Look! Another Killer Bigfoot Movie!

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on November 11th, 2010

Lost Woods Reveals Another Killer Bigfoot

Oh, Sasquatch, will you ever find inner peace? Not in this trailer for Lost Woods, the newest slice of Sasquatchploitation coming at us next year, that’s for sure.

Darrin Noland leads a deliberate and careful life, but when his old friends spring a camping trip on him it’s a good time he can’t run from. The escape turns south when Darrin finds out the unsettling news that Warren, someone he has avoided since junior high, is also along for the ride. Darrin attempts to avoid an awkward reunion but horrible events cause him to face his regretful past and face his beast within.

The ever vigilant Avery Guerra sent over word of this latest foray into killer Bigfoot cinema from indie filmmakers Nathan and Philip Ellering starring Joey Brown, Garrett Vander Leun, Nina Brissey, Phillip Ellering and Nathan Ellering. The film is currently deep in post-production.

Give a look to the trailer for Lost Woods. This hairy hominid horror flick isn’t looking too shabby if you ask me.The Foywonder

Source: Dread Central

Lost Woods

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6 Responses to “Look! Another Killer Bigfoot Movie!”

  1. MountDesertIslander responds:

    To complete the cliche bigfoot needs to be the product of a genetic mutation caused by a Halliburton toxic waste dump.

    Warren’s social deviancy needs to have been caused by being molested by his priest triggering a lifelong addiction to Ritalin and the FoxNews channel.

    Finally, Darren must discover an entire family of bigfoot living in a cave who he promptly registers to vote, arranges SSI and food stamps, and compels the state to provide a free college education for the little-bigfeet.

    Now there’s a storyline with a bit of everything.

  2. RedLandsBigfoot responds:

    oh man this looks bad !!!!!

  3. gloomer responds:

    I had to stop the trailer as soon as it got to the kid with 80’s blond rocker hair and the comic book. Bad acting, low budget production values, cliches… I’d rather watch something well done a second time than see this garbage.

  4. Sharon Lee responds:

    It doesn’t look that bad. There is only one Harry and the Hendersons though!

  5. senua responds:

    I remember seeing the Legend of Boggy Creek many years ago when I was going through my monster film phase.
    There was a low budget one about a lake monster eating people, I can’t remember the name though.

  6. Kopite responds:

    I’m surprised they haven’t ever made a film of the M.E. Knerr novel called Sasquatch from the 1970s. That’s probably the best premise for any killer sasquatch movie.

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