Finding Bigfoot: “Holy Cow, It’s Bigfoot” Tonight

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on March 11th, 2012

Season 2 season finale airs tonight.

Holy Cow, It’s Bigfoot
Premiering Sunday, March 11, 10PM e/p

A mysterious video and reports from Utah State University help the team to determine that bigfoots have lived in the mountainous state for decades. Hoping to corner a squatch, they invite a witness to help in their final night investigation.

Be sure to come back after the episode airs to share your thoughts about it with the other Cryptomundians!

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28 Responses to “Finding Bigfoot: “Holy Cow, It’s Bigfoot” Tonight”

  1. Aitkincountysasquatch responds:

    Just a person. Clearly !!!

  2. allenfuchs responds:

    that was a skinny college kid with blonde hair and a white tshirt.

  3. Ragnar responds:

    Nice jacket on “bigfoot”. Where does he shop?

  4. ComingUndone responds:

    To me it looks more like a guy in a white t-shirt.

  5. DWA responds:

    “A mysterious video and reports from Utah State University help the team to determine that bigfoots have lived in the mountainous state for decades.”

    First, how does a mysterious video help to pin down anything? Second, WTF on “reports from Utah State University”? They hanging around the cafeteria or something? And, um, “decades?” Man, I know the dinosaurs were around that long, but you’ll never get me to admit we’ve had “squatches” (way, way past officially sick of that term) that long, no way!

    No. Don’t bother. If this keeps up, I’m going to have to believe that these people and the ones that maintain that database don’t ever talk to each other.

  6. PhotoExpert responds:

    Definitely a Squatch! Or at least that is what someone on the team will conclude.

    Definitely a Squatch? NOT!!! Simply a human and a dressed one at that.

    DWA–I totally agree with you, again!

  7. Aquahead Dan responds:

    The episode itself was much of the same. Sadly, the format for the show never changes. The video wasn’t that impressive. I don’t see how Matt can automatically assume that it’s a Squatch.

    The call at the end was pretty cool, but again, there is no confirmation as to what it was. Perhaps some people knew they were filming and decided to mess with them?

    If they do a third season, they REALLY need to change the format. It’s beginning to get pretty dull and boring seeing them do the exact thing every single week.

  8. gridbug responds:

    Seriously. Why even try. At all. The sooner this “entertainment program” is wiped from the public record, the sooner the serious and responsible research can recommence.

    Please, someone, ANYONE… make it stop.

  9. springheeledjack responds:

    Yeah, the video leaves a lot to be desired. It was something hunched over and walking. However, it could be a somebody (where they were at did not seem like it was that far away from the beaten path such that it couldn’t have been human). And there’s always the possibility that it was one of the kids–either as a hoax to throw up on YouTube, or somebody else messing with them. If you could rule those two possibilities out (and you can’t), then we might be able to look at other possibilities.

    As for Matt and his haunted woods and Bigfoot eaten deer carcasses…don’t get me started. I hate it when they come out and say things like “Well it could have been killed by a squatch” or “A squatch could have gotten into that lean to.”

    Really? Well, yes, there is a slight probability….BUT there are also at least a dozen other things that could have done the same thing. When the team (and specifically Matt0 starts attributing everything to sasquatch, my faith in their abilities drops like the proverbial thermometer in winter.

    At this point I trust Cliff, Bobo and to some extent Ranae. She has gotten a lot more critical lately–maybe it’s the company she keeps. 🙂 Lately, though, she’s criticized supposed actions of Bigfoot…like running across a road when a car is coming, stating that “if they’re so elusive, why would they do that?” To me, if you’ve read even a slice of the reports, then you know that that is pretty typical behavior. I’ve read a lot of the reports on the BFRO site and many many of them are due to people driving and spotting one crossing in front of them, walking the road by them, near the road, etc.

    Either she hasn’t read up much on any of this, or she’s being the “skeptic” for the group by questioning everything. Either way, it doesn’t give her a lot of credibility in my mind, right now. Earlier I had more respect.

    Again, it’s a reality show, so who knows what’s “real” and what’s staged. It’s still entertaining…most nights. I did think the last howl they got was interesting and it reminded me of some of the audio footage the BFRO site has for sasquatch calls—that’s ASSuming what we heard on TV is and was the real call, and not some Animal Planet hokum.

  10. gtm624 responds:

    I think the best part of the episode was the howl but I did notice that the howl sounded incredibly similar to the howl in the opening of the show after every commercial. The video is a bit odd, can’t rule out a person but it looked greyish also I think though that if it were a person they would have approached the kids or made known they were there. I agree as posted above by someone the format needs to change though it is repetitive. I can imagine it must be frustrating to be squatchin’ and having it filmed and others editing it with a Hollywood touch. I personally try not to pick the show apart I watch it every week and I watch anything to do with Sasquatch and planning some excursions myself. I hope they do a third season which they said they are and I like they said they’re going international.

