Flying Humanoid Captured on Video?

A flying humanoid or a guy on a zip line?Steve Alcorn


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  1. I doubt the two (tower and figure) are related, i.e. “A guy on a zip line.”

    Why? Note that the tower remains in, ok, “reasonable” focus, while the alleged “flying humanoid” is a faint blur. To me, the entity – whatever it is – appears MUCH closer to the camera than the tower; I suspect it was a large insect, or piece of debris carried on the wind.

  2. Sort of resembles a person, but I actually think it’s a tight flock of starlings taking off at once from the crane, and just happening to resemble a person.

  3. This is old footage that has been on YouTube at least 7 years. It’s also a known fake from Germany. It, along with other digital fakes, were used as part of the Diesel Fallen Wings viral marketing campaign ( and created by a company called Digital Arts. There is no credible evidence for flying humanoids of any kind…stress on the word credible.

    Come on folks – look a little bit deeper into this stuff, that’s what the internet is for.

  4. This is old. It is from my hometown Berlin, Germanys capital. I 100% sure, because i now the building, it is the now not longer existing palace of the republic an relict of the former east german republic. This video shows only flying plastic form a demolition site. sorry for my bad english.

  5. it looks like it doesn’t fly, it sways around in a small area. like a balloon on a nylon line. or some kind of box kite. if it really was a human, it would have displayed more human like characteristics. also if it were flying, it would not have stayed in such a small area, twisting and turning. the mexico flying witch video is much better.