How Embarrassing: New Red-Faced Parrot Species!

Posted by: Chalupacabra on July 3rd, 2017

Yucatan Reveals Colorful Secret: New Parrot Species!

A male of the Amazona gomezgarzai species. Photograph: Tony Silva

How such a loud, colorful bird has gone undiscovered is probably due simply to how few there are in existence – estimated to be only about 100 specimens. Because of their rarity no specimens were killed to obtain DNA samples.

They must be pretty smart, because one of the sounds they make mimics the calls of native hawks to scare other birds away from food sources so they can have the food to themselves.

Ornithologists stress importance of conserving the blue-winged Amazon parrot, with no more than 100 of the birds thought to be in existence

Miguel Gómez Garza was on his final expedition to the Yucatán Peninsula to gather information for his book Parrots of Mexico when it happened. He heard a group of parrots in the distance, but their call was like none on record. So he loitered by a tree full of pods that parrots like for lunch, hoping they would come and feed.

Read more here: Red-faced encounter: rare new species of parrot discovered in Mexico

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