February 17, 2014

Hangin’ With Hank

For those whose reading and comprehension levels are aren’t able to ascertain what I’m saying in the entire article, I’ll boil it down for you:

I’m not saying it’s real, I’m saying it’s almost assuredly fake. Even if the possibility of it being real is 0.000000000000000001, that’s still a possibility, but not a probability.

Saturday, I went to Paris, TX to see Hank and Rick Dyer who was set up in the parking lot of the local civic center during a gun and knife show.

I went to see it myself with my own two eyes.


As it is being exhibited currently as a sideshow attraction, in my opinion it’s no different than viewing the Minnesota Iceman when Frank Hansen was displaying it on the road, or the myriad of other sideshow attractions you might see at your local state fair.

I paid my $10 admission fee and went inside to see Hank.


Rick spent quite a bit of time telling the story of how he came to shoot Hank. Dyer comes across as a likeable fellow, friendly and charming.

He even showed a purported ultrasound scan of the head that looks compelling if it is indeed authentic.

I’m not a medical professional, so I’m unable to verify.

He plucked a clump of hair off of Hank to burn after he donned a pair of latex gloves. He made me put one on, then handed me the clump of hair as he proceeded to burn it. It didn’t smell or ball up as plastic would, but that doesn’t prove that’s it’s Bigfoot hair.

I asked to keep the sample, but Rick wasn’t gonna let that happen. He removed my glove by turning it inside out.

Here’s a shocker for you, Hank is not the alleged Bigfoot that attacked Morgan Matthews.


Rick says that this is the Bigfoot that attacked Matthews. It is alleged to be a still from the film Shooting Bigfoot and Rick claims he also shot and killed this one on September 6, 2012, as well as Hank.

Rick also claims that the subject in the tent camper video was a third Sasquatch, saying that that is why all three look different.


While at the exhibit on Saturday, I was interviewed by the Paris News and Texas Monthly.

I had friends that wanted to go see Hank in Paris on Sunday, but Rick let me know on Saturday night that they had left Paris and was now in the Dallas area.

He had plans to set up at a local Gander Mountain for display on Sunday.

However, there was another change of plans brewing.

In Paris Saturday, a woman came to see Hank and she told Rick that she was being harassed by at least one Bigfoot on her property.

Rick canceled the Sunday exhibit, and instead went to this woman’s property to assist her with her problem.

Dyer had mentioned the woman and her story on Saturday and that he wanted to help her out.

I asked him if he was doing “this” for science, or if he was now a Sasquatch exterminator.

He chuckled and said he didn’t care about science.

When I told Rick that I had friends that wanted to see Hank, he invited myself and my friends out to this woman’s rural property for a private “visitation”.

I met several of my friends on the way and we had lunch. One of these friends was Lyle Blackburn, who like me, wanted to see it for himself.

We met other friends closer to the location.

Unexpectedly, Rick let all of us, 10 in total, in to see Hank, as well as giving everyone in the party one of the ballcaps he was selling for $20 the day before.


He answered all questions and everybody had a great time.

About what appears to be teeth in the photos, they are not the teeth. The skeleton is alleged to be intact and will be added to the exhibit soon, supposedly.

The reason that Rick gives for Hank’s weird look, is that while taxidermied, no form was used for support. Rick says that he didn’t want anything fake used, so the shell is collapsing in on itself. He says that Hank’s volume was more than twice as thick as it appears now.

I don’t know if anyone left with a different opinion of Hank being real or not, but I would say that all of them left with a different opinion of Dyer as a person than what their pre-conceived notion of Dyer as a person was.

Speaking with Dyer today, he was on the way to San Antonio, but he had left two members of his crew behind with the woman.

My opinion of Hank, an informed opinion because I went and saw for myself, as opposed to basing it on hearsay, hasn’t really changed.

I think that it’s possible that Hank is a real live dead Bigfoot, I just don’t find it probable.

As far as those that are already criticizing me and this post, in the words of Rene Dahinden:

“If you don’t know the facts, your opinion is of no value .”

I have seen a Bigfoot and it didn’t look like Hank, but neither did Patty.

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