit like a bad burrito. We see all of this amazing “evidence” that we find out later to have been faked. Then one of the cast members comes here and attacks the readers while defending what was shown on the show. Then the same cast member comes back with a press release that contradicts what he said previously. And as we can all see, he keeps coming back only to make personal attacks against readers instead of engaging in a civil debate. Not to mention the lack of evidence being given.

    We want proof… As Clara Peller would say… “Where’s the beef?!” In this case, where’s the proof?!

    If the network cancels the show, which it probably will, I can’t blame Matt or BFRO….I blame the network and the production company that edited the evidence and what was shown. Yes, Matt’s behavior here and elsewhere hasn’t helped, but it isn’t his fault. Matt should be doing what Cliff and the others are doing. Maturely, calmly and respectfully engaging viewers and telling viewers the “behind the scenes” stories behind what was shown on TV.

  3. matt_moneymaker responds:

    OMFG … this flame821 person is a full blown nutbag. I don’t how else to express that more directly.

    He/she writes:

    “Best possible outcome for us is to have AP do to MM what he did to Autumn, have someone scripted to come in halfway through the season to up end the show and do a recasting of several key characters.”

    That’s just incredible !!! Nothing like that every happened !! Autumn was there for the whole season, from beginning to end. There was not one episode without her … so how this laughable fantasy set forth by Flame821 was able to take wings at all … is anyone’s guess.

    Let me do the interviewing here.

    Mr./Mrs. Flame821

    Can you step up to the plate and back up what you are saying??

    Let’s start with some basic credibility and identity questions:

    What’s your real name?

    How old are you?

    How far did you go in school?

    What do you do for a living?

    and then I’ll ask …

    Where on Earth did you hear that I had Autumn scripted out of that TV series and replaced by some other character?

    Did you ever watch the series that you’re claiming to have this inside information on?

    Can you name the episodes with these supposed replacement(s) of Autumn Williams?

    What was the replacement’s name? If someone took her place then surely you would know the name of the person who took over for her, right?

    There will be no good reason for you not to be able to address each and every one of these questions, Flame821.


  4. matt_moneymaker responds:

    Your turn, Kahil Nettleton:

    1) Which state are you in?

    2) How old are you?

    2) What’s your education level?

    4) Where did you graduate from?

    I know you’ll lie about some or all of that, and I’d like other Cryptomundo people to more clearly understand of the source of the deceptions and misinformation they are hearing.

  5. Kahil Nettleton responds:

    Matt…stop playing lawyer! Asking someone their real name and personal details bears zero weight on the discussion at hand. Especially in cryptozoology, a field that is devoted entirely to the unknown. Me thinks you may have an ulterior motive for requesting someone’s personal information. The credibility question here remains with you. You are the one making bold statements and claims. You are the one with a TV show. So it is your credibility that stand trial here.

    So….let’s get back to the subject at hand…the clearly fake footprints in the video clip. They look too convenient and look as though they were stamped there. Most likely it was either a hoax or a fortunate accident.

  6. Kahil Nettleton responds:

    College Graduate – Two Degrees
    University of Kansas

    So…again…what does any of this have to do with anything here? Remember Matt, its your credibility that is in question here.

  7. gridbug responds:

    “If we boycott the show, AP will think there is no audience for these sorts of shows.”

    Untrue. There is most definitely an audience for these sorts of shows… but the audience wants QUALITY programming of this nature, not some [thoughtless] reality show fake fest. So even if we tune out Animal Planet’s lame attempt to cash in on the crypto, there will be other shows on the horizon from other networks. Guaranteed.

    “If we watch we are basically encouraging and enforcing MM’s wretched behavior towards others.”

    True to a point. It’s a damn shame that some of the more level-headed and even-tempered cast members of Finding Bigfoot are being sullied in Moneymaker’s destructive wake, but if they really care about their own reputations they’re going to have to be forced to reach a point where they decide enough is enough and make the split. Or remove the negative element. Whichever is the easiest to accomplish.

    Personally, I’ve already given up on Finding Bigfoot and have no qualms about doing so. In fact, I get more out of watching the classic “In Search Of…” Bigfoot/Sasquatch episodes as well as the select 70’s and 80’s docos that are still out there.

    Let’s face it, it’s pretty much the BFRO’s impressive database of personal encounter stories that’s keeping it afloat. But if this nonsense continues to perpetuate, it’s only a matter of time before even those assumed first-hand encounters are drawn into question.

  8. flame821 responds:

    Well, from this ‘full blown nutbag’ to a ‘full of nuts windbag’ like yourself.

    I am not saying Autumn was replaced on her show, I am saying that YOU should be replaced on Finding Bigfoot with someone who doesn’t chase viewers away. Cliff would be a much better spokesperson for both the show and the Animal Planet brand. He has been level headed and civil in EVERY communication I have read and seen.

