Is This The Ohio Grassman?

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on July 3rd, 2013

On Destination America’s Mountain Monsters: Grassman of Perry County episode, the guys from The Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings (AIMS) captured an image on their game camera.

Below are two screenshots taken from the episode:


Click on image for full-size version


Click on image for full-size version

What do the Cryptomundians think?

Grassman or ghillie suit?

About Craig Woolheater
Co-founder of Cryptomundo in 2005. I have appeared in or contributed to the following TV programs, documentaries and films: OLN's Mysterious Encounters: "Caddo Critter", Southern Fried Bigfoot, Travel Channel's Weird Travels: "Bigfoot", History Channel's MonsterQuest: "Swamp Stalker", The Wild Man of the Navidad, Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries in America: Texas Terror - Lake Worth Monster, Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot: Return to Boggy Creek and Beast of the Bayou.

38 Responses to “Is This The Ohio Grassman?”

  1. chewbaccalacca responds:

    Get someone to stand in that exact same spot, for purposes of size comparison.

  2. Adam Prawlocki via Facebook responds:

    neither it’s the backside of a deer.

  3. Mike Phillips via Facebook responds:

    I wish I could get the names of the eye witness’s I don’t live that far from where they were searching and I would like to go there and look around myself.

  4. Rick Fisher via Facebook responds:


  5. gridbug responds:

    Only Huckleberry’s toenails know for sure!


  6. Nathan Fischer's Eider Janes via Facebook responds:

    Doesn’t look like the Nerfler Beast

  7. redneckcelt responds:

    Looks like a werewolve mask and bad hair weave….

  8. Paul Sims via Facebook responds:

    wolfman mask and bad hair suit. the bottom jaw is fake looking like a rubber mask.

  9. dconstrukt responds:

    i’m leaning towards this being created for the show, here’s why: They’re out there making a tv show about X…. and they need stuff to show ppl about X… as someone who works with photoshop you kinda see it just doesn’t seem real… it just doesn’t look ‘natural’

    I could totally be wrong here, it just seems too perfect… which to me, would indicate man made/photoshop/

  10. cryptokellie responds:

    I saw this episode or most of it. I saw this image as presented on the show. Not exactly sure what to make of the show in terms of where it’s going and what it’s trying to be. As researchers trying to obtain evidence of unusual phenomena, the show is well…I guess you’d have to watch it. As a crew of backwoodsmen putting on a good show…no doubt about that. One problem I have is that they are extremely sure that this entity actually exists and are using skill sets that could be used to track other large game…ok I guess. One guy actually expected the Grassman to stumble into his cage/trap like an oversized raccoon and was really disappointed when it didn’t. As for the photo, well, I guess to sum my stance on the reality of this episode, I think we are looking at a person in a ghillie suit. The figure looks awfully mossy to me. Bad hair day? I’m not buying this one. That being said, I’ll make an attempt to watch some of the other episodes in this series to see if the matter of fact presentation will be continued.

  11. UrbanCommando responds:

    Just looking at the picture I’d say ghillie suit but I watched that episode and it was very compelling. Hopefully they went back into the house to the nest and collect DNA.

  12. Dave Cornwell via Facebook responds:

    That’s a very human looking right eye.

  13. muircertach responds:

    Is This The Ohio Grassman?

    No. No its not.

  14. volmar responds:

    Hoax! It’s a guy on a ghillie suit…

  15. dconstrukt responds:

    watched the show after posting… they definitely know how to keep you on the edge of your seat…. did they find footprints and hear growls and get stuff thrown at them?

    was it real? or just tv?

    I dunno…. but i watched the whole show 🙂

  16. plowboy1065 responds:

    I have had several game cameras over the years and taken thousand of pics of deer and other game. For the vast majority, they are all pretty detailed pics, even the cheap cameras. Bigfoot must have an invisible force field around him to turn him into a blobsquatch whenever a camera snaps a pic

  17. plowboy1065 responds:

    And another thing, why set up a camera where there is not a full clear view for a camera shot? Too staged for me and looks like an unfocused picture of a person in a ghillie suit

  18. PhotoExpert responds:

    Well, some of you might be surprised to hear may say this, but I think it is an interesting photograph for several reasons.

    First off, is that it really does not fall into the category of blobsquatch. There is some human looking form there, albeit the bottom half is missing. I wish we could have seen the bottom half of the subject but it is blocked by terrain. The resolution on game cams are not great but are pretty good if you buy one today. The photo does peak my interest.

    Secondly, nothing about this photo screams hoax like so many other here that we have seen. We don’t see fur close to the camera and blocking half of it. We do not see blurry fur as if the subject was an inch or two from the camera and could be any animal. What we do see is that the subject is covered in hair and fur and is identifiable as not being a bear, raccoon, or some other animal. It clearly shows the top half of a human like form.

    Thirdly, I watched the show on this one to see if there was credible witness testimony. And although these are not a bunch of scientists that captured this photo but rather a bunch of what most would consider rednecks or hillbillies, I find their testimony to be believable. They might not be a lot of things but they are seasoned outdoorsman. They had other evidence. They had a sighting, they heard noises, they found tracks, they found an alleged domicile where the creature was staying, they had rocks thrown at them and that was captured on audio, and they persued the creature although somewhat clumsily. Being objective, one can not discount that other evidence.