  11. oregonduckfan responds:

    You can’t really see what it is but if you look close you can see glowing eyes right before it stands up and I have been in the woods with people and human eyes don’t glow. And also if you look close when it walks right behind the trees you can see its gray, I’m not saying its Bigfoot it could be a kid in a gray shirt but just look close at it and you will see what I’m talking about…

  12. CelticBull responds:

    What are you guys even talking about? This has long been proven to be a skinny dude in a white tshirt. Not speculation, but fact. There is a longer Version of the clip online where you can actually see the guy sitting down. Another thing it proves: there is almost no background research being done on the show.

  13. CelticBull responds:

    @oregonduckfan: No Eyeshine there, because it’s a guy.

    Here is the original video:

  14. DWA responds:


    “Lately, though, she’s criticized supposed actions of Bigfoot…like running across a road when a car is coming, stating that “if they’re so elusive, why would they do that?” To me, if you’ve read even a slice of the reports, then you know that that is pretty typical behavior.”


    If there is something tear-your-hair-out about Bigfoot, it’s “skeptics” just going off and saying things that are contradicted by reams of evidence.

    Road-cross sightings of sasquatch are not only legion in the report literature, but they are… well, gang, they are classic wild-animal behavior, wherever there are roads.

    Wolves do it, they’re elusive. Deer do it, all the time. Just ask any deer hunter how it’s so easy to fill your limit, and what the heck, poach a half-dozen on the side, within the first two hours of deer season. Sheesh. The casual observer won’t think there are ANY deer in an area until there are more than range can support.

    Bears do it too, Ranae. Drove up right to a ma grizzly and cubs, wild as they’ll ever get, in Jasper one time. SITTING on the side of the road, looking in the passenger window, could have gotten whichever one of us was in that seat if she’d wanted. Got up, went, well, done with this noise, and AMBLED off into the woods. We might have burned a quarter-tank just watching her leave. The Elusive Griz NEVER does that, Ranae.

    And there are reports of a bigfoot taking its leave even more casually than Patty – or that bear – did. Or even CHASING interlopers out of its territory. Lots of them. All one has to do is read.

    You give me your skeptic card, for ritual burning, every time you swallow, hook line and sinker, a notion easily contradicted by anyone who’s taken more than a casual glance at the evidence. If sasquatch are real, why would they not cross roads?

    What Ranae and her ilk fail, over and over again, to understand, is this:

    The most elusive animal of all is one that everybody says, sure, suuuuuuuuuuuure, to everyone who sees one.

  15. CrytpobelieverinIdaho responds:

    Growing up in Cache Valley i was so pumped for this show, but i was let down in 95% of it.

    My one laugh out moment on the show was when MATT was out doing his solo expedition and found that grass matted down and said, “ONLY 2 things could do this, a Mountain Lion or a Bigfoot” , uhhh how about an Elk, or a Deer. It was a pretty good vantage point for an animal to watch what was coming up and down that valley.

    The sound at the end was great. I could easily tell it was not a moose, elk , cow, mountain lion or bear. Not sure what the sound was. And i have hiked all over the hardware ranch area and never heard a sound like that.

    They were so close to an area in Logan Canyon where an owner of a Lodge told me that if you did not hear coyotes there was a bigfoot around. He did not know i believed in bigfoot, he stated it as a fact. I have always felt that Logan Canyon was bigfoot territory, i have had encounters and so have friends and family.

    White Pine Lake has had years or incidents. Franklin Basin, Temple Fork, Tony Grove, Green Canyon.

    The other things is that the report of the hunter who had his sighting has been on the BFRO site for about 2 years now, so i guess they called him up and had them meet them at the meeting.

  16. mcw2112 responds:

    Well, folks, the thing that drives me batty about this show is this: Why is there NEVER any professional analysis or even enhancement of any of the videos, and while we’re at it, why no professional analysis of the howl that they clearly got on camera audio near the end. Ten different naked human eyes can give ten different interpretations of any piece of video ever taken. There is software out there that can analyze and even help to categorize animal sounds, not to mention wildlife experts galore.

    Another point I would like to make about what other commenters have said about changing the format of the show. I would like to see a lot more of the eyewitness accounts from the town hall meetings, rather than just two or three. Also, more importantly, I think that, along with the original foursome, they might want to employ a primate expert and/or a seasoned animal tracker/hunter/guide. It would seem to me that if they are serious about finding a Bigfoot, they might consider using some more serious methods that have been used in the past to find other animals. Stomping around in the woods with radios, setting off fireworks, and scouting areas that are fractional in size in comparison to the forests that they ‘investigate’ seems to be akin to the old “needle in a haystack”. There has to be tried and true methods known to animal trackers to find elusive animals or some folks would just starve. I like the fact that Animal Planet was willing to put this show on the air, but it’s starting to get a bit ‘samey’ for my taste.

  17. ModernShanahan responds:

    It doesn’t look fury… No eye shine… To skinny to be a Bigfoot compared to other Bigfoot descriptions… No it doesn’t have mange… I don’t think any animal skin beneath the fur is white…The arms look peachy (like a Caucasian guy). The face looks peachy. The hair looks blond…. Hoax or some guy spying on them? or some bum got startled off.

  18. chadgatlin responds:

    @DWA You don’t believe bigfoot has been here for decades? You know a decade is only ten years, right?

