Malaysian Bigfoot Update

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on January 9th, 2006

Reports Friday from Malaysia surfaced that a former zoologist came close to getting proof of Bigfoot’s existence in the jungles there in 2001, but the evidence was destroyed by loggers.

Amlir Ayat, 38, now an environmental consultant in Kuala Lumpur, said he had gone in search of the remains of Bigfoot after villagers in Kuala Tahan reported shooting dead such a creature a year earlier.

To his dismay, the site where the animal was said to have died had been logged and cleared, destroying any possible evidence of its existence.

Amlir, a former World Wildlife Fund officer, said villagers in Kuala Tahan had told him they were looking for jungle produce when they came into contact with a huge black and hairy creature which they claimed was over three metres tall.

"One of them fired a shot from his shotgun. When it started to charge at them, they fired again.

"The creature fell to the ground with a great thud and the villagers took to their heels. Later, when they returned to check if it was dead, they found the body still lying there."

Amlir said although he was only told of the shooting a year later, he managed to locate the villagers and mount a search for the remains.

"By then, loggers had moved into the site and cleared the grounds. The evidence was gone," he lamented.

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