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What Did You Think Of Finding Bigfoot: “Alaska’s Bigfoot Island”?

Posted by: Loren Coleman on July 10th, 2011

Finding Bigfoot: “Alaska’s Bigfoot Island”
Premiering Sunday, July 10, 10PM E/P [also broadcast at 11 PM E/P]

According to the Animal Planet promo: “A call from a concerned mayor brings Matt Moneymaker and his team of bigfoot experts to the island of Prince of Wales, Alaska. The island allegedly has a long history with the beast, and a recent spike in reported activity has the townspeople on edge.”

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58 Responses to “What Did You Think Of Finding Bigfoot: “Alaska’s Bigfoot Island”?”

  1. Kahil Nettleton responds:


    Again they look at all these photos and stories and jump to cryin “squatch”. They sometimes take the time to show that a human could do this or that…and they do show that it could easily be a human….but then without fail they find some lame reason to claim that it is bigfoot. Usually using made up facts and insane logic from the Moneymaker Guide to Squatches.

    Footprints of any kind in snow are so unreliable for determining scale. Seriously, the next time you are walking in show, do the footprints look anything close to your size? Nope…

    The eyewitness stories come off as scripted.

    I just love how Matt knows how big a male and female sasquatch footprint are. He must truly be the Jane Fosey of the squatches. (note the sarcasm).

    Again…the whole thing comes off as a few grown men LARPing (Live Action Role Playing). I exclude Ranae, not because she’s a lady, rather because she seems to be the only one to regularly discount things and not cry squatch.

    Animal Planet really needs to fire whomever is in charge of new shows. They failed on this one. I mean, I just saw a commercial for a new show coming on that network called “Hillbilly Hand Fishing”. I mean…seriously? Are they even trying anymore?

  2. Crypto_Don responds:

    Loved it. Thought it was the best episode to date. I read that this was initially the pilot for the series. I wish all of them were more like this one.

  3. Kahil Nettleton responds:

    Oh…and using those laser perimeters in the wild are pointless. All it takes is a leaf, a bird or countless other things found in nature that can set it off…even at 5 to 6 feet high. Highly unreliable for anything other than home or business security.

  4. shane kavanaugh responds:

    Love em all! Sasquatch has been my #1 cryptid since I was a child. Finding Bigfoot has been a breath of fresh air! Not in a extremely scientific way, but you gotta admit its a nice break from all the shows rehashing all the old stories that get told over and over. Don’t get me wrong, I still watch them as well, but wow, it’s like a birthday present every new episode. Some presents you like more than others, but they’re all exciting! Thanks Matt, Cliff, Bobo, Ranae, keep em coming, who cares what the haters say!

  5. Navman responds:

    I hate to be remotely critical here because I’m extremely interested in the subject of Bigfoot, having grown up in Washington State. However, I hope none of these people ever have to rely on their skills as hunters to find food because they will starve.

    If there are Bigfoots (Bigfeet?), and if they are wild animals as the four people on the show claim, then they will never see them… these folks are the noisiest people in the woods I’ve ever seen (heard?). All the radio chatter back and forth, the walking around at night, screaming and cameras are going to scare away every wild animal within a couple of miles.

    As an avid hunter of North American big game, I can tell you the best thing to do would be to set up a blind (preferably high up in a tree) and sit very quietly for hours on end over a period of several days or weeks. Crashing around through the woods at night is not a very effective hunting technique. As a military member I can tell you, patience, stealth and concealment are also the best thing for hunting anything that may be remotely human.

    I realize that patience, stealth and camouflage doesn’t make for very good TV but if you’re serious about finding a wild Bigfoot, the bumbling about in the woods at night isn’t going to do it. Try watching some hunting shows on the outdoors channels and pick up a few tips.

    My interest in “Sasquatch” was heightened after an interview I conducted with the late Dr. Grover Krantz when I was a student journalist at Oregon State University in the early 90s. I would suggest following his example and offering more scientific evidence rather than footage of four city folks crashing around in the woods.

    Entertaining show, and I get a kick out of the bumbling around in the woods but I’ve seen nothing to even close to solid evidence yet. As long as I keep watching, I’m sure the BFRO and Animal Planet won’t care that I’m not convinced.

  6. gridbug responds:

    I can GUARANTEE that “Hillbilly Hand Fishing” will be 100x more entertaining (and informative!) than “Failing Bigfoot” will ever be.

  7. Craig Woolheater responds:

    Even more amazing, as much as Kahil and others hate the show, they are still watching the episodes.

    And even funnier, is that Matt called it.

    You will watch my show, Korollocke. You will watch it with envy and you will help my ratings.Matt Moneymaker

    The same complainers come to the review posts after every new episode premieres, claiming the same thing over and over ad nauseum.

    They hate the show, it’s unscientific, the producers are editing in sounds, etc.

    But come Sunday night, there you are, watching with the rest of us who can appreciate the show for what it is, entertainment.

    As others have said, if you don’t like it, then don’t watch it.

    I can guarantee if there’s a show on TV that I hate, the last thing I would do is watch it every week and then go to an online forum to then complain about it.

    And just for the record, no Kahil, I am not singling you out.

    There are many others, you just happen to be one of the more vocal.

  8. Kahil Nettleton responds:

    Don’t know that I’d go that far… These are the same people who posted an ad on Craigslist for sasquatch stories for the show. which means they were looking for stories to script out. I mean take a big whiff…that isn’t fresh air you’re smelling. :/

  9. Nny responds:


    Yup. They’ll actually find fish and catch them.

  10. Roadie responds:

    Amazing that Bobo knows so much about Squatch diversion tactics.

    To “know” a knock is a Squatch is one thing. To know a knock is actually a device employed by one animal to deliberately draw attention away from another is truly amazing. Especially when that knock, just 100 feet away, is made by a 10-foot tall animal that can disappear before being seen on thermal, without making a single additional sound…

    PS, People watch Celebrity Rehab and Hoarders too, but that doesn’t mean they are envious of the show’s participants. Sometimes you just like to watch other people make fools of themselves on TV…

  11. Craig Woolheater responds:


    Do you complain that Celebrity Rehab and Hoarders don’t depict actual rehabilitation or hoarding so you to online forums and complain about the shows and how much you hate them.

    That the producers of those shows perhaps insert an extra box of junk and don’t inform the viewers as such?

    That the actions depicted aren’t accurate rehabilitation programs and they shouldn’t mislead the viewers into thinking that the practices shown are accurate?

    Or do you enjoy them as they are intended for, as entertainment?

