January 29, 2016

Human Couple Meets Bigfoot Couple?

Witnesses: David & Samantha (full names on file)

Date: Summer 2015

Time: Around Noon

County: Ohio

Location: Undisclosed until further investigation.

On December 29, 2015 researchers Don Neal and Charlie Raymond met with the couple at their place of employment. After numerous prior contacts, they agreed to be interviewed as long as we did not disclose their full names and exact location of the sighting. In addition to being business owners, they are also arrowhead hunters and do not want to jeopardize their business nor sighting location.

One afternoon the couple drove to a location to hunt for artifacts. After hiking for a few miles they approached a dormant soybean field. It had just rained, it was an overcast, humid afternoon. This location is at least ten miles from town.

As they approached the field Samantha noticed a large, brown creature grouched down across the field. She immediately calls for David, “David come here. There’s something over here looking at me.” Because David was eager to begin the hunt he responded, “It ain’t nothing, come on, let’s go!” Well Samantha persisted, “Seriously, come here! Look!” Knowing she’s just a city girl David responded again, “It’s probably just an animal. Come on, let’s go!” Finally David walked over to her and looked down her outstretched arm to where she’s frantically pointing but did not see it and says, “It’s nothing, come on!” and walked away. Using a few choice words, Samanta was able to get David to stop walking away and look one last time. It was at that moment another massive Sasquatch boldly walks out of the treeline and looks directly at the couple. David explained, “My heart sank and I immediately became struck with fear! I became paralyzed for a second! This thing was massive! It had long white hair with black tips on the end. It had enormous trapezius muscles which joined the shoulders to the side of the head, hiding its neck. No ears were noticed. The chest and face were a grayish-blue, like the color of your heel.” David said the nose was very wide and flat. The mouth looked like a chimpanzee. “I could see the circles under its eyes,” explained David. Just then the brown creature stood up and they both walked back into the treeline. The brown one was much smaller. “I could see the calf muscles flex on the larger one as they walked into the trees,” explained David.

Not an actual photo of a Bigfoot.

David told Samantha, “Here, hold my hand and put your head down and just keep walking!” As they walked, approximately 50 yards adjacent to the treeline, they heard movement as if they were being paralleled. And more significantly it sounded as if the creatures were saying in a deep, garbled voice, “Hey…Hey…Hey.” Both witnesses swear it sounded like they were saying “Hey.” After thinking about the encounter much later they believe the Sasquatches were repeating what they say to each other as they arrowhead hunt. Usually the couple would yell across the field, “Hey. I found one!” They never call out each others’ name.

This encounter is under further investigation. We hope to meet the witnesses at the sighting location to take measurements because the white Bigfoot may go on record as the largest documented individual in Kentucky. Updates will be posted as soon as we conclude this case.

– Charlie Raymond and Don Neal, Lead Investigators


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