April 11, 2014

Loch Ness Monster Missing, Presumed Dead

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Nessie hunt: Monster missing, presumed dead, say Loch Ness experts

Some people are willing to take a leap of faith when it comes to Scotland’s most mysterious celebrity.

Others need more concrete proof.

But now even some of the nation’s most ardent believers have voiced their doubts over the famous Loch Ness Monster.

There have been no recorded sightings of Nessie since October 2012 – sparking concerns that the Highland beast has gone into prolonged hibernation.

Some Nessie experts have even raised concerns that the mysterious monster may have died.

President of the Loch Ness Monster fan club, Gary Campbell, said: “The real reason is that these days people are much more savvy and people can quickly identify whether it’s the Loch Ness Monster or something much more ordinary like a log floating in the loch.”

But Gordon Holmes, who has travelled from Yorkshire each year since 2003 to visit the loch, said the reports of Nessie’s demise may have been exaggerated.

He said: “If you go back to my 2007 sightings I captured two moving creatures so if one Nessie has died that means there is another one still out there.”

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