  12. Kahil Nettleton responds:

    Craig… He didn’t call it. He said we would envy him. He’s even said we’d be on our knees praising him. That isn’t the case. You also failed to note that the handful of episodes in this season aired during the network television off season…when there isn’t too much in the way of new content on TV. People will watch something that is new over reruns they have seen many times already…even if the show is complete xxxx. Jersey Shore case in point. Now that tomorrow is the official start of the network summer season, Finding Bigfoot won’t even be on the radar.

    Further more, you yourself have admonished the show for their practices, etc. You know the show isn’t serious or credible…let alone helpful for giving credence to cryptozoology. Yet since the show’s premier, most of the posts on this site have been dedicated to the show. The same train wreck we stop to look at is getting people to talk on your site and therefore bumping up your ad revenue from the many ads plastered on this site. So I find it rather odd that you feel the need to alienate your loyal readers here for having basically the same general opinion of the show as you do…despite some of us being more vocal about it.

    Oh, and it is singling someone out when you only name a single person. If you only meant to direct it in general terms as to those who have said anything negative about the show here, then you would have kept it generalized. Despite me being more vocal about it than some, when I have, I have also given you and Lauren praise/credit for your approach on the crypto subjects….but…I have a pretty good idea as to why you felt the need to single me out.

    [Edited by CM admin for name-calling, terms of use violations, and narrative visual profanity. The misspelling of Loren’s name was left intact as a demonstration of lack of spellchecking or emotional content of comment.]

  13. norcalskeptic responds:

    I’ll make my story quick. I was an avid skeptic of UFO/Loch Ness/Sasquatch folk lore, and being an Anthropology major, I certainly believe in the Scientific method for proof of spieces.
    2 months ago I was driving in Northern California and my young daughter threw up in the car. We were following a river and I pulled over by it to clean the back seat and wash her up. We walked down to the edge of the water and I immediatly smelled rotten ass mixed with skunk piss. It was pretty cold and my daughter was atnsy over having cold water splashed on her face and arms. Movement across the River caught my eye, and what I thought was a dead tree trunk was moving. I stood up and focused and it was for sure a bipedal primate walking up into the growth. I watched it for about 25 seconds, and having done plenty of primate field observations, I know for sure it was not a bear. It was not massively tall, but it was BROAD.
    I was numb the whole way home as my life had changed. I hope Matt & the team will spend more time in the Northern Cal/Pac.NW where I, for one, know they exist. It might also be helpful to spend more than a night in an area. A week or 2 study in the field might produce results that the show title claims. Please don’t email me for details and such about my story. I have a career that would suffer if I were to come out and announce this.

  14. Kingswood responds:

    Craig…are you serious with that last comment?

    Big difference between Celebrity Rehab and Hoarders vs Finding Bigfoot….BIG difference.

    The first two shows ARE most definitely entertainment driven and are designed to expose the nature of real life (proven) social/emotional/mental issues.

    Finding Bigfoot is pitched as a scientific search to find and document an elusive animal that has yet to be proven exists. MM and his BFRO crew are constantly reminding us of this throughout the show, so when it is uncovered that much of what is depicted in each episode is actually edited in, then I think that is fair game for criticism.

  15. Kahil Nettleton responds:

    Furthermore Craig… you ask your readers’ opinions on the show and you admonish some of us for our opinion just because it is a negative one? Odd. If you don’t want our opinions, then don’t ask for it.

    Its ok, we get it. This show has been good for this site. It has increased your ad revenue and exposure. Seriously, before the show aired, the posts and content here was lacking and few and far between. Got the RSS feed archive to prove it. Now you have more people coming here, increasing traffic, ad revenue and interacting and talking about a cryptid. All positive things for you and the site. Don’t kick a gift horse in the mouth. Without those of us with opinions on the show, negative or positive, you wouldn’t have seen the recent success the site has received.

  16. Nny responds:

    The breakdown….

    Snowprints…. unless you know when the print was made, it’s melted to look larger than it is. MonsterQuest debunked a lot of snowprints. However, I agree with Bobo, I see toes too.

    Yay, they ‘debunk’ the completely fuzzy out of focus blobsquatch. Whew.

    How the heck does Matt know that a male/female foot is 17.5/14-15? HEY– Cliff explains it! Looking at all the photos of footprints there are roughly two averages. Sure, there’s some jumps in logic there, but it was still nice to hear/see where Matt pulls this stuff from. Thanks Cliff.

    Poor Ranae… the meek voice of reason.

    More squatch calling to each other at night. Sick of it.

    Hey, that footprint Bobo and Ranae found was pretty cool. Something stepped there seemingly minutes ago. Though I’m sure Matt or someone will debunk this on the internet saying what it really was.

    Always so dramatic when the townhall hand raising commences.

    I like the witness Brenda’s attitude.

    I felt bad when they debunked the witnesses cab driver. But that’s just in comparison to believing 99% of what’s photographed. And it was Ranae. I dunno.

    That kid Osh’s story was pretty creepy. Having Bobo with you coming back would make the return easier. :) I’ll agree with Ranae… that kid definitely saw something.


    But as Kahil said… a leaf could fall and set it off. What they need is the equipment from Boggy Creek 2. This machine that had settings for height AND weight. It was so stupid it was awesome. Are Charles B Pierce and Moneymaker related at all? Anyway, the plan to use the lasers and then come at whatever crosses from two sides…. not a bad idea. Solid reasoning I say. You should find something, if anything large breaks the beams.

    More squatch calls. Criminy.

    But then something walked in! And walked out! Without destroying their fancy tech! If lasers like that go undetected by a squatch then what’s the flaw with trail cams? And by flaw I mean why hasn’t a trail cam accidently caught a clear pic of sasquatch yet?

    “All these sort of maybes add up to a possibly.” sure, sounds good.

    Matt says something about finding them at night is easier than finding them in the day. But all three witnesses that were featured on the show had their sightings IN THE DAY. It was morning for the first(when she saw it in the trees with the green eyes), sometime during daylight for the second(with multiple witnesses), and again in full on daylight for the third witness.

    It just shows how dumb the show is where all witness testimony shown in the episode contradicts what Matt Moneymaker, 25 year expert squatch tracker states at the end, “The lighter it gets the more are chances diminish for spotting one out in the open.” Unless you paid attention to every witness you went with in the episode. Because all their stories completely contradict your knowledge. Also, I’d like to point out, that Matt could be correct that night is better for spotting one, it was just not presented that way at all.

    For the record… the tallest man was 8’11” and his feet where 18.5″ long. Apparently sasquatches are taller with smaller feet on average. Interesting.

    ‘Rock n rull’ – Matt Moneymaker

    also, Matt’s quote at the beginning “I’ve been tracking sasquatches for 25 years…” and for 25 years the animal has outsmarted you at every turn (did I just quote CDC? Didn’t exactly mean too. I swear it’s my own opinion). I’d say call it a life… but if there’s money to be made vs truth, Moneymaker apparently sides with moneymaking.