    I had been one of the people on here defending you, giving you the benefit of the doubt, however your behavior has convinced me that you don’t deserve either my good will or my faith in humanity.

    As for giving you my personal information…..are you really that stupid or do you just think I am? I would take my children’s laptops away from them and ground them for the rest of the Summer if they EVER revealed that sort of personal information to the web. As for my degrees (yes, multiple) and my mental health, I assure you both are quite well. As you will find, most people who frequent this site are well read and highly educated and we don’t care to sully ourselves with errant children who do nothing but swings sticks and thrown mud.

    You don’t agree with other people’s opinions on this site and you call for the mods to ban them. Sorry, you don’t hold that sort of sway here, this isn’t BFRO where you can simply refuse to let conflicting voices be heard, banning them, excluding them, ostracizing them from an organization. Mr. Coleman and Mr. Woolheater are twice the men and ten times the researchers you will ever be.

    As far as I’m concerned I am washing my hands of you. You have proven what sort of person you are, you have given ample examples of your credibility or lack thereof. I am pulling the killfile switch on you and won’t even so much as see your replies from now on, it will be as if you never even existed in the first place. You are written off as the immature, mentally and emotionally insecure mess that you have proven yourself to be. I wash my hands of you and your rather public implosion.

    Good day to you Sir and Good Bye.

  9. Hapa responds:

    Dang, I thought political campaigns had mudslinging!

    guys I’m sorry for my ignorance, but i have only a fuzzy memory about the controversy surrounding “Finding Bigfoot”.

    Was the evidence faked, edited, or did both occur? If some of the evidence was edited, which evidence was it (I thought I read something previously about Squatch Calls being enhanced or replaced with clearer previous recordings.). And did the show people edit what was said on Finding Bigfoot?

    Mr. Moneymaker: I think I understand what you have been writing about wood-knocking on these debates: You didn’t write about it or discover it first, but you popularized the concept and initiated major research on it before anyone else?

    BTW: please get those guys on your show’s website to put up Ranae’s Bio: I’d especially like to learn more about her. She’s a cutie.

  10. Hapa responds:

    On the thermal footage vid:

    The next time any group of investigators encounter a possible squatch and walk closer to it, everyone needs their infrared gear on. It would have been more interesting had Mr Moneymaker had IR gear on and ready as Bobo had when he approached the critter in question. They would have been able to identify what it was (Now like i said i’m not fully aquainted with the controversy surrounding this show, so y’all might have mentioned this previously).

    At some moments the critter seemed upright, but in some instances it seemed to be moving possibly a big head and long neck to the right, as if it was a deer or an equine creature (perhaps donkey or horse). The fact that the vid showing it run off didn’t air was dissappointing.

    Was this the vid that some were saying was proven a deer, which the people at the show supposedly showed only a bit of it to make it appear unknown?

  11. seawasp responds:

    Ryk Spoor here, I’m the husband of redrose999.

    I’ve also been interested in Bigfoot and other cryptid and “strange stuff” lore for almost 40 years.

    I’m very interested in what Mr. Moneymaker might find — or anyone might find — on the subject. But I’d like to comment on the whole flamewar from a perspective that may, possibly, be a bit different than other commenters. I’m the R&D Coordinator for International Electronic Machines, and — I think in this case more importantly — I’m also a published author with 5 books out.

    Why is that relevant?

    Because Mr. Moneymaker is reacting in a manner that’s very understandable for an author… who finds themselves facing hard criticism, especially if the criticism either hits sensitive spots, or is striking areas the author didn’t control (for instance, the advertising, cover, etc.).

    There is an almost irresistable impulse to defend the stuff you’ve made, even against criticisms that might be legitimate. I know, I’ve felt it when someone’s posted some review of my stuff that’s basically slagged it to ash.

    But it’s also an almost universally BAD IDEA to respond to it. Anne Rice found that out. There’s dozens of examples from authors, actors, etc., well-known or obscure. If one MUST react, you’ve got to do it not just to a high standard — but to a HIGHER standard than any of your opponents. If THEY want to say nasty things, YOU have to be unfailingly polite. Otherwise it’s a lose-lose-lose proposition all the way around.

    My suspicion is that in a close-knit community like the cryptid research community the effect’s worse. There’s only so many people who will take these things seriously, only so many people who have the resources to devote to the work, only so many people with the qualifications to do work for you. It’s VITAL everyone in the community works together… even if they don’t LIKE each other.

    Again, I understand the impulse to protect oneself — especially in this case, where in some ways it appears that the show in question ISN’T what was intended from the beginning — is immense. And when people keep coming after you, it’s even harder to resist. But as a professional, as a public personality, it’s the only thing you CAN do — thank people for their comments, and say you hope they’ll still read/watch/listen.

    Sorry to jump in if I’m not wanted, but my wife’s been telling me about things on Cryptomundo for years, and I finally took the plunge and signed in.

