April 11, 2015

Four Gold Miners Killed by Sasquatch!


Four Gold Miners Killed by Sasquatch!

That headline never appeared when it happened! Truth is that this story was hushed up until uncovered by noted author Zane Grey!

The event took place in 1922. The Almeda mine on the Rogue River employed close to 250 miners just south of Galice, Oregon. That spring, five miners decided to search for their own gold strike, and took off downriver to find their fortune.

After two weeks with no discovery, four of them decided to return to Galice hoping to be re-hired at the Almeda. Only one man made it back, and he told a tale of two giant “ape-men” attacking them and the “giant forest monsters” killing his friends!

A search party was dispatched in order to stop the stories and wild tales in fear that the rest of the miners would start quitting en-masse. It took the searchers a week to find the attack site, and they only found two of the men.

Their report stated, “The men had been killed by a savage attack on them from some unknown animals of the forest.” The third man was never found, but part of his pants and his hat were among some “enormous-sized” footprints all around the men’s bodies!

The party returned to the mine with the dead men’s packs, and the foreman told them to keep quiet about their discovery or “lose their jobs!” Since the Almeda paid well, no one talked!

The lone survivor disappeared and the story was never released until the famous author Zane Grey, who owned a remote cabin about 15 miles downriver from the Almeda mine, heard about the incident and through his research, found enough factual evidence to make an interesting story.

Zane Grey is said to have written an article on this bigfoot event, but we have been unable, at this point, to identify the magazine that published it. We’re still searching.

Source: Sasquatch Watch

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