  17. Nny responds:


    I don’t mean to be insulting, but maybe if someone was studying medicine and drug addiction, addictions in general… maybe even psychology… they would go to online forums and complain in an appropriate place.

    It’s a lot easier to argue and complain about something that really is not based in/on fact.

    No offense intended towards anyone.

  18. Loren Coleman responds:

    Recreated false reality in reality television programming is unethical, whether it is in a series on sexual predators, hoarders, or Bigfoot. Craig and I may disagree on this point.

    Such manipulation of the programming is infrequently sourced by the program’s “talent” but most often by the “producers,” “editors,” and “directors.” Nevertheless, it is not so much about whom to blame but about the level-headed discussion and understanding of the eventual outcome’s “reality” that is important to try to figure out.

    Also, it should be noted that differences of opinions in the critical descontruction of documentaries and television programs are encouraged by me. I did this for 23 semesters during the 20 years when I taught my university credit course on documentaries, and I’m not about to stop now.

  19. hippieshaman responds:

    I would have to second the opinion that, at the very least, I enjoy the shows mostly because they are not the same the bigfoot programs that replay over and over again, show you the same three or four clips or photos and end exactly where they started. This show is produced for pure entertainment, that’s been obvious from the start, but can you find little nuggets of truth in all the production though? I can and this is why I watch the show.

    Sadly though most people without an prior interest in Bigfoot will most likely not take anything on program, or the subject itself, very seriously due to it’s (over) production.

  20. CDC responds:

    @ Craig

    You make a valid point, it seems odd that those who hate the show Finding Bigfoot watch the show just as often as those who love it. Well, some phycologist some where could explain it better than I, but let me take a crack at it.

    We all are individuals, and we all have our own reasons for doing anything…and watching this show inparticular.

    I can only speak for myself here. I truly hate Matt Moneymaker…I can’t stand the guy. In my opinion he’s annoying, abnochish, egotistical, arrogant, rude, and phony, again only my opinion.

    I also hate Lebron James, Khloe Kardashian, Boston Rob on survivor, Floyd Mayweather, Tiger Woods, and many others. All these wonderful people have their fans who tune in every week to watch them succeed, and they have their detractors who tune in every week to watch them fail.

    I watched every Miami Heat game that was on locally just hoping to see Lebron James get beat…never watched any Sixer games, no interest.

    I used to watch every Sunday to see Tiger Woods miss a putt…now that Tiger is out, I have not seen a tourney this month, who cares who wins or loses?

    I watched EVERY EPISODE of Survivor just hoping for that one day Boston Rob would be voted out…now that the show is over, I never tune in to CBS all the shows have different bad guys every week, who cares about any of them?

    And I just watched the Kardashians this evening hoping to see Khloe make a fool of herself again…Kim has become so predictable and boring that even here looks aren’t enough to keep everyone watching.

    The point to all this Craig is CONFLICT. Any great movie or story ever seen or told has had great CONFLICT.

    In order to have a great hero, you need a great villian. Imagine Star Wars without Darth Vader, Batman without the Joker, or the Lakers without the Celtics…it’s the conflict Craig, we all love it.

    Floyd Mayweather is going to fight Vitor Ortiz September 17. Many people will buy that fight on pay per view hoping to see Mayweather win, others will buy that fight to see Ortiz win, some just want to see a good fight, but their are still many others who will pay good money for that fight just hoping to see Floyd Mayweather get knocked out. Either way, Floyd Mayweather is going to get paid.

    Fight promoters, like TV executives know exactly what they are doing when they put jerks on with nice guys…they create conflict and get viewers.

    Every time Lebron wins, Khloe is happy, Tiger takes home a trophy, or Boston Rob takes home the million dollar check…I lose nothing, in fact, I sometimes enjoy a great game or show. All it does is drive me back to the TV to watch them again, they are my villians, and everyone on against them become the heros.

    Some folks like just to watch a game for the sake of the game, or a show for the talent of the artists…me, I love the drama. Without the drama, it gets boring to me…nothing to root for.

    I love watching Matt Moneymaker make an idiot of himself every week. I am rooting for Bigfoot to exist, and Matt Never finding him. I hope his show is on for 10 years, because that will mean he went the 9 previous years finding nothing. And if by some miracle he finds Bigfoot, well that would be the story of the year for eveyone!

    The great news is, Matt can laugh at me all the way to the bank with all that comes from his success, good for him.

    I will be laughing too Craig…every Sunday night at some guy standing in the deep woods howling at the moon and calling thermal hits of hobos and horses, “Squatches”. Yep, no one loses here Craig, good conflict makes for good TV…and web sites :)

  21. Craig Woolheater responds:

    Kingswood, of course I’m serious.

    Where do you see Finding Bigfoot pitched as a serious scientific search for Bigfoot?

    It’s entertainment pure and simple, as I noted here on Cryptomundo on June 16 at Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot: Research or Entertainment?

  22. Craig Woolheater responds:

    Here’s my point Kahil and CDC.

    When Howard Stern was still on terrestrial radio, I was a big fan and always listened to his show.

    I also saw and loved his film Private Parts.

    This quote from that movie speaks volumes here:

    Researcher: The average radio listener listens for eighteen minutes. The average Howard Stern fan listens for – are you ready for this? – an hour and twenty minutes.

    Pig Vomit: How can that be?

    Researcher: Answer most commonly given? “I want to see what he’ll say next.”

    Pig Vomit: Okay, fine. But what about the people who hate Stern?

    Researcher: Good point. The average Stern hater listens for two and a half hours a day.

    Pig Vomit: But… if they hate him, why do they listen?

    Researcher: Most common answer? “I want to see what he’ll say next.”

    Howard Stern’s Private Parts

    You have both made your position abundantly clear that you hate the show and Moneymaker.

    You have stated that fact time and time again, as myself and and even other Cryptomundians have noted in the past.

    Recreated false reality in reality television programming is unethical, whether it is in a series on sexual predators, hoarders, or Bigfoot. Craig and I may disagree on this point.

    Such manipulation of the programming is infrequently sourced by the program’s “talent” but most often by the “producers,” “editors,” and “directors.” Nevertheless, it is not so much about whom to blame but about the level-headed discussion and understanding of the eventual outcome’s “reality” that is important to try to figure out.

    Also, it should be noted that differences of opinions in the critical descontruction of documentaries and television programs are encouraged by me. I did this for 23 semesters during the 20 years when I taught my university credit course on documentaries, and I’m not about to stop now.Loren Coleman

    I get it Loren. And I really don’t disagree with you.

    I just take the show for what it is, entertainment.

    I also appreciate the fact that the show is appealing to on average 1.4 million viewers a week.

