September 1, 2011

Minnesota Bigfoot Video Shot on iPhone

The second Bigfoot video purported to have been shot with an iPhone surfaces…

What was the first you say?

It was the Spokane River Bigfoot Video from May, 2011.

A video purporting to show an auburn-haired Sasquatch tromping through the woods north of Stillwater is causing a buzz among those fascinated by the ever-elusive Elvis of the wildlife world.

Like every video claiming to be that of the giant woodland creature also known as Bigfoot, the clip is brief, jiggly and out-of-focus. It was shot, according to the YouTube posting, by an anonymous farmer with his newfangled iPhone while on his usual evening walk with his wife. According to the farmer, the couple thought they’d scared a deer until they heard some “low, odd-sounding grunting” and fired up the gizmo.

The narrator, also anonymous, said the farmer posted the video, but didn’t want to pursue it any further when “he realized this was serious.” In the narrator’s analysis, he says the film shows “a wonderful example of how adept Sasquatch are at hiding and moving through thick brush.”Jim Anderson

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