April 16, 2014

Nessie on Land Sighting

Cryptomundian searching2 shares the following account with Cryptomundo in response to Nick’s post from yesterday:

I would like to pass on an experience of mine which I hope will help people to keep watching the waters of the loch and its surrounds.

Back in the 70′s I was having morning tea with a lady named Liz McLeod who held the responsible position of Secretary to the General Manager of a Melbourne Television Station. If the name McLeod rings a bell, it is because Liz was married to Torquil McLeod when he was the Gamekeeper at Loch Ness.

She told me that one morning, her husband flung open the door to the cottage and came rushing in. He was ghostly white and could hardly speak! Liz said to him: “Don’t tell me you’ve seen Nessie?” He had!

The story is now well documented. Torquil saw the animal with binoculars OUT OF THE WATER on rocks across the loch.

I have no doubt what Liz said to me was true as she was a friend and a very reputable person who was holding an important position at a major TV Station. She was there when it happened and from my point of view, it was good to have this famous sighting confirmed.

With the power of the internet many years later, at least I have been able to share the story she told with others who like me, would dearly like answers to the perplexing puzzle of Loch Ness.

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