    To me, that is a good thing…

  23. aaronlife responds:

    I love the show, and I though it was a fair episode. The highlights were the witness stories, they should do a show devoted to witness stories, not just the most interesting ones. The fatal flaw in this episode, for me, was not having thermal cams recording anything that crossed the laser perimeter. As a result, while exciting, the tripping of the laser was worthless evidence. WHY didn’t they have thermal cams recording? I like the cast, I think they are honest, and impassioned, and I don’t fault them for getting excited, being confident that people saw bigfoot, etc.. I’m not forced to jump to their conclusions. I think Ranae sometimes looks for every excuse to discount a bigfoot, and perhaps that’s her job, but it’s also her nature, she doubts, she’s skeptical, and that devil’s advocate role keeps the show a bit more balanced, though it’s unnecessary. The most rewarding part of the episode was when the woman talked about respecting bigfoot, that it was an honor to see bigfoot, etc.. I think the natives continually make the point that we should respect bigfoot and leave bigfoot alone. The cast seems to value that, but not take it to heart, entirely. If the cast ever photographs bigfoot, please don’t tell the world where you found bigfoot, take your proof, and leave the creature alone, respect bigfoot. I’m not saying they don’t respect bigfoot, and of course I stay tuned to the show myself, but to some extent, the show is a bit like a group of white explorers treading into primitive lands, bringing to the natives all the risks of being exposed to our society, just as has happened so many times over the last 500 years. Bigfoot is hiding from us, and for good reason, please be careful. the future of the family of bigfoot is at stake, and I suggest how we handle bigfoot’s discovery should be modeled after the native elders approach.

  24. RWRidley responds:

    First: Howard Stern Rules – Baba Booey!

    Second: Last night’s episode was the best so far. I’ve been critical of it up until this point. But I found the eyewitness testimonies to be the most compelling so far, with the exception of the cab driver seeing a 8′ ape standing on a pencil thing tree branch. I thought the show wasn’t nearly as manipulated as previous episodes. I do think they need to change things up on their night time investigations. Four people splitting up into two groups just doesn’t cut it. They need a centralized location with a person or two monitoring strategically placed cameras. They also need a technical specialist. And I’m not at all convinced the calls are producing any real results.

    And how about camping out at least one night, preferably two or three?

  25. etheral responds:

    I completely agree with Craig on this. It’s the same whiners (sorry, that’s how it comes across to me) every week that are first to post on the episode which means they’re sitting there watching it with the rest of us.

    I don’t recall seeing anyone mention that this is a true scientific endeavor on the show. They’re using some scientific technique here and there, but it’s still entertainment and nothing more.

    Honestly, I’m tired of reading the same posters spouting off the same crap every week. Don’t like it, don’t watch it. I think some of the people posting have some sort of vendetta against the BFRO or Moneymaker. If that’s the case, do it offline so the rest of us don’t have to read this drivel.

    You can’t please everyone 100% of the time. Posting constant negative remarks isn’t changing a thing. If you think you can make a better and more scientific show than the BFRO, then approach Animal Planet and pitch it to them. If you succeed, be prepared for someone else to take the reigns of delivering harsh criticism.

    The biggest problem is that the critics posting here must be under the illusion that everyone that watches this show is a researcher or have any interest in the subject beyond a 1 hour show. My wife doesn’t watch it at all nor does anyone else I know. It’s not because it’s a bad show, but because they’re not interested in the subject. Look at it from a casual observer’s perspective…

  26. sasquatch responds:

    I’d give Bobo, Matt and Cliff $5.00 (each!) to NOT howl or scream for just one episode…I think IF they’ve ever been close to a “Squatch” they scared it away with all that racket.
    I’ll watch and record every episode tho’…Nothing better on T.V.!
    The best parts are the re-created eye witness accounts. Once they start howling and we see them in the green night vision mode I get BORED.

  27. Fred123 responds:

    So anybody and everybody who isn’t impressed with “Finding Bigfoot” is either jealous or a “hater”(the favorite comeback of an indignant Justin Bieber fan). It looks like the disparaging comments that bigfoot “experts” often make about each other are spot on.

  28. Gupta4all responds:

    The show makes me want to find Bigfoot. No doubt. But it is really hard to take the team seriously when you have a member named Bobo.

    And I’m exhausted by the “Did you hear that?” commercial outs. Then you come back after commercial and it’s nothing. It’s just as bad as DESTINATION TRUTH.

    I really want them to do a hot air balloon episode during a night search. Yeah, that’s right. I will still watch.

  29. CDC responds:


    Okay, well, let’s see…if all the negative comments were taken down or never posted to begin with, um, you would have 4 or 5 folks claiming how entertaining Finding Bigfoot is, and then what? Um, nothing? Oh yeah, just like the show.

    Look at the comments positive towards that show say, “loved it”, “enjoy the shows”, “loved every episode”, okay, that’s it next thread. Is that what you want etheral? Cult like agreement?

    Come on guys, get over yourselves. This is a fringe web site with fringe ideas on fringe subjects…and you want everyone to simply agree?

    If anyone wants anti-bigfoot only comments they go to the skeptics society, if anyone wants pro-bigfoot only comments go to the BFRO. I was hoping this was a place where opinions both ways could be shared.

    You call those who have negative comments about the show “whiners”, well, some of us who read positive comments about Finding Bigfoot think of those people as being gullible or simple minded. Don’t think your position is any more valid than those who see it the other way.

    So we have an option. I can keep whining every week and you can keep being gullible or simple minded, or, we can listen to each other’s opinions and maybe share comments. There is another option, all the negative folks leave this site…but then you would have the BFRO right here.

    Everything said about the show week to week is true. The reason it is said week to week is because the show is on week to week.

    I agree with Loren, if you want positive comments, put on a better show Animal Planet.

    Get over yourself etheral, your opinion is no more valid than any other. Like you say to everyone who hates the show, “stop watching”…well if you hate the negative comments…”stop reading em”!

  30. krvega responds:


    Kahil, you are annoying.

  31. JMonkey responds:

    I see all the bickering about why people watch and I personally watch because I live in the country and nothing is more entertaining than watching a bunch of idiots roam through the forest at night. But to me the most important question is why does everyone yell at the moon? I know we do it in the country, but usually we have had way too much moonshine when this kind of activity occurs. As far as the calls themselves go, is Matt making a female “Squatch” holler and is Bobo doing all the male “squatch” hollers. It seems like Matt is 5 octaves higher than Bobo at all times. I think the one the lady tried to do was deeper than Matt’s. Is anyone else agreeing with me on this.

    Other than that this is just good old entertainment. Me and my son will be watching the new episode tonight. You guys have a great day, and smile. Seems like “Finding Bigfoot” is driving a wedge between our happy little family. It’s just a show.

