May 2, 2014

Nessie Caught on Sonar?

Has sonar finally found the Loch Ness Monster? Images reveal an ‘unusual’ object lurking deep beneath the Scottish lake

Just a fortnight after the Loch Ness Monster was ‘spotted’ on Apple Maps, an ‘unusual’ sonar image appears to have captured the elusive creature too.

The screenshot tracked movement of a large object, deep below the surface, close to Urquhart Castle in Inverness.

Both reports have reignited interest in the quest for the legendary monster, which has been the subject of various hoaxes and myths over the past 80 years.


The image was recorded by sonar equipment on board the flagship vessel of Inverness-based Jacobite Cruises.

Skipper John Askew said: ‘This image certainly grabbed our attention.

‘The Jacobite Queen spends every day sailing up and down the loch with the sonar on, and this reading is the most unusual we have seen for quite some time.

‘It’s impossible to tell what we’ve picked up here, but along with those satellite images, you can’t help feeling that reports of the Loch Ness Monster’s demise may be premature.

‘Nessie captures the imagination of people all over the world and, if anything, the speculation around lack of recent sightings has increased that interest.’

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