July 28, 2011

Kathy Strain on Call Blasting

Cryptomundian Nominay commented:

Nice to hear from someone who has been committed to the search for 20 years and yet is undeterred by not having come across much. I’m probably in the first of 20 such years myself.Nominay

in regards to the following video that was posted here: Update: Calling Bigfoot: Will He Answer?

Kathy Strain responds:

We just got back from an expedition. Call blasting was the heart of it and we would not have gotten what we did without it (no bodies or DNA – to quell any rumors). I don’t know in particular what Nominay is referring to, but we have come across quite a bit with our work. There is no disappointment at all.

The call blasts we use have a signature “added” sound that ensures that other humans hearing it will know it’s a recording vs. live. I have no fear in my remote area that “other” bigfooters are operating/call blasting without my knowledge.

I think what should be emphasized is that researchers are free to pick and choose their own methods. What works for them may not work for someone else. If you think something new will work, you should try it. We have tried children laughing and cooking smells (along with many, many other things). Call blasting has been one of the few consistent methods that we feel produces results.

~ Kathy Strain

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