    Fourthly, as I stated before, these witnesses are not scientists. And by that, I mean they are not the sharpest tools in the shed. But in this case, it is a good thing. I do believe they lack the intelligence to pull of a good hoax. So for me, this is not a hoaxed photo. With that being said, could they have been the victim of a hoax? I doubt it because anyone that knows them, know they carry guns into the field. And they are not only afraid to use those guns, they lean towards the trigger happy side of those that possess guns. Who would take that chance to hoax them, knowing this fact? Probably nobody in their right mind. So I do not feel they were the victims of a hoax. Which means, I think they saw what they saw and are credible because of their intellect not being level to the grade of a scientist.

    Lastly, we see only one frame from the game cam. According to their testimony, there was only one photo captured of the subject. Game cams will take photos of a subject moving within the focal plane. If the subject were just mulling around or this was a human in costume, we would expect to see more than one photo captured. Through the process of deduction, that tells us that the subject must have been moving swiftly, yet the photo is not that blurred by motion. This indicates to me a huge stride distance for each step taken. Sometimes it is what you don’t see that tells you something. That is evidence that is not seen by the photo yet implied by the photo.

    So contrary to what most of you thought I would say, I am not negative about this photographic evidence. I think it is decent photographic evidence especially when combined with the other evidence. Do I think it is the Ohio Grassman? I could not say that definitively. However, I can not declare hoax, the hunters being the subject of a hoax, nor can I say it is a human we see in this photo. I can usually do that with most of the photos submitted here. There are usually numerous red flags that go up for me and they are easily seen. I see little to no red flags here.

    I do not know what the photo shows. But for me, it is interesting evidence and I can not preclude that this is not a photo of the Ohio Grassman. Very interesting! Someone with more scientific credentials should follow up on this sighting.

  19. PoeticsOfBigfoot responds:

    Definitely the Grassman. Look at the light on the shoulders.

  20. gridbug responds:

    The beauty of this show is that these guys aren’t interested in scientific explanations and hypothesis. They know the terrain and what occupies it and they know when something is out of sorts. They aren’t self proclaimed experts on Sasquatch or Wolfmen and they damn sure don’t claim to be cryptozoologists by any stretch. They’re just some down to earth fellas who know the land and have no qualms about shooting first and asking questions later. While I do not condone the use of weapons to prove a point, odds are that these guys will bag irrefutable evidence before anyone else does. Disclaimer: I’m sure that there is a fair amount of exaggeration and post-edit foolery going on with this show, but if anything that just adds to its entertainment value. Novelty of mountain men hunting monsters + lack of know-it-all pontificating = better than any other crypto-investigation program on the air today.

  21. Wee Falorie Man responds:

    Plowboy1065 is utterly right about this one – this is an unusually blurry picture for a game camera. Also, the fact that only one picture was taken does not suggest to me a rapidly moving creature nor a creature with an enormous stride, but rather suggests the much more likely scenario of a person in a suit jumping up from behind the cover that is immediately in from of him and then quickly ducking back down again. This is definitely a hoax and not a very good one either. 🙁

  22. alan borky responds:

    Craig I don’t know about the second one which resembles the sort of suit me Nan would’ve knitted me as a kid if she’d known I was a fan of Swamp Thing.

    The first one though’s easy and confirms all the rumours about Sesame Street’s Big Bird never coming to terms with being gay getting addicted to crystal meth an’ dry humping trees in the forest in the hope he’d lay an egg.

  23. Steve Holt via Facebook responds:

    I said before when I first saw it, ghillie suit!

  24. Goodfoot responds:

    It’s Fat Freddie of the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers.

  25. sasquatch responds:

    Totally reminds me of the Spanish moss creature in an episode of “the Night Stalker”…one of the better episodes actually.
    Darren McGavin was tops.

  26. dconstrukt responds:

    hard to say its real cuz its from a tv show… they’re making tv not doing science.

    the sounds from the ‘creature’? throwing rocks or whatever? chasing it?

    i dunno…

  27. chewbaccalacca responds:

    Goodfoot: you’re dating yourself with that reference. (Me, too, sadly…)

  28. William responds:

    I don’t know what a couple of posters from Facebook are looking at, but c’mon people, these are the same photo with the second one simply enlarged and focused on the subject minus the area area around it. And there is no “jaw,” “eye”, etc., showing here, it is the BACK of the subject. This at least coincides with what the Mountain men said in how it was running in relation to the camera location.

    It also isn’t a deer with its head down with its rear sticking up as somebody posted. Some of you really worry me with your basic photo observation skills, you apparently have none!

  29. chadgatlin responds:

    Makes sense to me that it would be a deer. They were flushing something that direction, and the backside is up and the head is down because it just jumped over that pile of dirt. It’s blurry because it’s fast moving. Pareidolia and the idea that it’s a possible bigfoot make you look at it differently, but if you look at it like the backside of a deer, it becomes clear.