  32. Artist responds:

    NAVMAN – “I can tell you the best thing to do would be to set up a blind (preferably high up in a tree) and sit very quietly for hours on end over a period of several days or weeks.”

    You’re kidding, right? Are we talking about single, self-funded individual researchers, or University-sponsored and funded academic teams, or the subject of this post – “Finding Bigfoot”??

  33. gridbug responds:

    “Failing Bigfoot” is coming under heavy criticism, and rightfully so. There is an intelligent, thriving community here who wishes only to see that this subject matter be treated with the same intelligence and even-handedness that we bring to the table. And while I can understand the “it’s only a fake reality show” and “if you don’t like it don’t watch it” rebuttals, they’re all disingenuous at best because they perpetuate the disservice that Animal Planet and the Moneymaker Comedy Hour place on the ongoing search for evidence of this particular cryptid. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, but in this case it’s not only broke, but the wheels are off the cart and crypto-enthusiasts once again are left to take up the slack and are forced to explain away the misconceptions that self-professed experts like Moneymaker are foisting on the general public. This show is not helping the cause, though I will grant that there may be a certain small percentage of viewers who’s interest will be piqued enough about the topic that they’ll dig deeper for themselves. But as evidenced in this and other threads about the program, the vast majority of viewers are simply tuning in for the lulz, and that’s just a damn shame.

    One good thing about this whole mess though is that it’s inspiring me to finish my bigfoot screenplay and begin shopping it around. I know there’s an audience hungry for a fresh, responsible take on the subject matter, and I’m all too happy to help fill in the void left by Moneymaker’s antics.

  34. etheral responds:

    @ CDC

    Seems you want to resort to personal attacks… so be it.

    First, I’m not full of myself. I don’t know you even got that idea but whatever, I guess your reality is different from mine. I never said negative comments are a bad thing, but a select few (you included) can’t seem to grasp that it’s entertainment.. so that’s your issue to work out.

    Your response to me would directly lead one to believe you think you’re better than me or anyone else who agrees with me so stop being a hypocrite.

    I don’t care if anyone agrees with me or not. And regarding the idea that the comment section of this site is what is making or breaking it is ludicrous. If you read the comments section, it’s always the same group posting so most visitors probably don’t even make it down to the comments nor would they even care anyways. Look at the audience.. I don’t think the Bigfoot research community is 1.4 million strong (as the viewer number would indicate).

    Again, I’m calling you whiners because you seem to dislike the show so much, yet you tune in every week without fail. When you look at the “Finding Bigfoot” posts, look at who comments first… it would seem some are hitting this site the second the show’s over to express their disgust. As I’ve said before, don’t like it, don’t watch it. Simple. I don’t know how making that statement makes me full of myself. (rolleyes)

    If you truly think the BFRO and the show are failing miserably, then do something about it beyond posting on Cryptomundo if you hate it so much.

    I don’t care one way or the other because I watch it because it’s the only show on regarding the subject. If they captured a Bigfoot on camera it would have been news before the show aired so I don’t put much hope that any show will be groundbreaking.

    I also never said I agree with the BFRO or Moneymaker about anything they do, but at least they’re doing something in the field. I don’t contribute squat to the field of Bigfoot research, but at the same time, are you?

    Just appreciate the fact there’s a Bigfoot show on. If you can’t find a single redeeming feature of the show then you shouldn’t be watching it anyways. In my mind, if you watched the first or second episode and thought it was garbage, then why the hell do you continue watching it?

    Makes absolutely no sense.

    Last but not least, your last comment:

    “Get over yourself etheral, your opinion is no more valid than any other. Like you say to everyone who hates the show, “stop watching”…well if you hate the negative comments…”stop reading em”!”

    Where the hell did you dig this up? Did I ever say my opinion is better than anyone elses? I don’t believe so. You sir (or Maam), have some issues to work out.

    That is all.

  35. Justin31p responds:

    I watched it again, so yes I’m guilty of that but for that matter I have watched and will watch any new bigfoot shows that come out no matter how terrible.

    Ok, to this particular episode. The good…1. they stayed out almost all night this time. 2. the alaskan terrain, even if you dont find anything out there its still beautifull to look at. 3. I really liked the eyewitness stories this time, they seemed genuine and extreamly scary at the same time. I wish this series would focus more on the eyewitness stories instead of just featuring two per episode because afterall thats the only new thing we are really going to hear about.

    The bad…everything else. Same old same old, here’s a squach, theres a squatch everywhere theres a squatch. Moneymaker huffing and puffing and scaring everything away. One note to all those that are trying to point out how quiet they need to be to hunt this thing…if you go to their site you will find that the theory is that these things are attracted and curious about us and as such you can entice them to come in and observe you from a distance. So in some sense, they are trying to be loud.

    Frankly, I wish AP would follow Craig and the texas bigfoot research group around as they search the big thicket by way of boat up the river late at night. It would be both entertaining and much more credible at the same time.

    And that gets me back to my main point all along, and that being reguardless of this show’s ratings, it is absolutely killing whatever credibility the bigfoot hunting world had. Its almost like Matt, Cliff and Bobo have no clue what most people think of bigfoot hunters because they are now synonomous with that thought.

  36. CDC responds:

    @ etheral

    Well sir, or madam, I again made a perfectly alid point which seem to fly right by you.

    Simple, we are all free to do what ever we please. You can watch Finding Bigfoot and think it as great entertainment, Loren can watch it for it’s scientific value, while I can watch the same show and think what a joke it is…it’s called freedom.

    “Where the hell did you dig this up”? You posted “don’t like it, don’t watch it”. Well, if anyone wants your advice on what to watch, they will ask you. I pay my own cable bill so I will thank you to not suggest to me what I watch or how I want to watch it.

    Clear? I not, I can explain to you again sir or madam.

  37. weaponx88 responds:

    “Looks like we got ourselves a “squatch”…”those are most likely squatch tracks”…”looks like the same tracks you photo’ed yesterday is the same squatch whjo made these”……”looks like you saw a squatch”…..”we’re gonna use bobo as reference OK?”……”did you hear that??”…….”I can tell your telling us the truth”….

    That about sums up last nights episode……

  38. Rael responds:

    I thought it sucked

  39. JTTM69 responds:

    For those of you who want to know whom the show appeals to, ask my wife. She really enjoys it. She is by no means a scientist nor a huge believer of Bigfoot. However, the show entertains her and has opened her eyes to the possibility of them existing.

    We don’t know what goes on behind the scenes. What gets edited out? I’m sure there is more scientific study than what is shown. The reason it gets cut, it’s not exciting to the “lay person”. Like the one poster suggested with the tree stand, how interesting would that be? Not very to a casual viewer. I do agree that Moneymaker can come across as a buffoon at times.

