Language of the Giants

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on November 3rd, 2013

The latest from Sasquatch Ontario:

Vocalizations from the weekend of October 18th 2013.

Language spoken between two sasquatch captured in July 2013.

Continued progress and documentation of a species unknown.Sasquatch Ontario

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21 Responses to “Language of the Giants”

  1. Insanity responds:

    As before, nothing about the vocalizations that seem to be outside the capacity of any human.

  2. semillama responds:

    I don’t even bother to listen to these anymore.

  3. EineHexe responds:

    OntarioSasquatch went past the limits of the ridiculousness some time ago. Seriously.

  4. Julie Dodge via Facebook responds:

    Wow, never heard anything like that before!

  5. Peter Von Berg responds:

    I distinctly heard one of them say,”I’ve just finished reading “Being and Nothingness” by Jean Paul Sartre.”

  6. PhotoExpert responds:

    Oh brother, the same old junk from Sasquatch Ontario. No better evidence than previously supplied. In fact, it is worse. The vocalization sounded like a canine, more of a bark and howl. But of course, Sasquatch Ontario would supply a bird singing and say it was a Bigfoot mimicking the sounds of a bird. Sasquatch Ontario will take any noise from any creature, bird, dog, coyote, and human. Then SO will proclaim it as having being made by a Bigfoot. Further, SO will declare it better than the PG footage. Same old, same old from SO. Move along kids, nothing to see or hear here. All these vocalizations are well within human range. And still no video or photographs after repeated requests for that evidence. Oh, I do see a photograph of an 11 1/2″ nondescript footprint. Wow! Big deal! I have some friends with bigger feet than that and they are not sasquatches. LOL HOAX!!!

    Also what I find funny about this audio is that we do not hear the familiar name calling by the supposed sasquatch. I miss, MIKEEEEE, MMMIIIIKKKEE. LOL

    Pssst, SO, if you want to keep the hoax going, you have to come up with something new and not the same “fails”, over and over again.

    At the beginning of the vid, Sasquatch Ontario had a quote from the noted German philosopher, Arthur Shopenhauer: “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self evident.

    Psst again, SO, the same can be said about a HOAX. I think most of us are at stage 3. We accept your hoaxing as being self evident.

    Goodbye SO! I agree with posters above semillama, Insanity, and EineHexe on this one. If I listen to any more of your audios it will be for the sake of humor and their comedic value. As you can see from the statements by posters here, more and more are dismissing you and your so called evidence. You are not swaying anyone SO. Your HOAX is falling apart and people who were once on the fence have now turned against you.

    SO–Please move on and join the ranks of Rick Dyer, Tom Biscardi and Justin Smeja. That is company you will feel comfortable with.

  7. corrick responds:

    And where are the clowns
    Send in the clowns
    Don’t bother, they’re here.

  8. Goodfoot responds:

    Oh my god. You people have got it all wrong. I had some doubts about the last one, but really, you can imagine a human being uttering that stuff? The phonemes are very complex, and falling all over one another. A homo sapiens can’t do that. Sorry, I think you’ll find these outside of human range. I’d like to meet the person who can do that.

    And this is substantially what I heard myself, but there’s tons more of it.

    Sorry. Calling 100% real.

  9. John Kirk responds:

    Goodfoot. The original recordings need to be sent to an independent lab for assessment. They would be able to ascertain – at least to some degree – whether this is genuine or whether these sounds were generated naturally or were they changed or altered in some way by a digital effects program.

    As we have all learned lately, it ain’t nothing unless it has been peer reviewed and in this case it needs to go to audio professionals for assessment. Right now this is interesting, but that’s all. It is not outside the realm of hoaxing or mischief either.

    Now if a sasquatch had touched the vehicle as the claimant says, why the heck did he not swab the prints and oily residue for DNA? In law enforcement today, DNA can be extracted by professionals from wherever a person touched an object. Not saying it works every time, but there’s a very good chance that if it is real there may be workable DNA deposited on the vehicle surface.

  10. Goodfoot responds:

    John Kirk: “Goodfoot. The original recordings need to be sent to an independent lab for assessment.”

    Sure, I agree. I realize that, and I don’t think I suggested anything to the contrary. You’re talking to the wrong guy; I can’t send it to anyone.

  11. PhotoExpert responds:

    Goodfoot–There is a huge difference between what you heard and what this guy submitted in the way of audio. What you heard was the real deal. This guy is attempting multiple times to get it close to the real thing. In fact, he learned from our discussions here on the Sierra Sounds and your descriptions and tried to duplicate that in audio. So the reason you feel this sounds so close to what you heard, is because he learned from your expertise in describing your real encounter here. SO does that. He puts out some bait, reads the responses from people here, tweaks his audio from what he has learned and comes back the next time with his audio submissions. We are teaching him to become a better hoaxer. And he adapts and implements that knowledge. Notice, no photos of stick figures were supplied this time, just questionable footprint photos. And we criticized and laughed at the MIKE being called out by the sasquatch. So he adapted and removed that from this audio submission. We spoke and discussed the Sierra Sounds here. And lo and behold, his very next audio submission has changed to sound like the Sierra Sounds audio. The last audio you thought was questionable. But now you think this sounds like what you heard. You know why? It is not coincidence. He read your post and what a real encounter sounded like and his first audio submission after your explanation was this. That is why you feel it sounds authentic. He gobbled it up and served it to us. This is what hoaxers do. I can see why you thought this sounded believable. It is your description that he used from you last posts on the Sierra Sounds. You fell for his trick! But you have to consider all the evidence and how it has changed and how SO has reacted after testing his audios here.

