January 7, 2014

Jeff Meldrum on Rick Dyer’s “Hank”

In reference to speculation that he was one who had endorsed “Hank” by folks reading into Robert Lindsay’s statement:

Rick Dyer has a taxidermied Bigfoot! I can now confirm with 100% accuracy that Rick Dyer does indeed have a taxidermied Bigfoot. I say this because this news has been independently confirmed for me by a number of extremely credible people in Bigfootery who investigated it themselves and then reported back to me. None of them were past Dyer supporters and they all absolutely hate Rick Dyer, so there is no pro-Dyer bias involved; on the contrary, there is a lot of anti-Dyer bias involved. All were either Dyer skeptics or Dyer fence-sitters.Robert Lindsay

Jeff Meldrum posted the following on Facebook:


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