    On a lighter note, this show could take the place of the “Horton Hears a Who” college drinking game. Every time someone says “Squatch”, chug a beer.

  40. SeanS68 responds:

    I have watched every show hoping, wishing, wanting it to get better. But all it is, is the same unscientific BS.

    You will watch my show, Korollocke. You will watch it with envy and you will help my ratings. – Matt Moneymaker

    Craig Woolheater glad you pulled that quote. It’s a good example of what kind pompous person he is. I am sure that if he doesn’t produce anything or throws the same BS every week there won’t be a show to be envious about. There are so so many of us that want this show to work to justify the thousands upon thousands of hours spent looking for this elusive animal. But it falls short and makes us all look like we are fools to the everyday person. Get a Jeff Meldrum or someone like the late Grover Krantz anybody with a scientific background to analyze the footprints, the sounds or video. But a self proclaimed bigfoot expert really? MM runs the very political BFRO. If he was an expert he would have put the camera’s on the creature. Why does the show go to one off sighting spots? As big as BFRO is, I am quite sure they have habitual sighting areas similar to the Erickson Project. Sorry about my rant but come on!!!!

  41. mcw2112 responds:

    I am totally with Navman here. This team should find a so-called “known” Squatch area and put up a portable tree-stand(or two). They should have some small amount of provisions and something sealed to collect their urine in and stay put! At least for a few evenings. You don’t usually bag a game animal by crashing around the woods and chattering on radios. You have to be a sniper; still and patient. BTW, concerning the radios, they also should have earpieces instead of the crunchy speakers (the sound could be piped into the soundtrack for the audience to hear).

    I think the likelihood that they will capture anything on film or thermal is not good as long as they continue to use their current tactics. Another thing I noticed is that Matt always says that Bigfoot is nocturnal and therefore they usually call things off when the sun starts to come up. Unless I’m mistaken there have been plenty of daytime sightings, including the Patterson/Gimlim film!

    I certainly hope that in the up-coming season, they slow down and do some deeper, more extensive investigation and I agree with one of the above posters that they should spend more time with more witnesses instead of just choosing the three that intrigue them the most. The eye-witness accounts are fascinating and invaluable to the show and the investigations. I will also reiterate an point I made about an earlier show: I don’t get the in-your-face-cams! It seems kind of silly to see their mugs up close and personal when the regular camera does just fine.

    I will continue to watch the show mainly because it’s all there is Bigfoot related and I do like the team. MM can be a little arrogant but it’s hard to just sit back and judge someone from the short amount of time they have to be on camera. My hope is that they try to be a little more ‘scientific’.

  42. RaceBannon responds:

    As Matt is the “bad guy” of Finding Bigfoot, I consider Kahil Nettleton and CDC the “bad guys” of Cryptomundo. I wish Craig would have taken Matt’s advice of a few weeks ago and blocked them from posting. I especially felt that Kahil was taking some cheap shots at the owner of this site today. I will say that CDC did give some good advice on an earlier post that I’m going to take to heart. From here on out I will no longer read ANY post from Kahil Nettleton and CDC!!

  43. PowerPC responds:

    This was probably the most disappointing episode of the entire bunch and that is saying a lot. A person would think that the season finale would have some very good evidence or at least something that made you wonder could this be. Nearly every episode consists of the members of BFRO listening to eyewitnesses and making statements that the witness most certainly saw a bigfoot, heard a bigfoot or were being trailed by a bigfoot 30 yards into the woods……that was a huge jump to a conclusion considering the witness could not see anything at all due to complete darkness. In one of the rerun broadcasts concerning the Skunk Ape in Florida I was actually PO’d. They focused on a lone figure standing in an opening having it in nealry constant view via thermal imaging. That is until the object moved which was evidently edited from the video. I sat there five minutes watching a figure stand completey still yet when Moneymaker walked towards the figure he just says it walked into the woods and blended in. If we could have seen it move while walking towards the woods it would have been much easier for the viewers to identify what they were filiming rather than take Moneymakers word on itl. Why did they edit out the movement of the figure unless it showed a four legged creature with a rack or some other defining characteristics. Overall the entire series was disappointing and it seemed every episode was an exact copy of the one before it. I actually think they recycled thermal imaging for at least two episodes. This series had an excellent opportunity to do some real research and come out with some convincing evidence. However it seems like sounds were added, thermal imaging reused in several episodes and a lot of wasted time doing unnecessary driving from an area with activity to an area that had not been investigated. I would stick with the area with activity every day instead of driving hundreds of miles in a possible goose chase. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

  44. Redrose999 responds:

    I have not seen it yet. But I’ve been looking forward to it because I am interested in the Alaskan Bigfoot sightings. I’m also, sadly really enjoying the trainwreckness of the show. LOL one can poke fun at Matt’s bottom wiggling while doing bigfoot calls, just lovely fun…..

    Craig has it pegged, it is pure entertainment. And I shall add after all the hullabaloo, something none of us should take too seriously.

  45. trapper9990 responds:

    Again i watched the show, as i do anything about bigfoot, afterall something is better than nothing, although with this show its not to far off of nothing. First, if i here anyone on that team, especially MM call bigfoot a squatch, i really think im gonna throw up. I mean you are going for credibility here, at least that would be the hope to viewers at home. So the viewers have heard of bigfoot and sasquatch and maybe a few other terms, but to hear somebody who obviously has no knowledge of the outdoors to make rediculous claims and then coin a term for an animal that he knows nothing about makes me sick. You notice how on every other documentary ever made, and even the shows like monster quest and destination truth, everyone calls it either bigfoot or sasquatch or something that implies credibility. I know that sounds weird but it is the truth. I mean he can call it what he wants in private but think, if you didnt believe at all and you tuned into a show out of curiosity to possibly challenge your opinion and you hear researchers talking about bigfoot and sasquatch backed up by facts, or a man boasting rediculous claims about known animals, yet alone bigfoot, and calling them squatches. I mean as a discriminating mind, you are going to side with the person who takes things serious from a scientific method rather than some moron running through the woods howling and claiming every sound is a squatch. But thats my rant on that, sorry about that, just needed to be said.

    So it looked like MM in this episode took some of everyones advice to hand and didnt say as many stupid things and kept fairly quiet which was great. The bad news was that stupid stuff still happened that made no sense. To begin with was the girls interpretation that she heard a hoop in response to a call. Have you ever heard of an owl, whip or whill, or other night time bird, i mean after all she is the pessimist of the show. Then you have the sensor break, i mean please, if the animals are so smart they dont trip IR cameras in the woods, i think their gonna see large block objects with sensors mounted up in the air on metal poles. Secondly they even admitted the break was near the road, geese i wonder if that was staged, give me a break. I would rather see truthful results where nothin happens and a good effort is made, rather than BS be made up.