  30. MattPriceTime responds:

    I watched this and the new episode tonight, and i’m mixed. I feel this was simply far too much for a show of where it is and of who it is to be faked.

    I think it’s truly a breath of fresh air to see a different attempts. Too many of these shows do have too much walking through the woods, in this case let’s try something to get something moving, in this case maybe it’s not the cryptid, but at least we can see they were dealing with something.

    I’m not sure that is a Bigfoot, it may very well have been them dealing with a man messing around with them.

    As far as the picture in itself, technology isn’t exactly always equal. And i’m not holding my breath the not-the-sharpest guys on the block have the highest quality cameras in the world.

    For what it’s worth they do have a .org site but it hasn’t been updated in what looks like a while. Making a fake website for a show that doesn’t appear to have a big budget that would also need to script out full interviews and hunts, creating fake monsters or getting real animals to play the parts all to air on a channel not many people get?…honestly not buying it.

  31. KahunaB responds:

    Thanks for posting this pic. Above center in the face, Left, there is a human eye peering out.

    Ghillie suit.

    Strange undefinable nose is what intrigued me to look at and examine the face of the subject in this picture. This show is pretty fake at any rate. I am interested in the footage from the same “Perry County” episode of the Deer stand grassman. Anyone have an opinion/info about that footage?

  32. William responds:

    @chadgatlin: Have you ever seen a deer running and jumping for real? I have hunted deer in both mountains and farmland for 43 years and I can assure you that unless this deer was so clumsy he was virtually doing a head stand in flipping over that mound of dirt that this is not a picture of a deer! If he was indeed doing as you postulate, a deer would have broken its neck!

  33. DWA responds:

    Well, of course it’s the Ohio Grassman. Whenever you see the Photo Obfuscation Software, you are looking at the real thing.

  34. BOOTYMONSTER responds:

    the twigs in front and behind of the blur are in much better focus . obviously a manipulated fake …….

  35. beanstalk responds:

    Hello all! I’m tired of stalking this site like a crypto-creep and finally joined up because I wanted to comment on this “grassman”. I’m from Ohio originally, I’ve had many para-crypto encounters, and I’ve studied primates. I agree that the image does resemble a gillie suit (LOVE the Nightstalker reference btw), but I’m interested in the facial area. In the image I clearly see a muzzle similar to many baboons. Why, if one was going to fake this image, would the effort be taken to add a muzzle to the costume? Why wouldn’t you want to make a fake look more like traditional Bigfoot image rather than a totally different sort of creature? I never fully “trust” any so-called evidence, but here I feel that I’m really seeing something different. I’ve come upon many old houses in the woods, and twice encountered brush piles inside the structures that resemble the “nest” in the show. Kids do not take the time to carry brush inside unless they plan on burning it. I see primate features in this (single) image.

  36. slick1ru2 responds:

    I looked around and several Bigfoot boards forum conversations say this show is staged yet entertaining. Has anyone heard of these investigators? If you watch the credits, even when they go out of state it says filmed in WV and it says the state of WV has helped with production through their office that promotes film production in that state. It also gives a stock footage credit. And it has what seems like a very large production staff.

  37. Revelation-Six responds:

    The demarkation between the uprooted tree and the “creature” looks too defined, as if the creature was composited into the shot. There also appears to be vertical blurring rather than the horizontal blurring you’d expect from a creature moving across the terrain. This vertical blurring potentially explains the elongated snout, but I think, more likely, the area that appears to be a head isn’t a solid object at all but rather a blurred object and you’re seeing the background shrubbery through the blurring. It’s possible that it isn’t photoshopped but, liked I said, that demarkation is kind of suspect in my opinion. The branches, roots, leaves, etc… they all just end where the creature begins. It’s very difficult to mask out thin areas like that so I see a lot of image edits where they’re just cut off as they appear to have been in this image.

  38. Old Philosopher responds:

    To Slick1ru2, if you’re still around.
    I joined this party late, after just watching the re-broadcast last night.
    You are absolutely correct about the large production staff. This show is no different from other Discovery Channel offerings (e.g. Dual Survival) in that it is scripted, directed, and filmed in the presence of Field Producers, and a host of pro videographers.

    That said, I enjoy the show, and think it’s very entertaining despite the guys running around screaming in the middle of the night while trying to trap elusive prey (any of the ‘monsters’ featured).

    Any experienced woodsmen/trappers stay far away from their sets so as not to disturb the routine of their quarry.

    Don’t take too seriously any on-camera audio, or things like thrown rocks or branches. C’mon, none of us fell off the turnip truck yesterday. But it makes for suspenseful TV!

    As for faked evidence, from footprints to photos, it may be that Trapper & Company aren’t sophisticated enough to fabricate evidence, but the entire resources of Discovery Corp sure are. Why is it that this photo hasn’t been circulated anywhere in the past year that isn’t linked to this one TV episode? Why isn’t the “Bigfoot community” taking it seriously? Because you can’t take anything coming out of the Discovery Channel studios seriously, including the “actors” in Mountain Monsters”.

    My 2-cents, anyway. And I’ve been “on the track” of the Big Guy since 1964.

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