  12. Hapa responds:

    crud I wrote too fast: The vid was introduced as a horse in the cam/made to look like like a skunk ape. Gotta research to see if the claim is true (though as i said the image at times seems to be horse-like).

  13. Kahil Nettleton responds:

    @ seawasp – How is Matt’s poor behavior and attitude understandable? Personal attacks, name calling, etc is never acceptable. Remember, he chose to get involved in bigfoot research. It is a field of research that is based on the unknown…on things that most people do not believe in or accept to exist. Heavy criticism comes with the job…especially when you are involved with a TV show that is known to have faked evidence. After almost 30 years doing it, he should be used to it by now and should have a thick skin for it. Its a bad sign when his first reaction is to be belligerent and hateful. He has gone so far as to use bigoted slurs. So I’ll ask you again….how is that understandable?

    Think about it…

  14. seawasp responds:

    Kahil: I wrote at length above as to why it’s understandable. Note that “understandable” does not equate to being right, appropriate, or excusable (as “excusable” varies from individual to individual, and what one would excuse, another would not), and I believe I also wrote at length about that. Some people find it very difficult to develop the thick skin they need for public appearances. I would strongly recommend such people avoid the public spotlight.

  15. Redrose999 responds:


    My tolerance with the shows misleading behavior only stands because I respect Cliff, and Bobo, and Ranae. I am giving them the benefit of the doubt here. I honestly watch the show for them, and I hope Cliff, Ranae, and Bobo find something.

    I think Cliff and Bobo have been polite honest here. I think Matt’s been honest, but his behavior does not endear me to him, though I have been trying to be polite because of Craig and Loren, who are as far as I’m concerned gentlemen and owed that respect.

    If Matt is on the up and up, I think he’s guilty of being foolish in falling for obvious gaffs for TV and is dragging some really sincere folks down with him.

    If he’s guilty, and I am giving him the benefit of the doubt because of Cliff, Bobo and Ranae, than they are all guilty of falling for the “made for reality TV drama” stuff (Because I can’t see intelligent men like Cliff being fooled that badly, even if he is going with the flow). But I feel Cliff is being sincere, he strikes me as honest and no way would play part in a gaff.

    I think Matt, is being Matt. And the show, after the few moments I say before passing out, is about Matt Moneymaker being an irascible pain in the bottom. He has certainly shown that here. I suspect he is were he is today because of it. Does it make him a good person? I don’t know him enough to judge that, but his demanding of personal information proves to me that he’d stop at nothing to make his point. It’s wrong, it’s rude, and he’s not a gentleman in a field that was to be frank started by gentlemen.

    Anyway, my patience is warn with the attack on Flame821. Asking a lady her personal information on line is sort of like virtually looking under her skirt.

  16. korollocke responds:

    The whole things a waste of time. Meldrum couldn’t prove bigfoot was real so we all know Matt hasn’t got a snowflakes chance in hell.

  17. whiteriverfisherman responds:

    Mr. Money Maker, there is no need for you to belittle or insult the people that make comments here. What are you 8 years old? I do not watch your show nor will I. Therefore I cannot comment on your little show but when I read your insulting responses to the people leaving comments here it pisses me off. There is no need for such childish and rude behavior. Animal planet should can your ass!! You want to belittle someone, do it someplace else.

  18. springheeledjack responds:

    What we really need to do is take our feedback and fire it at Animal Planet. They’re the ones handing out a show that is less and less scrupulous, and pretty close to flat out fakery. They’re close to giving the Georgia boys with Bigfoot in a bathtub a run for their money.

    Go to Animal Planet and blast them.

    As for the show, I’m watching for Ranae, Cliff and Bobo. 🙂

  19. springheeledjack responds:

    Go to Animal Planet and search for Finding Bigfoot. Go to Frequently asked questions, and HOW To Submit a Comment (Viewer Relations). Speak your mind. That’s how we voice our opinions.

  20. flame821 responds:

    LOL OMG!!! SpringheeledJack,

    I went to the site as you suggested, and look what I found listed on ANIMAL PLANETS own ‘why you should believe; evidence for bigfoot”

    “The most compelling collection of recordings was obtained in California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains in the 1970’s with the help of a newspaper journalist from Sacramento. Those recordings, called the ‘Sierra Sounds’ collection, are widely believed to be authentic recordings of bigfoots. A few of those recordings captured what sounds like a primitive language.”

    Its number five on their list.

    I will be writing the network as you suggested, but I just couldn’t believe when I saw this on their site, considering this is pretty much what started the entire &h!+ storm off. Granted they aren’t talking about call broadcasting, but they sure as heck knew what they were recording.

  21. glendoor42 responds:

    Well one thing I think WE ALL can agree on is,… that Bobo has one hell of a sense of fashion. I am not being facetious, I really mean that.

  22. jakel1_1 responds:

    This site has been full of Moneymaker posts and comments. It is time to just forget about him, ignore him, and move on. How much crypto news have I missed while everyone has concentrated on Moneymaker?

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