    There is a major difference to your real life experience. There is a huge difference between you and SO. First of all, you are credible! This guy is incredulous!

    Secondly, what you heard and describe was similar to the Sierra Sounds. You stated that and you have stood by that, never changing the story. Why? Because you described an actual event and the sounds you actually heard. SO has built up to this after numerous attempts. He tried one thing and if it works, he goes with it. Notice that the audio recordings he submits are different almost every time. The last two he submitted, he tried having the sasquatch call out his name, MIKE, in the audios. When people laughed and pointed that out to him, he now comes back with an audio and the sasquatch has stopped calling out his name. SO tried to revert back to what worked, no names being called by the alleged sasquatch. And we talked about the Sierra Sounds last time he posted an audio here. So he read those posts, did some research on the Sierra Sounds and came back with audio similar to those sounds. That is why you were on the fence about the last one and this one sounded authentic to you. He learned from reading the last posts here and tried to imitate the Sierra Sounds. And that is the same reason you think this sounds like the real deal. That was what SO was trying to accomplish.

    The third major difference is your story never changed or waivered. SO story waivers in response to what people say here about his submissions. They change. The name Mike being called and now it is not called at all. Now there are two supposed sasquatches communicating when before it was only one. The sounds never sounded like the Sierra Sounds before but after we criticized his last audio here and mention the Sierra Sounds, SO comes back with similar sounds.

    Lastly Goodfoot, you never claimed some coyote noises were better proof than the PG footage as proof of BF. SO actually did just that!

    There are so many differences between you and SO, I can only sum it up in the following sentence. You are credible and your experience was the real deal. SO is a HOAXER! Big difference my friend. I believe you 100%! SO, I believe is a hoaxer 100%.

  12. PoeticsOfBigfoot responds:

    If it’s smart enough to talk, it should be smart enough to make moccasins to wear in the snow.

  13. David-Australia responds:

    “If it’s smart enough to talk, it should be smart enough to make moccasins to wear in the snow.”

    Or ring on its mobile (okay, cell phone) and order pizza . . .

  14. EineHexe responds:

    PhotoExpert made a lot of good points and I agree with it fully. I just want to add a little bit abut the stuff Sasquatch Ontario tries to present as the evidence. The hand prints on his car do not even resemble the hand prints. There was never one clear print of the hand there, always some abstract drawings or something like that. The same with the foot prints, not a single one being clear, more, he does not even try to shoot any decent close ups of them. And it seriously begs the question why the man, who allegedly maintains so close contact with the bigfoots, does not have even one picture of them. What would be the problem to install a trail cam there, or to put in his tent/car one, filming/taking shots of what is happening outside? Until now he should have a huge pile of clear pics, but he does not have even a blobsquatch.

  15. Ploughboy responds:

    Not vouching for this evidence mind you, but there were two purported shots of Bigfoots in that video. Just sayin’ that in reply to those who’ve said “no pictures.”

  16. cryptokellie responds:

    I think we need the “Worlds Foremost Authority” – Professor Irwin Corey to make some sense of these audios. Yes, he is still alive. Either Mel Blanc or Pinto Colvig could make these sounds and many others even more complicated. Give Screamin’ Jay Hawkins a listen…

  17. EineHexe responds:

    Oh, I missed those pictures. So he has two blobsquatches and it seems the young one wears a jacket. I could swear I see the seams on its shoulders.

  18. alan borky responds:

    “of course, Sasquatch Ontario would supply a bird singing and say it was a Bigfoot mimicking the sounds of a bird.”

    ‘Ey PhotoExpert I thought you were supposed t’be a photo expert!

    Sayin’ that that’s so bleedin’ funny I just got’o check this out…

  19. alan borky responds:


    I thought Scooby Doo ‘n’ Shaggy’s voices sayin’ “Scooby snacks!” was under copyright!

    I don’o’ who modelled the voices but ‘im an’ his asthmatic chihuahua desperately need a vet.

    With a bit o’ luck they won’t bother with vitamins an’ll put’em straight down.

  20. William responds:

    I find the last bit of audio to be really funny. The alleged young female sasquatch talking over the alleged old male, sounded just like a young female human. Hilarious!

  21. PhotoExpert responds:

    alan borky–LOL Ey, matie! I see ya get me sense of humor! Ya must be a fan of high brow humor in the form of sarcasm. LOL or should I say, Arrrrgghhh?

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