Fossilized Bigfoot Footprint?

457 fossilized human footprints were found in western NSW, Australia. The prints are 23,000 years old, the oldest fossilized footprints ever found in Australia.

Could they have been left by a Yowie?

Footprint NSW

The 457 footprints, ranging from toddler-sized to a size 12 "bigfoot" print, were uncovered by earth scientists in a clay pan underneath sand dunes.

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  1. Wow, this appears to be a very interesting discovery! I guess they could just be from a large human. However, like Doug correctly stated, humans back then were actually smaller, than modern humans. So, I highly doubt that these prints were made by a human. As Fred from Scooby-Doo always said, “I think we have a pretty real mystery, on our hands, here!” ;)