Hobbits Might Not Have Been Human

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on October 27th, 2014

In an article that has possible ramifications to the origins of sasquatches, this article discusses the evidence that homo floresiensis, the “Hobbits” of Flores, could have been relict australopithecines. Very interesting…

~ Cliff Barackman

‘Hobbit Humans’ Actually Might Not Have Been Human

Ten years after being discovered, the “Hobbit Human” remains a controversial figure, with some researchers now thinking that this diminutive human-like being might not have been human after all.

A commentary in the latest issue of Nature theorizes that the Hobbit Human could have descended from a more ancient pre-human group called Australopithecus, of which the 3.2-million-year-old skeleton “Lucy” is the most famous representative. Lucy might have to share the spotlight with the Hobbit, though, if the theory is proven to be correct.

A quick refresher: The Hobbit Human, aka Homo floresiensis, was a 3 1/2 foot tall species with huge feet that lived on the remote Indonesian island as early as 13,000 years ago.

The prevailing theory has been that the Hobbit was a member of our family tree, belonging to the genus Homo and having descended from a population of Homo erectus that made its way to the island and shrunk in stature over evolutionary time due to the “island effect.” (Because islands are relatively closed communities, evolution tends to lead to smaller forms.) Remains for a handful of Hobbits were found with stone tools and bones of a pygmy form of the now-extinct, elephant-like Stegodon.

Renowned paleoanthropologist Chris Stringer from the Natural History Museum in London questioned some parts of this theory.

Read the rest of the article here.

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  1. PoeticsOfBigfoot responds:

    Is a relict species really the same as a descended species, or is this an example of a slight misinterpretation?

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