    Then their comes the classic most moronic thing MM has done possibly to date. He has an idea that if he calls in deer that bigfoot will follow like a puppy. Well ask any predator caller or hunter or outdoorsman at all and they will be able to tell you how stupid this is. So the whole fawn distress call isnt a bad idea, if they were hoping for a predatory response to that call, even though it wasnt spring their, but ignoring that fact, it is reasonable to think a predator may be lured in or show up oout of curiosity, ok im with them. But that wasnt their thinking. Their thinking was to blow on a fawn call, which sounded horrible, and hope deer will appear on the run and bigfoot will suddenly be chasing them all over the woods like a moth to flame. I mean how stupid. Yes deer do show up to that call instinctively sometimes to investigate, but when they show up they dont hang around, they investigate and leave, secondly the idea that bigfoot would just so happen to chase that particular deer into their trap is obsurd. As if that deer is the only one in the forest , and obviously the best target for a hungry bigfoot is a running, on alert deer who is alert to every noise, coming into a strange situation, to a call that really shouldnt be sounding for that time of year. Coyotes are smarter than that, so i think we know where MM’s intelligence lies, somewhere below protozoa. I mean if your gonna come up with stupid theories, at least make them plausible in some sense.

    I just dont know about the other members either, at first i thought they were much smarter, but after this, i really have my doubts. If your gonna pursue an animal, any animal on its native habitat, you have to go into things with knowledge, if not of the animal, then of other animals it may be near. If you go in blindly, which is what happens every episode, then you get what we have hear, absolute crap. This is why MM has supposedly tracked bigfoot for 25 years and has never even captured a photo or ever casted a good track, and why a guy like erickson, granted he is rich, who is an outdoorsman can at least think like a hunter and put himself in areas where he can find evidence in less than 3 years.

    All i can say is that when the world finally acknowledges bigfoot, i hope no ones, absolutely no one, ever gives MM any contribution towards this field, he has given bigfoot a bad name through this show. I have friends who are sceptics who watch for entertainment and they just laugh through it because of how stupid some of the stuff is. He is definetly the new tom biscardi, and i sincerely hope that he is shunned from the bigfoot world for the bad image he has cast down. Please bring back monster quest, it was lilke a billion times better. So much fun to watch compared to this crap.

  46. Opalman responds:

    I swore the show off several episodes ago, and I’m very happy I did. Judging by the posts and reports I haven’t missed much. I suppose maybe I’m more principled than some—I adamantly refuse to support with my viewership what I consider to be a serious insult to meaningful cryptozoology and science in general. Evidently folks really don’t care how scientific interests are portrayed. How anyone, let alone a site moderator, can defend the show “Finding Bigfoot”, or its players and producers remains unfathomable to me. I suppose the show could be entertaining; given an interesting plot, given a particular talented cast, at least one that refrained from representing themselves as the leading “experts” on the subject. But: alas the show is utterly a waste of time and MM’s BS is sickening. Additionally, going by the episodes I viewed; Renee is most probably not as impartial as depicted, and I for one seriously doubt her skepticism. Because people find the finding bigfoot programming entertaining doesn’t mean it has any place on a discussion board claiming to represent the cryptozoological interest community. The ridiculous BUTCHYKID clips seen on Youtube are entertaining to a large audience, judging by the number of hits they get. Should we too, encourage their being posted on Cryptomundo? I find reruns of Seinfeld and Friends entertaining—should I start posting reviews of episodes?

    I’ll say it again; The existence of sasquatch will only be verified through the implementation of unique hunting protocols, hunting protocols specifically modified to find and document the sasquatch. I’ve more than hinted at a successful methodology in previous posts; (“Frozen Bigfoot” threads). I’m starting to have my doubts about the crypto field in general. Obviously there is no sense of urgency regarding the task of establishing the existence of sasquatch as the endangered species they undoubtedly are. Plans should be drawn up to mount a serious expedition staffed by the appropriate outdoorsmen and scientist now. Their habitat is shrinking and their days are numbered while the cryptozoological community stands by watching and defending phonies and buffoons on Animal Planet

  47. trapper9990 responds:

    Opalman is right. Very nicely said.

    Taking MM’s show aside though, has anyone started a thread or is talking at all, although this is off subject, on if their is a steady building block formula in place for the announcement of bigfoot as a real species. What i mean by this, is i have noticed that in the very near future their are a large number of bigfoot docs in the works, along with numerous bigfoot fictional horror movies. In addition, their is the long awaited erickson project and the new film from grendel about what happened at bluff creek. Of course we will have to see on that one. But i know that nat geo is involved in these documentaries, and they are currently filming in different parts of the country. Is it possible that the gov may be getting ready to allow bigfoot to be discovered. I mean if we acknowledge that bigfoot is real, then the gov obviously does know about them, they would have too. Their is to much documentation and sources saying they do from first hand accounts. Plus, i mean it is the gov. and their is much at stake if such a discovery would be revealed. Typically when evidence shows up it quickly goes away, but is it possible that since erickson hasnt been shut down and results seem to be promising, that this followed by the new shows on bigfoot could be building up to something. Afterall typically we get a few bigfoot docs every few years, but their is really alot of stuff coming out here in the near future. I mean i havent heard of such an interest since the 60s. Maybe im alone here, but maybe its in preparation for a big announcement. And it would be a huge one, or maybe its just nothing. But i believe that when the orang pandak is proven, and it seems to be very close, that the world will view bigfoot as a much greater possibility, that is to say if one isnt already on the lab table by then. Just a little curiosity on my account and wondering if others may have thought of this also. Again i know this isnt the right thread for this, but i didnt know where else to post it.

  48. Hambone responds:

    Good grief people, this is just a show. So much negativity about it just shows how many people still watch it. It is getting too predictable, but I watch it for the entertainment. If you don’t like it, turn the channel and watch Falling Skies or the man bashing shows on Lifetime. Nobody is twisting your arms to watch it.

  49. Opalman responds:

    Thanks trapper9900.
    @ Hambone

    It would seem as though you didn’t read my post very carefully.

    I assure you; no ones twisting my arm to watch Finding Bigfoot. I don’t watch it. I won’t watch it.

    Even if sasquatch is documented as a living species through the antics of MM I won’t watch it. I won’t watch it because I will know that such an occurrence would be nothing but a fluke, an accident. It would have nothing to do with science.

    If Cryptomundo is about entertainment…well then; I misunderstand, and I guess I’m at the wrong site.

  50. 76sagi responds:

    i was very disappointed with last episode. I DO like the show, but this was just crap. They can’t keep making the same show, with the same non-evidence and expect the show to improve. “you definitely saw a sasquatch”, “it was either a human or it was a sasquatch”… these types of quotes are stupid and they should know better than to say them on every episode.