  19. Hapa responds:

    Film: Utterly Useless (No body, no glory!!!)

    DWA: I think Ranae’s criticism of Sasquatch road-crossing activity isn’t that animals crossing roads while automobiles are incoming are unknown (There have been wrecks caused by Deer darting out in front of vehicles, and I went through a stretch of roads in Missouri, outside of Ellisville, that was dangerous for the numerous Deer they had in the region, especially at night; a bunch of whitetail causes for a late-night crash. Watch your speed…), But if a real animal, a real Sasquatch, exists, then based on the fact that no body has been recovered from a hit and run (compared to other animals, not that many reports of them being hit by cars at all…) it would seem unlikely that a Sasquatch would routinely cross roads with closing automobiles. Otherwise a body would be produced after a hit on the road. Deer cross roads often, with/without cars on them; I’ve seen their bodies on the sides of roads. Grizzly Bears, animals so intelligent they have been compared to monkeys and even Chimpanzees, have also been hit, their bodies photographed (How many supposed dead Sasquatches, after being hit by a car, have been photographed afterwards?). Why have we not produced “Bigfoot Roadkill”?

    Though I do think there is a Sasquatch, of some sorts, I have had a hard time trying to figure out how, after all of these years, and after countless automobiles on the road (including Semi trucks)across limitless stretches of road the continent over, there has not been even a single photograph of a car-killed Sasquatch, let alone a body produced by an impact. Perhaps its something to do with the smell of asphalt, and other materials used to make roads? Perhaps is mostly (though not entirely) nocturnal activity (meaning less people on roads) combined with advanced intelligence and perhaps heightened hearing and touch (capable of sensing the approach of vehicles from a distance, timing their crossings to precisely avoid impacts…?) have enabled it to not be killed by a car. Perhaps it cannot stand the smell that automobiles leave behind on the roads long after they are gone (thin of a beast with a sense of smell similar to a Grizzly’s combined with a distatse of fossil fuel stench. I don’t think any ape has a snoz as strong as a bears (6 times that of a bloodhound) though. Hard to believe…), Perhaps it is biologically “tougher”, more resistant to injury than other animals (hard to imagine many animals of the same size tougher than a Grizzly, which have died in such impacts. Plus you would have to be supernaturally tough to survive impacts with 18-wheelers, if such impacts without bodies afterwards have been reported).

    Bigfoot and roadkill would be a great topic for a discussion here 🙂

  20. Insanity responds:

    When did they do their investigation, or film the footage, for this episode?

  21. Ragnar responds:

    @ Celticbull,

    Perhaps you could provide a link to the video that proves it was a guy.

  22. Insanity responds:

    I do agree its a person in a white shirt, after it stands up, you can see the contrast of bare arms in front of the shirt just as the arm swings back and the person starts to walk off.

  23. CelticBull responds:

    @Ragnar: I did. The video I posted is the longer version with way better quality. Even if you can’t admit it looks just like a guy in a shirt in this version, there is no way around the fact that “it” is not retreating into the forest but walking directly into the camp.
    Look at the long video again: The other people are standing left of the camera guy. Also you can see that there is at least a part of the camp even more to the left, pending in and out of the frame. When the “thing” (a.k.a. guy in a shirt) is “retreating” you can see him walking directly towards the camp.
    The FBF clip is a zoomed in version which stops at 1:07 in the video i posted. Just after the guy vanishes for the first time. But you can see him walk until 1:11..

  24. CelticBull responds:

    Edit: I just saw what Craig posted in the article in the first place is already the long, good quality, video.

  25. DNS responds:

    This is a joke, right?

    What’s next? No, wait. I don’t want to know…

  26. aaronlife responds:

    i am so disappointed in Finding Bigfoot for not airing the clear version of the video; that is so obviously a skinny white dude in a t-shirt; did the team see the real video or did the producers trick the team? I can’t imagine if they saw that video, that Matt would argue that a skinny juvenile bigfoot could have stolen a t-shirt and put it on to get close to the camp. the credibility of the show is shattered. if the team had seen the real video, then the tv show reenactment, and debate, was all an act, for show, making all 4 of them complicit in the scam, and if the team had never seen the real video, then their producers are manipulating them, which means the producers might be setting up a team on another ridge with a loud amp/speaker and a digital recording of a sasquatch yell. who’s in on the joke? are all four of them, one or two, or none? it’s sad to see shows like this exposed, like paranormal state, because there is a true phenomenon happening, and genuine researchers, but TV is screwing it all up. the only worthwhile parts of this show are the town hall meetings, but now you gotta wonder if the producers are sending in B-actor plants to make stuff up.

  27. aaronlife responds:

    i’m tempted to say “Boycott Finding Bigfoot” until they air an explanation and an apology. very sad. I really like Bobo, he’s so credible, I hope he’s not in on this.

  28. aaronlife responds:

    oh, Bobo did say he’d watched that video many times to see the explosion… was that in the far past tense… i can’t remember… if he’s seen the original, he should know for sure it’s a person… if i recall, he was reluctant to say it was a Bigfoot.

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