Mountain Monsters: Wampus Beast of Pleasants County

Wampus Beast of Pleasants County premieres tonight at 10 PM ET/PT on Destination America.

Also airs:
Sunday, July 14, 1 AM ET/PT
Sunday, July 14, 5 AM ET/PT
Wednesday, July 17, 10 PM ET/PT
Thursday, July 18, 1 AM ET/PT
Saturday, July 20, 9 PM ET/PT
Sunday, July 21, 12 AM ET/PT
Sunday, July 21, 4 AM ET/PT

Wampus Beast of Pleasants County

A 500 pound Wampus Beast is killing the cattle in Pleasants County, West Virginia. Now a group of expert hunters and trappers are using their backwoods knowledge to protect their livestock and catch the Wampus Beast.

Chasing the Wampus Beast

The Wampus Beast Trap

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  1. Well yeah i’m good on this now. Especially given the preview for next week. I appreciate them putting on a far superior mocu show than the others.

    But is the idea of using an actual disclaimer now dead completely? Why include one that mentioning no hunting instead of the actual logical one?

  2. My favorite part of the show is that some of the cast are wearing obvious theatrical beards. Makes it all seem more authentic I guess.