  51. djwcaw responds:

    My conclusion stated after the first episode stands for the final episode…at best the show is ‘light’ entertainment and at worst is a disservice to cryptozoology and scientific research. The latter is bothersome and detracts from the efforts of many serious researches who have logged years/decades in the search for Bigfoot/unknown animals (the Sandersons, Byrnes, Colemans, Krantzs, Meldrums etc of the world.) Everything ends up being a ‘squatch’ and there is little critical analysis. The show exhibits so many ‘wrongs’ when attempting to investigate and research unknown animals (they’ve all been covered here.) Skeptics can have a field day with the way crypto research is characterized in this show. Unfortunately when your filming a pseudo-reality show like ‘Finding Bigfoot’ (Moneymaker was born for the role!) the good scientific research is trampled under by the desire/need to draw the audience with the quick sell. And therein is the problem. All their conjectures are simply that and do not seem to have any scientific basis or foundation to them. The show could be called ‘Finding Unicorns’ and they wouldn’t have to change a thing with the show. We’d be led to believe unicorns are everywhere and every print and sighting and photo and noise and FLIR object is a unicorn. I appreciate the enthusiasm the participants have and honestly feel they want to contribute to crypto research (probably like many in the BFRO.) But the methods and wild assumptions (most by MM) portrayed in this series destroys credibility and leave us with a bunch of people ‘believing in unicorns.’

  52. IMFROMMAINE responds:

    I liked it 100 percent. I was so happy that it turned out so good! You guys really turned it around, and I’m happy.

    Keep up the great work Renae, Matt, Cliff, and BOBO!

  53. CDC responds:

    Who is this guy “Race Bannon” anyway?

    Yeah, “listen to Matt”? Is that what he wishes? Block posts?

    Where is this guy Race Bannon from where freedom of speech and freedom of expression are blocked when it disagrees with him?

    The only negative comments I have made were directed at the show Finding Bigfoot. With those comments I was personally attacked by Matt Moneymaker himself on two different threads. I set Matt straight and he has not posted my way since.

    This guy Race Bannon and everyone for that matter should look back at the first few “Finding Bigfoot” threads and see how things ACTUALLY HAPPENED involving this show.

    We were asked, “WHAT DID YOU THINK OF FINDING BIGFOOT”, we gave honest opinions, then MATT MONEYMAKER came here and began the name calling. MATT MONEYMAKER called posters “stupid”, “losers”, “morons”, etc, etc, etc.

    Get the facts straight before you cry.

    Some folks find collecting stamp entertaining, some find gardening or kite flying entertaining as well. Some even see Finding Bigfoot as entertaining. If you like those things, then do them…but if you ask my opinion…then don’t cry because I don’t like them the same as you.

    The show Finding Bigfoot is replayed like 10 times a week, so I am not sitting by the TV on every Sunday night waiting for the show to start. The subject is Bigfoot, so anything that may be on the show about Bigfoot may be interesting. So I have watched it, but each time I have seen it the show has sucked.

    The 14 and 15 year olds who are experiencing Bigfoot for the first time may be thrilled by all they see on the show, but to us older Bigfoot followers, this show is NOTHING NEW!!!

    Race Bannon names good guys and bad guys here, well, I would argue that Matt Moneymaker cast the first stone, so before Race Bannon drinks the Kool Aide, he should educate himself on who said what.

    The title of this thread was “What did you think of Finding Bigfoot”, well, if you only want positive posts and not constructive critisim, then maybe you shoud change the title to, “Wow, wasn’t Finding Bigfoot entertaining last night? Post if you agree”. Yeah that will be a 50 post thread for sure…right?

  54. docbashford responds:

    Actually I stopped watching the foolishness along time ago. I have better things to do with my time. I am asked all the time by my customers my opinion on the show. It’s a waste of edited bad acting and I put no credit to any of it except for one team member and it sure isn’t anyone who changed their last name to Moneymaker. Visited Willow Creek yesterday also, not too popular there either, at least that’s what I was told. You asked I told ya!

  55. midwest mimi responds:

    Rapidly becoming a “formula” show with identical plots, only locations and tech gear change. Let me give you next week’s storyline. Moneymaker gets a call/email/video from some frightened citizen. He and the crew hop in their GMC’s (can some one tell me why they pixelate out the logo? GMC didn’t pay you?) and drive to some forsaken wilderness. They talk to citizen, take a nature hike, find some nebulous “evidence,” have a disagreement about whether it’s squatch or deer prints, conduct a town hall meeting. They find three people who seem to have all or most of their faculties and triangulate where their sightings were. Go there. Have a disagreement about whether it’s squatch or deer prints. Decide they have enough to do a “night search.” Conduct night search making enough noise to wake dead, scare away whatever animals might be there, and probably give any squatch in the area a good laugh. Hear something, whisper “it’s a squatch.” Get tired, call it a night. Wrap up by telling initial contact, “we believe you saw a squatch.” Roll next week’s trailer. There you go…..saved you an hour of your life. You’re welcome.

  56. Howie responds:

    All these shows (Destination Truth, Finding Bigfoot, Ghost Hunters etc.) are for entertainment! That’s it. True hunters do not run around with film crews making a bunch of noise. I’m pretty sure everyone on the show use’s soap, lotions, perfume, after shave and the sort when they start their day, which all critters will smell and get away from. NAVMAN in an earlier post pointed out as much.

  57. Kingswood responds:

    I nominate midwest mimi’s post as thread winner!!!!

  58. flame821 responds:

    WOW, so glad I stopped watching after the 3rd episode. I decided to catch up on Cryptomundo and I read this thread…

    Yes, some of the anti-Finding Bigfoot people are basically saying the same thing week after week, but reading many of the comments from the neutral and pro-Finding Bigfoot commentors it really does SOUND like its the same show week after week. Even as purely entertainment that won’t last long, people have a short attention span and will become bored of seeing the same thing week after week.

    As for the lack of science there are two easy ways to fix that.

    1] CLEARLY label the show as ‘entertainment purposes only’ so there is no confusion amongst viewers, because sadly, there ARE people who simply are not bright enough to realize this isn’t ‘real’.

    2] River Monster edits many of their scenes with info on what was left out. So why can’t Finding Bigfoot put little blurbs up about how they ruled this out, how they estimated this size, why they think this is proper and that isn’t.

    It wouldn’t be hard to do and would make more people happy about the show.

    I just hope Bobo was right about the production team coming to see things more in line with the cast and not edit for pure sensationalism anymore.

    Either way I’ll give the new season 3 chances, and if no good there is a lot on History and Syfy to keep me ‘entertained’ if I so choose.

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