August 1, 2011

Cryptomundo Meets Marvin the Monster

John Kirk mentioned the footage of this creature in the video here on Cryptomundo: Alaskan Cadborosaurus Footage on Global BC News.

He later said the following here at Cryptomundo.

First let me clarify what that underwater photo shows. It is an image captured from a Shell oil drilling film shot in either 1963 or 1966 depending on the source. The locations where it was shot was either off Santa Barbara, CA or off the Oregon coast. They dubbed the creature Marvin the monster for no plausible reason. That photo was in Ivan T. Sanderson’s repository at SITU. I came across it recently and it just so happened that Global came calling and I showed it to them. As far as I know those are the only stills that exist and I have no idea where the film is. Ask Shell.John Kirk

Cryptomundian Mibs has found some images of Marvin the Monster.

Peeking at Ivan’s SITU files: meaningless reports of sea monsters.Part six.


Santa Barbara, CA, 1966. A 15-20 foot long “serpent” moved by underwater camera several times [film clip to the side]. Motion was “spiraling”. It had “rudimentary” head but noticeable eyes and mouth. A long thin tail completed the creature. Scientists speculated about jellyfish.

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